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World Cup Qualifiers and Q&A Thread

Louis XlV

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The four qualifying cups for the World Cup have been announced!  Geographical areas were meant to be preserved as much as possible, but with the late entry of an outlying country, we've hit a small snag with the Americup.  Thankfully, we've managed to fix it!
First up is, formerly the Americup, THE INDY CUP!  Named after Indiana Jones' exploits as an American travelling abroad, the Indy Cup will present the quintessential American nations in Tikal, America, and the Atlantic Federation, playing with their fourth, Druk Yul in Asia.  The Cup tournament will be unique in that it will be the only one to never change venue, as it will be hosted in Druk Yul each year.
Second up is the RING OF FIRE CUP!  Represented by the nations of Japan, Alaska, Cascadia, and the Union, these Pacific Rim nations will come together like giant robots fighting giant monsters.  The Cup will be located in a sequential Ring of Fire location each year.
Third up is the EUROCUP!  These four nations - Ireland, Britain, Alvonia, and France - are all closest geographically and historically and it would have been a shame to split them up.  The Cup will be played in a revolving location, in Britain/Ireland one year, then Alvonia/France the next.
Finally, the INTERNATIONAL CUP!  Great Lakes, Axum, New Babylon, and Zapadnaya will come together in a nice vertical line down the Globe.  This three-continent spanning Cup will play out like the Ring of Fire cup, in that it will sequentially go down each nation until it repeats.
Here's how each cup will go: the winners of the qualifying tournaments of each cup (six games played by each team) will advance to the World Cup.  The second and third-placed teams will then play a single randomized single-elimination game.  The end result will be the four remaining teams from the second and third-placed loser's bracket being elevated to the World Cup.  So if you get second or third place in your cup but still win the loser's bracket game, you'll advance!
Once the World Cup has started, it will play out in single elimination.  Eight teams will face each other.  Then four teams.  Finally, the last two teams will play for the Cup.  The winner of the World Cup automatically qualifies for next year's cup, as does the host of next year's Cup.
Any questions?
Let's get started.
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