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The Guardsmen of Paradise


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​Admiral Edward Teach, head of the Texas Maritime National Guard and one of the two highest ranking people in the Texas National Guard, stood quietly in the former Governor's Mansion on Oahu. It was staffed lightly but guarded heavily. There was another building nearby that was built to accommodate the "modern day" governors before the United States of America collapsed, but Teach felt it was more suiting to have his base of operations here. Like Texas, Hawaii was once an independent nation with its own economy, way of life, traditions and even unique system of government. He was standing where the last Queen of Hawaii, Queen Liliʻuokalani, had been arrested during the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Washington Palace was single-handedly one of the most beautiful government buildings in the entire Pacific. 


The Admiral was a tall, formidable man dressed in his snow-white Navy uniform which was complimented by his shiny gold jacket buttons. The tassels on his shoulders softly moved in the breeze that was coming from outside. The air was fresh and had the soft scent of salt. He had never seen or tasted the Pacific Ocean until now. It was much more welcoming than the cold, sturdy Atlantic Ocean which he was so use to. What he could not get over, however, was the relaxing tone that the breeze brought. In Galveston, Texas the wind would usually either blow hard or dwindle down to practically nothing but here... Here there could be minutes or even tens of minutes or sometimes hours where the breeze was just perfect. "The wind," he thought to himself. "Such a small detail yet it is nearly so perfect. This truly is paradise." 


A sailor knocked on the Admiral's door and saluted him once he came in. "Sir, the 3rd and 4th Divisions have made it to Hawaii. They are currently landing right now. Orders?" Teach folded his hands behind his back and looked outside, "Aye lad. Make sure they dig themselves in like we talked about and set up the anti-ship and surface to air missiles like we spoke about earlier. Keep me updated." The soldier saluted and then left the Admiral alone once again. Alone in his own idea of paradise. There was so much to explore and enjoy here yet he was confined to one of the most historically important structures on the island.... "This isn't too bad of a punishment," he thought to himself. 


Edward smelled the aroma of Jack Daniels and turned around to see his new friend Lana offering him a glass of his favorite whiskey. While the Plains Federation being in Hawaii and asserting sovereignty was a big undertaking, the sailors and soldiers still had some time to relax in between securing buildings of setting up defensive weapons. Edward had met Lana the other night on the beach. She was a Hula dancer originally from Hilo on the big island of Hawaii. "I'm surprised they let you in Lana, it's good to see you again." She smiled shyly, her English not close to perfect but she could fairly well understand others. "It is nice..... to see you too Edward. I got this for you," she handed him the drink and he thanked her. "What is going to happen now?" she said while she gazed out at the island with him. "We defend your islands Lana. Come hell or high waters, we defend your islands." 

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