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They had set up a base of operations in the new world's Tokyo, the newly extremist views that had been spreading amongst of the people of the city after the war had surprised him. The Japanese had always deified their ruler, and it was quite strange that almost every other population center had been hit but the location of the Empress went untouched. He had left Antasija at the airport to go on her own vacation for now. He needed to figure out his own issues that had begun springing up.

He was far more knowledgeable at southeast Asian mythology than the Korean/Chinese/Japanese blend that thrived in Joseon, so he had secretly wished she would have come along for this trip. He mostly sat and watched the clouds and ocean fly by as they went over the Sea of Japan, his mind stuck on what had happened in Vietnam, the loss of control was surprising to him but it had been a very long time since he used the Abyssal Powers.
The Book had informed him there was a few in this world who could help him learn to control the powers, he needed to desperately if he ever wanted to be able to be alone again with Antasija after their adventure to Vietnam. She had gone on a vacation to Tahiti, wanting another beach like their trip to Bangkok and always enjoyed speaking french, while he was off to fix his problem. her words echoed in his thoughts throughout the flight. "I don't know what's happening, I don't know why, but I do know that it scares me and I don't quite feel safe around you right now."
He touched down in Seoul, an even larger city than previous, millions of North Koreans and Chinese having taken refuge in Seoul since the war, Joseon was growing, the North being brought up to the same high technological abilities as the South, but it was a long process and would take as long if not longer than it would take the Imperium to rebuild the home Islands. Joseon was a new nation now, but there was still some tensions. The amount of Chinese citizens had caused discontent amongst some, especially the Southern Joseonese who had very negative opinions of the Chinese since the war.
Mogar passed by a girl in a Kumiho mask as he left the airport, she stared at him as their paths crossed, but by the time he had realized and turned around she was gone. Shaking his head he got into a taxi, giving the driver the address he was to head to according to the Book, it was only a corner, but he suspected he would find his way to where he needed to be, it hadn't led him astray yet. A half hour later he was dropped off and started walking to the east, looking down the alleyways until he saw one that caught his eye. He headed down the empty corridor, following the arrows, the dark one flicking on every so often. He found himself on a dark street, surrounded by neon signs. he looked up as he walked further down the road, the sky above not visible, only more neon signs.
He pulled himself out of the awe inspired daze, getting his mind back focused on his goal. a stairway on his right, neon lights beckoning him inside. he walked down the narrow hallway, a maze of them, left, right, another left, another right, down and around until he came across a dark corridor with only a single red light above a door.


Mogar stood there for a moment, wondering if this was really what he needed, was His lover worth making another deal with another devil? the internal battle resolved itself with a shrug, He was going to go to hell either way, might as well have an army to break out with him as well he supposed.
He opened the door, feeling a cold swirl of air escape from the room, giving him a shudder, the Kumiho girl from the airport somehow stood in the center of the room facing him, the door slamming shut behind him just after he stepped into the room. Turning away from him, she asked "Could you zip me up?" in English...

Not that he could see it, but there was a smile across her face.

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Zipping up the back of her outfit he took a step back and asked "Had to change clothes before properly introducing yourself? You could have saved me the trip wandering around the city." She turned around with a smirk, "But where would the fun be doing things that way? Much better to watch you wander around lost until you saw the trail, next time I'll make it harder." Returning her smile he looked into her dark copper eyes, "Negotiations are going well then if you expect us to meet again, I had expected a much more violent response for seeking you out." she giggled "Don't you trust me?"
Ignoring her question, he switched topics, "Do you know why I am here? Or do you just like to play with your food?" She looked him over intensely, his words giving her pause to consider the prospect. "I am not certain of why you are here, but you must be desperate to seek out the help of a Nine Tailed Fox. As for your record question, I am not sure you would make such a good meal, there's something about your aura." she continued her inspection of him for a few seconds. "Your soul... it would not taste good, you have been through much, and are older than you appear."
"You are correct about both, I'm not certain of the name on this side of the Sea, but I have been to Yominokuni as the Japanese call it, Hades, the Underworld, I can't imagine the damage done to my soul because of the trauma of being torn from the depths and reinserted into a newly created body, I try not to think about it honestly. I never fully understood the process and I'm not sure I ever want to. As for my aura... That's somewhat why I am here."
"You want the nice old foxgirl to help you fix your spirit?" she giggled again. "I might be powerful but I'm not a miracle worker..." she wrapped her arms around him, leaning in close and sniffing at his chest, shuddering after a moment. "W-What happened to you down there? Y-you're not... you're not human." He sighed looking down at her with a sad smile. "Not anymore anyway, there was a heavy price to get out of there, the person I met down there is trapped down there even still, and I have never been the same since I returned to human form."
"It was a girl down there, you met one of my sisters, what do they call them in the west? A succubus..." she gazed up into his eyes, he felt her magic overtaking him, the ocular modifications making her goal quite difficult, though she was still able to read into what she wanted to in his mind. "You are still in love with this demon even though you found another dark lover..." he eyes became wide, "You want to bring her out of the depths? That is a very idiotic decision." shaking her head she took a step back from him. "I cannot fix your batterd soul but I can teach you how to properly use those powers she gave you, keep them under control so you don't have any more accidents."

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The kumiho smiled at him, as his vision swirled and went dark, darkness surrounded him before his vision returned, standing in a poorly lit chamber, torches and candles scatters throughout the room. and there she stood, Tera.


Flying into into the air. she looked down at him."Well first things are first, Mogar, my enhancements aren't permanent, in that you will not always be Super Mogar...you have to bring that up from down below...Mogar shrugged "I am sure I'll get informed when running low and have to do something for another fix, you seems to be enjoying this game as much as I am."Tera chuckles flipping through the air, "And who is going to inform you? Me? 


He stood watching her, wondering why every attractive girl he runs into just happens to be darkspawn. "The way I see it, you don't give someone a power like this unless you plan on having them return once it is gone, just like a drug dealer gives out free samples, she wants me to come back, or will come for a visit  herself to offer me more in exchange for some sort of favor, you should know the demon routine, you've been doing it for a few hundred years I'm guessing." he said teasingly.


 "You were in trouble, I don't like to see my friends die. I couldn't think of anything else to do for you, so I gave you demonblood. But it doesn't stay in your body and if it joined permanently, it would kill you. But having an ally like me, yes, I can make sure you have a steady supply of it. All you need is my approval...and a bit of will power."


 Mogar reached out touching her shoulder, checking if she was real, or "real" at least. "I never did get to thank you for having my back, I'm thinking our relationship isnt going over well with everyone down there? It definitely has come in handy to always have a weapon at hand, though I feel like it has a mind of its own at time, I was here to seek help, I suppose you make a better Sensei then she would have, considering you gave it to me."


Tera turned around and smirked as she fluttered into the air, "Welcome back, Mogar. Did you miss me?" I fly up into the air as four chains latch out of the ground over his wrists and ankles, holding him down as she flutter in front of your him, her skin wings flapping gently. Mogar struggled against the restraints, the magicked metal wasn't simply steel though and he found himself held firm . "And here I was expecting a more affectionate reaction." he said sarcastically, "I have missed you since our sunny beach visit, you still owe me a candlelit dinner afterall." She ran her finger tip over his chin and smiled back. "You know this is how I show affection. And this is pretty much the closest we'll get to a candle light dinner. Mogar, she's much more yours than I can ever be. Though, I am your weapon. So...the demonblood has been taking over your mind?"


Mogar felt his pulse begin racing at her touch, a combination of lust and the unbridled chaos of the black fluid flowing through him, "Yes I evidently tried to eat Antasija, I wanted to find a way to stop that part, I don't think our mutual enemies on my plane will get any easier from this point forward." She nods, "Well that would be bad, you did come to the right place though. We're bad for each other...you and I." She breathed hot air onto him. "Though you should know, I'm a lot like a drug dealer, without me, you can ever become Dark Mogar again...though I can only imagine how good that felt."


He smiled at her, they were like 55 gallon drum of napalm and a library, but the heat they created had kept him always fascinated. "You may not be an angel, but who wants all those feathers in the bed anyway?" his breathing deep, the sickly sweet scent coming from the candles and torches that filled the room clouding his thoughts. "I had kinda known you didn't just give me such a power out of the goodness of your heart, teach me how to control it. I can't continue my mission if I am going to be constantly trying to kill my partner. It was intoxicating, what little I remember of it." Tera smirks as her eyes burn with the fires of Hell. "Bring the magma from down below, Mogar, to fill your fury...and fill your body." She smirks as the candles glow brighter.


Mogar finally let his emotions run wild, the waves of chaos held back only by the gates of intelligence, and the floodgates opened, his arms grew as he struggled, every muscle expanding as it moved, rippling under his flesh as his body adjusted itself to the thickening, strengthening form he was turning into. with a loud "GRRRRRORROWL!", the chains holding him back snapped, he stood looking down at her now much smaller body, arms moving towards her, he breathed heavily for a moment before managing to grunt out "Are you sure...?"


Tera flew up in the sky and smirked, "Oh I'm very sure," she closed her eyes, and Mogar felt his blood beginning to boil as his body started warming around, possessed by the demons of death. His hair turning jet black and standing like spikes on his head while his virility expanded to untold measures, the power of dark Hell itself coursing through his veins. "FEEL THE POWER!" She roared out as flames began to climb into the sky the sky darkening to ash.


Mogar breathed heavily, smoke coming from his nose for his first few breaths, eyes closed to try to maintain some semblance of sanity, finally able to think once more, he looked up at her, grabbing one of the chains that restrained him only moments before, grabbing one end and pulling upon it until it tore from the wall it was latched to, a large chunk of the rock coming out right the ring. He dragged it over to him, he leaned over and picked it up, "Are you going to teach me how to control myself, or am I going to have to let the monster win?" he asked, tossing it a few feet into the air and catching it with one hand.


She drew a sword out of the air, flaming as she fluttered to the ground, "Depends, do you fight well sane, or do you need to let the monster out?" She charged at him, the sword cutting into his chest as she swung back and forth, but in his mind he heard her voice. His entire body was a weapon now. Filled with her spirit.


Mogar dropped the rock, four black claws made of dark energy coming out of his forearms, her blows mere scratches. he started parrying every wild swing, getting knocked back slightly every time until he finally roared and parrying with both arms, forced the succubus backwards into the sky. Throwing out his right arm a massive axe, easily matching her large wingspan, "Let's see what you look like on the inside." he grunted at her, running at her before taking a great leap swinging with all of his strength at the center of her flying body.


She vanished out of the way and then reappeared straddling on his shoulders and pulling on his hair with a laugh, then battering both of his ears before flipping away. "This is good, you're getting the hang of it. The stronger your spirit, the greater your strength and the weapon. Lets see the magic you have!" She says as fire sprays out of her hands at him.


Mogar held up the axe, the flames spilling onto either side of him, the shadowstuff swirling and turning translucent for a moment before re-solidifying, "Tricks? Why am I not surprised?" he yelled, swinging the weapon aimed at her, a loud CRACK echoing throughout the chamber as lighting shot out at where she flew. She vanished again, "Lightning, I should have known." She started then flying up into the air as the chamber disappeared and vanished high into the sky as the flames and soot continued to wrap around him, trying to pull him down into the dark abyss. "Catch me!"


Mogar bent his knees, launching himself into the air, the shadowstuff transforming into his own set of wings, much more angular and sharper than hers, a great sword appearing in his right hand he flew at her recklessly, swinging again at the center of her body, the control he held over himself was upon a razor's edge. He would wound her, or spend the rest of eternity trying. She turned around and smirked as Mogar's sword cut through her body and blood splattered over him, her black blood flying onto his skin as she rejoined around the sword and then grabbed his throat and pressed her nails in deep to his neck. "Can you control yourself?"


Mogar could not.


His eyes had turned a solid black, his own hand moved to her throat in a flash, nearly crushing her windpipe before his eyes returned to normalish, His grip upon her relaxed slightly, other hand running its thumb through the blood splatter upon his chest, bringing it to his mouth, "So that's what you're giving me..." She slithered her tongue around his lips, laughing as he crushed her windpipe. "Pure...dark...power. And the ability to control it...or not..." She threw off his hands and breathed wildly as she embraced him.


 Mogar grabbed at the back of her head, lips mashing against hers, "I want more." is all he could say, his teeth finding her neck, opening up her vein, the adventure had weakened him, he wanted all of it, every drop she could give. She felt her vein open as she started to gush out her blood onto his tongue. "Can...you...handle it?" He shrugged his shoulders slightly, the question was irrelevant to him at the moment, he drank until his stomach was full. pulling away he looked down at her, back in dominance over the other personality that he shared this body with ever since she gave him the gift. "You're not telling me everything, are you?"


She looked back at him with a smirk, "You've fed...now feel..." As soon as she said the words, Mogar felt a sudden surge of darkness envelop him as his wing grew in size and his skin started to turn black as his eyes began to take a red glow...he was changing completely now, what had happened before was only the tip of strength...this was the true form of Dark Mogar!


He let out a RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! gripping her around the waist and shoulder, her illusions and shadows of no use now. descending back to the chamber they had began in, he smashed into the ground, cratering the floor, looking down at her with a hunger he leaned lower, smelling her wounded neck, briefly considering finishing her off, there were other succubi down here, he could have every last one. he shook his head, fighting the Other's thoughts. "Tell me what sort of political game I have entered by accepting your help, the last artifact, some guy in Vietnam said some things about you, what is going on down here?"


She laughed at him, "You think you can kill me, Mogar? When I was the one who gave you this power? Learn the hierarchy of Hell. If you want to feel the demonic strength here, then you will see to it that I become Queen of Hell. More powerful than Satan and with that you can live in peace in the upper world, but I need agents up on the surface. That is where you come in."


Mogar smiled abashedly, "So you're a mind reader eh? Then you should know I wasn't the one thinking of draining you dry." he said wryly. "I'm sure I could arrange that, You get Hell, I get Earth, plus I have a bit of a vendetta against Him. I will agree only so long as you make sure he suffers." She smirked back, "I make no deals with humans, but I will entertain the thought." She leaned up against him, their eyes pushing into each other with unholy energy.


He leans closer, lips brushing against hers. "mmmm... That implies I'm just any human, I did try to get you out of here, I couldn't help you chose to stay behind, I begged you to come with me, but you gave me no option." She kissed him, "I'm better here, you're better there...leave it at that." He felt his pulse race again, this time it wasnt the demon hungering inside him, something much more simple. "I'll let it drop if you return the favor..." he said his eyes turning to the slip of fabric she called a dress.


She chuckled, "I'll see what I can do."




She widens her eyes with a grin as he scoffs at her and wraps her legs around him. "Worried that a demon will go back on her word?" He grips the front of the cloth, tearing it and tossing it to the ground, "Oh no, darling, It just wasn't a request." his lips working their way up her neck.




Mogar sighed as the world went dark again, appearing in front of the Kumiho as she was leaning in towards him, her eyes growing wide. "W-W-What... happened to you?" she asked, horrified at the power she could sense dwelling inside him now. "Well, I got the help I required, now, what shall we do with you...?" he asked trailing off, his eyes turning black.

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