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Judgement Night or Great Plague?

Maelstrom Vortex

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Darkness fell across Druk Yul.. a day had ended and most were at rest except among the busy city streets. Then at midnight, a strange mist came forth from the high Temple at Shangri-La. A slow, low dense fog spread down through the mountains and through the valleys over all the land seeming to come forth from every body of water.


Five minutes past midnight prisons and hospitals throughout the country went into red alert lock down as rumors of a plague began to circulate among the population. People were dieing in jail cells and at home of random causes, but simultaneously. The cause could not be pinned down, the causes were all different. Some were heart failures, some were strokes. But most had one thing in common, they were convicted criminals of serious crimes and great acts of evil. Murder, Rape, Pedophilia... the litany of felonies went on. Doctors began to formulate it may be a plague acting on the genetic indicators associated with psychopathy


But no matter their best efforts, recorded on video and by instrument some of these people who had shown no prior history or case of medical trauma, just died. The population of prisons dropped by in some cases as great as 85% overnight in the super max locations. 


Rumors began to circulate among religious circles it was nearing the solstice, the birth of the Dreamer's spirit, and that Judgement Night had come. There was no protection for the diseased.. no blood to put upon a mantle for the brutal, perfect, and exact judgement according to their dogma. Even those that were at home who died, may have escaped the criminal justice system.. or may have been planning a crime, though it would be hard to tell given that many would also be what one would expect to die on a normal night's passing. Only the dreamer would know in his perfect knowledge of his dreams' intents who was convict, and who simply passed away.


Hundreds of thousands died in the event, whether very specific plague or act of divinity, none could discern. A state of mourning was declared the next day for the lost, but for many.. there were few to mourn for some them. There were also new plans to be made for many security guards.. as the prison system with all the casualties among the civilian population.. would no longer need so many.


Foreign governments would find that they too were dealing with the plague, as Druk Yul citizens that were criminals abroad, either running from the law or planning crime, also dropped dead.

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