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Red on Grey revolution.

Maelstrom Vortex

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(Writen in Dzongkha)

King Wangchuck hereby proclaims the Three Turnings of the Dharma Wheel. As part of governmental reform, the Druk will now be revered as Dragon Emperor may his enlightened spirit guide us. He will see us to a new era of propserity and promises great changes come before us, an understanding of the world before not yet seen. His descent from the Dragon World marks a great day in Bhutan's history and the day is proclaimed a holiday for the nation. As part of the reformation, the flag will take new colors to honor the Druk.

Tommorrow, all government officials are to report to the office of the Prime Minister for briefing on the changes coming

Additionally a formal alliance has been formed with the government of Shanghai which will help bring peace and prosperity to the South Asian region. Its details are hereby released to the public for consumption...

The Dragon Bloc Constitution
Sometimes referred to in this document as "the bloc"
(This is not a merger. All parties are required to act independently in the event of war although organized under the structure and guidance of the Military Governor. All states retain their recognized borders and identities. In essence, this is an intense co-operation coalition.)
Nations from around the Globe, particularly Asia, are welcome to petition to join.

1. Signatories of this bloc agree to represent themselves in the Bloc Government.
2. The signatories of this bloc agree to pay taxes from their budget to the bloc's central authority in order to fund its activities.
3. The signatories of this bloc retain all domestic sovereignty, but grant the Governor of Diplomatic Activity full authority to negotiate foreign affairs on their behalf, and on behalf of the bloc.
4. Signatories of this bloc will be given a seat on the "Council of Governors" and each Governor will be assigned a role related to Bloc activities.
5. Signatories of this bloc give full military training, standardization, and disciplinary authority to the Governor of Military Affairs. (Shared Standards and Training.)
6. Signatories of this bloc will share technology amongst themselves. (Using the appropriate tech sharing rules.)
7. Chairman of the Council of Governors will be the Druk. A successor will be elected by the council of governors to serve as Vice-Chair once the Council of Governors is populated. The person holding the position of Chairman may be impeached by a 3/4 majority once appointed. Impeachment will result in new and immediate elections to replace the Chairman of the Bloc. Being the Chairman of the bloc is normally a life term unless impeached.
8. All intelligence agencies of the Signatories of the Bloc will be united under the control and full authority of the Governor of Intelligence Activities.
9. Signatories will unify infrastructure development and economic control activities under the appropriate governors sitting on the Council.
10. Signatories will ALWAYS participate in wars of aggression or defense when it is chosen by the Chairman to take such action, the Chairman will always consider the will of the Council of Governors in his activities and may be over-ruled by a 2/3rds majority vote of the council. The Chairman MUST approve any action that may be perceived as an act of war by any nation. The Chairman may also be compelled to declare war also by a 2/3rds majority vote.
11. Signatories will unify their defensive networks, including all sensory nets and unify them under the Governor of Military Affairs.
12. An attack on one signatory is interpreted as an attack on all regardless as to its nature or method of occurrence.
13. A signatory may leave the bloc with 48 hours notice, but if it is done during a period of war, would be considered an act of desertion and may sustain severe penalties enacted by the Council of Governors.
14. Inter membership conflicts will be mediated by the Governing council.. all of its decisions will be final.
15. Decisions by the Governing Council are always done by basic 2/3rds majority for approval.
16. Filibusters are not permitted on the Governing Council. Failure to vote within a 120 hour period on a particular issue results in an automatic abstain vote.
17. All members grant free trade, freedom of movement of military, freedom of air transit, freedom of ground transit, freedom of naval transit under their respective local laws to the other signatories of this bloc.
18. The Chairman will assign initial roles to signatories/Governors, but the Council may later vote to allow Governors to change roles. In an emergency situation where a role has not been filled, the Chairman is granted the powers to make emergency appointments to later be addressed by the Council.
19. All other powers not assigned in this document are to be assumed to be possessed by the Chairman until illustrated and outlined otherwise by new revisions to this constitution.
20. All existing treaties held by the states may still be observed by those states, however, the bloc reserves the right to ask the signatory to renegotiate or disband a particular treaty if it appears in conflict with Bloc interests.
21. All signatories who are memberships of other alliances and blocs should ask the Diplomatic Governor how they should vote within their respective alliances prior to placing their votes to ensure the manifestation of Bloc Unity on the matter of Global Affairs. If the will of the Signatory is at contrast to the bloc, at the worst the Signatory should abstain from voting.
22. The admission of new members to the bloc will be considered by the Council. Majority approval is required. The only exception is the first month after this charter is declared during which the Chairman will be responsible for accepting and recognizing new member states.
23. Signatories will never war with existing signatories.
24. Anyone violating these articles may be immediately ejected from the Bloc by the Chairman and/or 2/3ds voting majority of the Council. In the event of a conflict of opinion of the Chairman/Council, the Council's ruling is upheld.
25. Bloc funding may be used for any purpose the Council deems fitting by majority vote.
26. All Bloc members will be responsible for implementing the rulings of the Bloc using their nation's Sovereignty. If a Bloc Member fails to be active in maintaining its nations for over such time as 3 weeks, it wil be assumed that the nation has fallen under a state of Anarchy and will be entered into Bloc Protectorate status.
27. Corporate entities with an estimated global net value of more than 100 billion and State entities may join The Dragon Bloc.
28. Military activity by member states will not be done without the consent and preparation of the Bloc, especially when it comes to WMD or spying as all actions are to be taken in unison. Each states military leadership will work with the governor of military affairs to co-ordinate and train their forces for joint operations but each states military will control its own local forces. (Each player responsible for directing their own forces.)

Signed for Bhutan,
*A very strange claw imprint in strange blood.* (The Druk)
King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay

Signed for Empire of Shanghai,
Empress Mei

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A culture on fire.


Whether you believed it to be a medical condition, contacts, mass hysteria.. or a combination thereof.. It's the form religion has taken to doubters every time it has been conceived upon Bob, it was spreading. Green eyes among the Bhutanese of Bhuddist faith. The faithless being curiously struck blind and unable to see. The word was that the Druk was upon the land and presiding from the Mountains that he has proclaimed he is the Third Turning of the Wheel of Dharma to bring enlightenement to humanity from the Bhuddas. It was said he even meditated among the monks in the mountains, secluded and safe from a world that.. if they confirmed his existence, would seek his destruction in ignorance.


The culture fire wasn't as swift to move south into the HIndu and Muslim lands of India, but it raced north among the Tibetan and Nepalese.. people began to flock to Bhutan to see the enlightened one within the hills and to learn his ways. A great migration began as people saught the truth of the world. An interesting truth it was. They were all of one soul, united with him.. they were all of one purpose, united with him.


King Wangchuck would settle down to talks with Tibet. The Dali Lama was called to the mountain to see the new truth and witness it for himself. At the end of the evening, talks would begin over the integration of Bhutan and Tibet... and forsaking old divisions. A new Bhuddist state would begin to form, focusing on the tantra of Dreams.

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Holy Mountain


After discussion with the government of Nepal, and the ground swell of support from the wave of support being given to the Faith of Dreams, the Druk were allowed to visit the parliament of the Nepalaese government. The representatives were stricken with awe as Maelstrom delivered an Oratory on the future of the Bhuddist faith, even the Hindus could not deny their eyes and many in the crowd were stricken by the appearance of the Druk before them.. winning by a 2/3rds majority a motion went forward to begin talks with Tibet and Bhutan about unification under their new protectors.


While this was underway Maelstrom made a request, "Everest, is the closest point to the heavens.. and our home in the Druk World. We would like to close it off, build a temple near its summit. To accomodate tourists, we'd still allow passage up and down one face of the mountain, that of easiest passage. We will also accept a small sum of visitors to the shrine we will build there. Hopefully our presence will help your tourism, not harm it. We shall call the mountain our home." There was much discussion, but  majority vote in the parliament cleared Everest for use by the Druk.


It would take some time before unification would be complete, but the process was under way. The standardization of the economy under the Druk Talon currency. The integration of communication and traffic standards. It all had to be considered, but progress was being made. Wherever there was dispute, the governments took it up with the Druk and its great wisdom.

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