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Return of the Mandalorians


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Spanning from Mandalore to the moon of Dxun, the Mandalorian people are spread throughout the galaxy and are the most infamous warrior race in the galaxy. For centuries the Mandorians have carved a reputation of blood and burning ruins from destroying entire worlds and waging wars that left the galaxy scarred to this day. 


With the fall of the Empire comes the next rise of the Mandalorians, a new Mandalore has taken up the ancient mantle reuniting the clans under one banner and becoming a new threat to the galaxy once again. Mandalore the Destroyer, a warrior who rose from the depths of the galaxy now commands one of the most feared armies in the galaxy.


The Mandalorians rule over their home world Mandalore, its moon Concordia, Dxun, Concord Dawn and Ordo. 



Over 1.8 million Mandalorian warriors have sworn loyalty to the new Mandalore, more are expected to come forth and pledge fealty leaving behind their lives of mercenary work and bounty hunting. 


5 Venator Capital ships

20 Firespray-32 patrol fighter attack craft squadrons 

15 Keldabe-class battleships

70 Crusader-class Corvettes


400 Basilisk battle droids 

3,000 renovated HK-47 assassin droids



"And the galaxy will remember us, just as their ancestors did, either in fear hiding among their families as we glass their worlds. Or facing us in the battlefield dying a noble death." - Mandalore the Destroyer 

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On the planet of Mandalore dozens of ships carrying off world warriors came, from the darkest depths of the galaxy the Mandalorians have been nothing but mercenaries, bounty hunters and body guards. Guns for hire, but that was coming to and end, at least that's what the man who calls himself the new Mandalore wanted. Raegar Stormhaln became the new Mandalore just a few months ago after storming the capital and putting down the weak pro-Imperial government in a bloody coup. He was given the name Mandalore the Destroyer, he hated the title, felt it was stupid and unneeded but even he knew titles as old as the blood soaked soil of Mandalore couldn't be ignored. Power laid in the title of being Mandalore, he now reigned over a growing horde of the galaxy's most feared warriors. 

But then there were the billions of wanna be mercs, craving the title of Mando, they were nothing but weak sentients who wanted to be part of the horde. And so, they became....entertainment. The Mandalorians trained against them, cutting them down easily and the few that did show promise would undergo the hell that was Mandalorian training. Even Raegar's sons were cutting these offworld saps down in droves. Jarvis, Canderous and Azkhul all named after well known Mandalorian warriors before their time were slaughtering the poor fools and Jarvis the youngest was only 14. 


"They try so hard, and yet I can't help but admire their will to bleed" Draku Yulhan was Raegar's right hand man, and head of the Private army for hire, Death Watch. He watched in amusement as several off world mercs were cut down by the three sons. Draku was your typical galactic mercenary, scars all over, his armor bore carbon scoring from numerous fights and he was wanted by the hutts for gutting wide open Sabinis the Hutt with a ceremonial blade he stole from Mandalore....he did that for free. All Raegar could think of was, how, his horde was growing but it expected glory and glory could not be delayed for long. "Draku, when this mindless slaughter ends, what do you intend to do the with the runts?", Draku shrugged, still glaring at the gladiator pit in amusement its sands long turned into a dark red stained in blood. "What else? Canon fodder, unlike you I don't need honor or glory just credits", Raegar smiled his old friend was still the same kid he grew up with on Concord Dawn all those years ago, "Greedy $%&@, don't forget my share" the setup was simple, Raegar would run the actual Mandalorian army and nation while Draku used a private army to earn credits and undermine the other factions via proxy wars. "I never do, ships are expensive and you'll need creds to help our new army move around".

It was at that moment Raegar decided to show Draku what he wanted to show him, "I got this from the Kuati" he handed the hologram transmission to his old friend and let it play. After a long pause Draku finally spoke, "this is what we've been waiting for brother, the Kuati have ships and their yards would yield everything we need, we strike a deal with them and we're talking the next crusade and our return to glory". Raegar heard exactly what he felt he would hear, but the Kuati were sly politicians, and there's nothing a Mando hates more than politics. "If we take up this deal, we gotta do it smart, I will respond that we are interested in a deal....Go get your Death Watch ready, and grab up some of those weaklings that didn't die in the pits with you." Not saying a word Draku left, and with that the events were set in motion, the only question was, what would it lead his people to. 

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