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Babylon and Ubersteinia

Zoot Zoot

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"So, what is so urgent?" said Minister Ozoliņš.


The reply came quickly.


"France is what is urgent Minister, we don't trust them. The recent statement and demands made in the European Community indicate to us that they see us as a hostile threat to the peace of Europe. The former CDT nations such as Hungary and Belarus are both in positions and have their own worries about Babylon, concerned that we stand to invade Europe and to be honest, the general attitude is that you would attach to one who would enslave a nation.


The Empire wishes to reaffirm our commitment to the Baltic Union and our alliance outside of the European Community. What the Empire is asking of you, is if the Union would be applicable to a seperate military agreement which would include Muscovy and Alvonia if they to were interested in such a venture, we have not approached them yet. We need to counter the threat that France poses to the Empire and the rest of Europe, we both know a war on that scale would be catastrophic to European peace as the battle lines would get drawn down the middle between those states who want to stay neutral, those states who would exploit the chaos to reduce a rival or weaker state. To prevent a war on a scale not seen since the collapse, we must establish a counter balance to France and its ambitions."

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"Well, prior to the formation of EuroCom, the Baltic Union did seek out individual friendship with both Babylon and the states you mentioned. I can't guarantee that we will say yes, but speaking from experience, the Baltic Union would be very open to attending a conference between several nations wishing to form a more eastern defensive pact. Prevention of war, especially a wide-scale war encompassing all of Europe, is certainly something to pursue."

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