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North America

Nagawooka - Rotavele (Small Power)



What INRP is


Imperial Nations Roleplay was made in part to offer a small community of roleplayers the ability to play in the 1700s with a great alternative to other roleplays games. The community was set up to be completely community driven. It features a 1700s based roleplay. INRP was not created to have conflict with any of the other roleplaying games and members can be a part of both.


How to make a Nation


Nations in INRP are divided up into three categories and based largely on in-game nations.


Great Powers

Nations above 50,000 Nation Strength are considered Great Powers.

Great Powers can have several colonies, vassals, and sub-states.

Great Powers are limited to settling into Europe and Asia only, if settling outside of these two continents great powers lose their Great Power Status.

Great Powers may form colonies anywhere other than Europe.


Middle Powers

Nations above 25,000 Nation Strength or 1000 technology are considered Middle Powers.

Middle Powers may have colonies and vassals that are reasonably sized and approved.

Middle Powers may settle their nations into Europe, Asia, or Africa.

Middle Powers may form colonies anywhere other than Europe and Asia.

Middle Powers can be sub-states.


Small Powers

Small powers are nations below 25,000 nation strength and 1,000 technology.

Small Powers are limited to reasonably sized vassals that borders them.

Small Powers may have colonies that are on their continent and can be maintained.

Small Powers may settle anywhere other than Europe.

Small Powers can be sub-states or colonies of Great or Middle Powers. If a Small Power is a colony, it cannot have colonies.



The Rules


Definitions for Roleplay

Vassal - A nation conquered by another that is now roleplayed by the leader.

Colony - A plot of land set up for use to be role played by a player. Colonies can be played by one player who is a colony of a larger power or by the larger power shall they wish to play it.

Sub-State - A sub state is a nation role played by a player but another power will be able to roleplay 1/4 of their forces if it wishes to.


Technology Modifier

Nations below 500 technology can not use muskets or guns until given to them by a larger power. This includes cannons/artillery.



A colony can be created at any time. 



Colonies and Vassals are able to rebel if military forces in the region are lower than 1% of the modern population. (1,000 Soldiers per 100,000 people)

During total mobilization, the 1% is provided in colonies as long as the region is not assaulted. 


Regions with less than 1% of population in soldiers will be given a 1/10th chance per day to rebel until forces return. 


Metagaming (IC/OOC line)

IC and OOC are two separate things. Keep them separate. You're a completely different person in game. If it can be proven, it can be dealt with by the Dispute Master.


Revenge Killing

After getting rolled, you cannot make a new nation to come back and fight your enemy off.


Argumentative Battles

If two players cannot come to an agreement on a battle's outcome, they can resort to asking the Dispute Master to settle it. The dispute master will then resort to a risk like strategy of rolling a dice of up to 100. The DM will place modifiers on the dice if he feels one's tactics/strategy is better. The resulting number will be a percentage of casualties the respective member takes.



Community Structure


Dispute Master

A dispute master will be elected monthly to represent the players in any disputes players may have.


Co-Dispute Master

A Co-Dispute Master will settle on issues that involve the dispute master's nation. These will be elected monthly with the dispute master.



An appeal can be voted on at any time for the DM's decisions. This will over-turn the ruling. This requires a discussion prior lasting 24 hours.



The DM or Co-DM can be impeached at any time following a 48 hour discussion. This will prompt immediate nominations and elections.


Removal of a Nation

If it is felt that a nation is not following the rules, that nation can be removed by a 24 hour discussion and a vote following.


Banning of a Player

A player may be completely barred from INRP following a 60% majority vote of the community. This must follow a 48 hour discussion to allow the player to justify their actions or prove why they should not be banned.


Military Units



Your in-game soldiers x 10 are your active forces. 

Soldiers in-game are to be multiplied x 30 for your total mobilization in warfare. For each colony you have 1/100 of their real life modern population will be your total mobilization forces. Mobilized forces are not considered as advanced as active forces fighting wise.


Cavalry and Artillery

Tanks are to be converted to cavalry. Your maximum tank count in-game is your cavalry count.


A fourth of your tank count is your Cannon/Artillery Units. (Tanks * .25)

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