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How do I move my Moon Mine/Change Bonus Resource?


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All you should have to do is click on the moon icon on the main page.  After that you should get the option to relocate your moon mine and base.  Refer to the moon hotspot thread for exact locations of the hotspots.

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1.) Click view my nation

2.) Beside the "nation name" column on its right you'd see two icons: a. earth b. moon

3.) Click the moon icon

[moon map pops out]

4.) Choose which wonder to move: a. moon base, b. moon colony, c. moon mine

5.) Drag the icon of that specific wonder anywhere on the map

[relocate wonder options pops out]

[don't click anything]

6.) hover mouse over relocate moon "insert wonder name here" then right click

7.) choose copy link address

8.) open notepad

9.) paste link address on notepad

10.) go to CN boards and look up the moon hotspot thread in the gameplay discussion forum.

11.) find the location for the month.

12.) replace lat and lon numbers on the notepad with current hotspot location lat and lon

13.) highlight entire link on notepad and paste on your browser

[wonder has been moved]

[repeat for other moon wonders]

14. ???

15. Profit.

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