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Gregoravich on Ukrainian shipping

The Zigur

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Billionaire Dr. Gregoravich receives advice from Dacian Putin, descendant of Vladimir Putin




Dacian Putin was not a man of patience. He had alot of things on his schedule, and having to dedicated more time to one problem and less to others was not a pleasing thing to him.


"What Ukraine did was foolish, sending the ship to Hawaii. You must put a stop to this madness Iosef."


"Doctor Gregoravich, Putin. I am not as stupid as you seem to think I am."


"You bought that degree, now what are you going to do about this blockade?"






Dr. Iosef was not the best at political strategy, and having to rely on what Dacian said all the time always made him feel uneasy. Dacian was descended from Vladimir Putin, and many people thought he fit the role the best so far out of his entire family tree. Although his side of the family was treated as "lesser" due to his Romanian grandmother, Dacian was so intelligent and ruthless that he inspired a sort of nastalgia in the oldest elements of the family.


"You remind me so much of grandfather"


It was a mantra that grew into an obsession, and Dacian was always trying to find out more about his great great grandfather. He was essentially treated like the chosen one of the family from a young age, and that responsibility weighed upon him as a burden. A life of politics and strategic thinking resulted in very few genuine smiles, and this only confirmed to the family that he was Vladimir Putin reborn.


Dacian pulled out his SIPR computer and typed a quick message to Antarctica.


ARCTIC BIRD is having difficulty containing RED SPRING. Shipping blockaded. Invasion may be pending.


Dacian watched the screen intently. Within a few seconds there was a reply.


Ukraine will not be a problem. Negotiate with Babylon.


Dacian considered this carefully for a moment. Gregoravich was an important ally, and his shipping company was one of several which supplied the majority of Ukraine and Russia. If the Babylonians seized the Crimea, the stock market would collapse worldwide; but if he moved his own assets, it would start a panic.


He would need an aura of legitimacy however, as he did not yet hold a government position. Following the procedures the Hawaiians taught him, he closed the SIPR laptop and removed the red SECRET labelled hard drive. The Americans were smart to keep no integrated memory on these laptops, and even though they were of very old design he could see how the low tech designs and protocols kept many of the secrets of Hawaii safe.


Dacian placed a call to the Crimean Port Authority and waited.

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