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Operation Big Bananas

Captain Enema

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2nd Para Regiment       (post 1 of 7)


The men of the 2nd Paras are visibly nervous. Most of them have never performed a combat drop before. They are about to get their cherries popped, it scares them, and like all first timers they worry about how well they'll perform. Those issues set aside, the men have trained long and hard to be upright members of the Legion Airborne fraternity. 


With both hands on their sacks, they haul the heavy drop bags to the door, hold onto their bits and pieces as if their lives depend upon it, and they rapidly commence an orderly evacuation out the rear hatch of the C-130s assigned to dump them on their targets.


The skies over Yemen suddenly are filled with the parachutes of the descending Paratroopers of the 2nd Paras. Not much in the way of welcoming committees are put out for them. Some rifle fire for sure, even a few mortars, and because its Yemen and its such a friendly place a few dozen technical vehicles open up on the planes passing over head with their crew served heavy weapons. 


Dead paratroopers tumble from the skies, but more live ones than dead hit the ground. As they rip their weapons from their huge sacks, a raging battle commences for the securing of the strategic city of Aden.  The 2nd Regiment, known as the Les Démons Rouges, is approaching by sea. They will go in with by light boat and helicopters from the decks of troopships. It will take a while to get them fully deployed, but they will secure a strong coastal position and as a unit move to encircle Aden and support the 2nd Paras. 



The 1st and 2nd Marines, back from the Philippines are ordered to go on standby for possible emergency operations. As they are in the process of recovering from their Filipino deployment, the 3rd Marines and the 1st Direct Action Group are higher on the rota for deployment, specifically the 1st DAG as they have the capability to act precisely against specific targets in a wide variety of locations. 



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Yemen    2 post of 7


The 1st Direct Action Group has been ordered to hit a series of high value targets on the coast and near major Yemeni population centers. These sites are designated as logistical and command centers for the Yemeni terror group now identified as the Rising Sun Movement. These RSM locations having been spotted via drone, satellite, and reconnaissance troops will soon be getting personal visits from the Kingdom's elite assault troops. 


The DAG Troopers head in by water, foot, and airdrop. Their assault times have been timed to be as close together as possible to prevent the possibility of the high ranking members of the RSM from trying to escape. The strike teams range from the size of a squad to the size of a platoon. Thirteen different teams are in movement and when ready they will move in with speed and shock using overwhelming firepower to eradicate the enemy combatants. 

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