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Voting Extravaganza Thread


Voting Extravaganza Thread  

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Naval Rules:

Option A
Put the modifiers back in, but make them only for the smallest ships, Destroyers, Corvettes, and Frigates, with the point system remaining as-is. Submarines remain unmodified. This makes it so that a modern naval formation can be properly put forward by nations big enough to have them, and gives the smaller nations a proper coast guarding force.
Remove the stipulation that one must own the ships in-game to have them in the RP, and instead make it based on what one might be able to support based on the infrastructure that they possess. The normal technology limit placed on ships in-game would not matter, because at this point we're all roleplaying in the 21st century, and there's no reason that anyone with 2000 tech cannot build an aircraft carrier. This gives the low level nations the ability to have navy which can be modified, which gets rid of the argument that modifiers only benefit those with the ability to afford them in-game.



Option B
Make the point system more extensive, benefiting nations based on their size and not on their game-fleets, which many of the nations involved in this RP cannot afford to maintain, one of the main reasons I suspect the modifiers were removed in the first place.


Naval Caps:

Option A
10 Corvettes (*2 makes this 20 via modifiers)
8 Landing ships/AAVs
8 Cruisers
8 Frigates (*2 makes this 16 via modifiers)
6 battleships
6 destroyers (*2 makes this 12 via modifiers)
6 carriers
12 submarines (3 SSBNs/ballistic subs max)



Option B
12 Corvettes (*2 via mod)
9 Landing ships/AAVs
9 Cruisers
9 Frigates (*2 via mod)
7 battleships
7 destroyers (*2 via mod)
6 carriers

14 submarines (3 SSBNs/ballistic subs max)



Option C
No Cap.





Soldier Cap:


Option A:

Add in a starting base floor of 50,000 soldiers for current and future CNRP2 Players and removing the soldier cap for players under 50k NS.


Option B:

Leave it as it is




This poll will run for 48 hours. If you have the need to post, do so on the OOC thread, otherwise posting on this thread voids your vote.

Edited by Rudolph
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*dons his GM Hat*


Due to a slight error and rush on my own personal part (Curse you manual labor! *shakes fist*), Option A was missing part of its option, which was to remove the soldier cap for sub 50k Nations. The Option has been corrected and players/voters should take it into account if they want to change their vote or not.

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The results are as follows:
Question 1 - Option A is the winner
Question 2 - Option C is the winner
Question 3 - Option A is the winner
The results is that the naval rules as codified by FHIC are now implemented, with no naval cap being placed along with a floor cap for soldiers to be put in place for all current and future CNRP2 players, and the soldier cap for sub 50k to be removed. Edited by Rudolph
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