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The Kingdom of Pakalolo

The Zigur

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The Reinstated Hawaiian Kingdom on "Planet Bob"


The Hawaiian Nation Moves Forward


Lead by the Social Sovereignty Party SOCSOV






20,000 Soldiers


60 F-15 Strike Eagles


Hundreds of Intelligence Agents


Pentagon and Foreign Aid Commission Wonders


Member of the League of Small Superpowers (LoSS), a peaceful alliance of 4 million Nation Strength dedicated to mutual defense of member nations and allies. Military Officers of the Kingdom are represented heavily in the Joint Command Staff of the League despite the relatively small size of the Nation.


The Kingdom of Pakalolo is dedicated to the security and liberty of the Kanaka Maoli, the Hawaiian People, and defending the interests of her friends around the world. The Kingdom has many trade relations, which have lead to much prosperity in the Kingdom. Although the Kingdom had a large navy consisting of multiple destroyers and battleships, the ships have been mothballed recently, as the Kingdom currently pursues a non-interventionist foreign policy and focuses on economic growth.

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