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The Snowtrooper Battalion

The Zigur

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- Command Company (100)

-- CO, XO, S1-S5

-- Recon

-- Medics

-- Snipers


- Three Rifle Companies (200 Each)

-- Three Platoons per Company

-- One Weapons Platoon


- Weapons Company (100)

-- MANPAD Platoon

-- Mortar Platoon

-- Combat Anti-Armor Team


- Forward Support Company (attached, non-snowtrooper)

-- Engineers

-- Mechanics

-- Support











Member of the Snowtrooper Battalion armed with modified cold weather M240. Where's your ammo box guy??






To Infantry Sergeant Gregory Ivanovich of A CO SNOWTROOPERS, all the genetic science babble sounded like nonsense. But there was one Hawaiian in his squad, and everyone wanted to bet what would happen to the Hawaiian guy. Specialist Kainoa was so confident he put all his money that he was going to be raptured. The Russian laughed and matched his bet.


Then the impossible occured. They counted down, and right as scheduled, the Hawaiian simply disappeared; his snowtrooper uniform collapsing on itself. The Russians looked at one another.






After the Rapture everyone knew this base was legitimate, and that there were secrets to be unearthed. Out of a Battalion of around 800 soldiers and 500 scientist and engineers, only about 50 Raptured. Most of the troops were foreigners acclimated to cold climates and looking for a challenge, the majority being SOCSOV recruits from Greater Russia. Even as a Russian, he remembered freezing his ass off in the cold weather buildings as being a bleak time.


He wondered what the mad scientists underground would do. Tonight, it wasnt his problem; and he was very glad vodka was included in the deployment to this !@#$ hole.




Sergeant woke up to someone shaking his shoulder. "What the $%&@," he noted, holding his head from a moderate case of hangover. "Captain wants to see you sergeant." This !@#$@#$ early, he thought to himself, but when he checked his watch it was already 0800. It's still !@#$@#$ dark." At least the underskin of the Stormtrooper suits kept you somewhat warm when you slept, while wicking away sweat. Glad we don't have to wake up sweaty in the cold anymore.




He snapped on his cuirass, boot-greaves and helmet and strode outside to meet the Captain. 


"Captain, whats up?"


"They found another tunnel, need you to head down there with a fireteam."


There goes my !@#$@#$ morning.


"Roger that, Sir."


He dialed a couple numbers into his wrist communicator and only got two of his squad on comms. Where the $%&@ are these $%&@suckers. Stupid lazy Alaskans. Finally a third one got on the line.


"Ok guys, meet up by the Warehouse, Captain got a job for us."


"What the $%&@, Sarge, it's our only day off."


"Shut the $%&@ up and get down here."


About 20 minutes later, the three privates showed up. !@#$@#$ specialists. The only Alaskan to show up was missing his wrist communicator. Join the SOCSOV Snowtrooper elite, they said. Sergeant Ivanovich chose to ignore the forgotten equipment so he could get the day over with faster.


"Ok, @%!$suckers, which one of you !@#$ on the Captain's Desk? Captain picked us to investigate a bunker, let's go check it out."


Of course, the Sergeant actually loved every minute of this, and that's why he signed up. Not too many jobs pay you to be a badass and drink all the time, and even if it was a little cold, it was actually nice to be away from civilization. He had always enjoyed his deployments, and there was no hesitation when he heard about the semi-permanent deployments of the Snowtroopers. As long as he had some alcohol.


Walking around the corner he almost got knocked down by a scientist flying by on a snowmobile. !@#$@#$ civilians. They were the only part of deployments he didn't like. When his team arrived at the building he swallowed his annoyance and shook hands with the goofy looking scientist, who was probably still getting used to the intimidating snowtrooper armor.


"Hey sergeant, your uniform looks awesome today. Still can't believe I'm working with real life snowtroopers!"


!@#$@#$ nerd.


"Yeah, wheres the tunnel?"


"Right this way!"






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After they breached the tunnel door, the scientist just wouldn't shut up.


"According to the plans, there are five facilities, which are autonomously arranged around this central hub. We only have a map, but I think this may be a central power facility. Mcmurdo had a nuclear facility in the 1970s, but they shut it down due to "dangerous conditions." I don't know about you, but I think this hub might be the replacement, what do you think Sergeant."


"They don't pay me to think, bub."


"Right, but we might be looking at some really cool technology here. Help me with the lamp!"


Sergeant Ivanovich didn't like this scientist, but now that he had woken up he was actually curious about what the scientist was saying. After the Rapture, who knew what they would find down here? Apparently, his soldiers weren't as interested, and were busy playing games on their notepads. Fucking SOCSOV, I should break those things.


"Hey guys, put away that stupid angry pigs game and help the dude over here"


Sergeant Ivanovich watched the privates get to work setting up the lights. The scientist, relieved of his work, began to talk about the facility again.


"The United States was working on some pretty advanced stuff back in the day. Have you met Dr. Susan Hudson?"




"Oh, well she thinks there might be a fusion plant down here, designed to power the base autonomously. If so, I'm not sure if it would still work or if we could get it started, but just the discovery itself would be a huge advancement for science. This reactor--"


Just then, the lights turned on and more of the facility revealed.


"-- It's true!"



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In the infinite darkness outside the Universe, stands the Taro Plant and Lightning Bolt, the banner of Ke Akua




With Task Force Antarctica completely isolated from the outside world and most of SOCSOV leadership gone, the only thing that held the expedition together was the hope and excitement in discovering a number of forgotten technologies, and of course the iron will of the Snowtrooper Battalion. With the Rapture firmly in the soldiers minds, SOCSOV was now all but gone in the minds of feverish scientists and soldiers who had witnessed a miracle.



Ross Island and surrounding ice and continent, filled with tunnels and bunkers and unreachable during winter


Thus it came to be that a former Army chaplain's assistant rose swiftly to power. She had already caught the eye of the First Sergeant of C CO, and from there the Battalion Commander LT Colonel Brewer. She became very powerful on the base, with soldiers regarding her as an expert in the Rapture. The scientists were unaware of this taking place as they were so busy, but by the time they heard about it it was evident they needed to play along. Many probably sincerely converted.


Following the discovery that this world was just one of an infinite number of kin universes, this world was not nearly as important, but merely a battleground between Ke Akua and the Outsiders. Their isolation and abandonment became a blessing, allowing them to rebuild and focus upon the coming war against the Outsiders; if they lost, the whole world would become a frozen wasteland.



Prophesy says that one day the Outsiders will be defeated and Ke Akua will thaw the snows of Antarctica


After scientists relayed to Lt Colonel Brewer about a possible facility under Mount Terror, it was the chaplain's assistant who heard about it, and before a large bonfire told her followers that she had seen their answers in Mount Terror. Lt Col Brewer allowed her to take a detachment of loyal snowtroopers to the base that night, before the companies could be formally notified in the morning. Braving the cold, they arrived at Mount Terror in the early morning hours and made their way into the facility.



The entrance area to the bunker, which led deeper still into Mount Terror


By 0600, the Red Sister, as she would be known, lead her detachment into the facility and her men bowed their heads as she prayed.


"I pray to Ke Akua that He show us the way, and that cold yield before fire. We are the embers carried by the wind of a cold and dying world, sent into this frozen wasteland to die, and yet we find tinder here before us to ignite. Ke Akua, allow us to ignite a fire that will consume the world and prepare us for the Final War. Give us heat to warm us through the long winter, for the night is dark and full of terror."



Snowtrooper equipment was designed for both NBC environments and antarctic warfare.


With that, she withdrew the key card Lt Colonel Brewer gave her and inserted it. For a few seconds, nothing happened. Then the unmistakable sound of equipment coming online deep inside the mountain shook the facility.


The fusion reactor had come online.



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The former USS Seawolf of HIPACOM was at sea during the invasion and now stealthily protects the Antarctic settlement




Over the course of the next two months, it quickly became clear that with the facilities discovered, the surviving Antarctic Task Force could become fully self sufficient. The biggest mystery was why such advanced supporting technology was abandoned in good working order without a trace of the founders to be found. Doctor Susan Hudson believed they might have raptured themselves out, but there were no records found thus far to prove this theory.


The irony about the discoveries was that solving one problem lead to the creation of several more. With power self sustained by the fusion generator, the life expectancy of the colony had been extended indefinitely, and with the huge imbalance between males and females, this did lead to some tensions. The good news was that Mount Terror revealed extensive underground facilities, including a manufacturing facility designed to assist in the production of prefabricated structures and mining equipment. The first structures to be created were several geodome greenhouses which allowed fresh fruit, vegetable, mushroom and of course pakalolo production.



The Greenhouses were powered by the fusion reactor and roughly 50 yards in diameter


Dr. Hudson thought these greenhouses were wonderful, and they became very popular hangouts for soldiers and civilians who were off duty. Compared to the cold that reigned outside, the greenhouses were warm enough to wear t-shirts and shorts. There were five greenhouses so far on Ross island, and each was 50 yards in diameter. Each specialized in a different area of organic production to combat scurvy and other maladies: Tomatoes, citrus fruits, and even Cannabis production, and the fresh produce supplemented the general rations. They had to post two armed guards by that one, but Cannabis cigarettes soon became part of the rations of soldiers and civilians, helping to sooth sore muscles and frayed nerves after cold days of work.



Antarctic barracks


The barracks areas for both civilians and soldiers were fairly spartan, consisting of two rows of sleeping capsules with mounts for televisions, gaming systems and power outlets for personal tablets and phones. Communal showers, social living areas and the Army Dining Facilities (DFAC) arranged life around socialist living.



Civilians and FSC soldiers at Ross Island DFAC 1




For the next two weeks, there would be no hot food, showers, or warm barracks to sleep in for Sergeant Gregory Ivanovich of A CO SNOWTROOPERS. In fact, the whole company was being sent out on an expedition to find some !@#$%^&* located in the ice shelf somewhere. He would be sleeping and marching completely in his gear, and his food would be a disgusting liquid that could be plugged into his facemask when the weather was very cold. To piss or take a crap he had to share a self contained !@#$ting unit with his squad which essentially plugged into the rear end of his suit. In theory the body glove wicked away sweat and was anti-biotic, but he still got the age old swamp ass.


"Ok guys, we head out with the rest of the company at 0500, sorry we have to wake up so early and miss breakfast but you know how hooah the captain is. Once we get our equipment check done, we will form up outside, you guessed it, the DFAC to march."


Breakfast was the best meal at the DFAC, and missing that and a quick pakalolo smoke beforehand added insult to injury for the troopers of Alpha company. The temperature today was -24 outside, but he was glad the heating unit in his backpack would substantially mitigate the low temperature and eliminate wind chill. He handed out granola bars to his soldiers and mounted the backpack, preparing to head out to formation.



Antarctic Snowtroopers


"Alright guys, insert the feeding units and lets head out. Private Campbell, you got the !@#$ter."


Each soldier inserted a rigid packet of "individual self-contained liquid soylent" into the backpacks, which contained roughly a quart of liquid food into their comrade's back pack unit, along with 1000 ml of nutrient-rich saline solution which would be delivered direct into the bloodstream. Right now both were already liquid, but outside additional rations would be frozen and require thawing by the backpack heating unit. It was an efficient combination, but couldn't replace actual food long term.

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Following the establishment of worldwide intelligence agencies with the assistance of ally Dacian Putin, Task Force Antarctica has massively increased our intelligence reach, with even the toughest targets coming into arm's length. For example, even against the massive intelligence apparatus possessed by the aggressive Babylon, a nation ten times our own strength, our agents can confirm a significant chance of operational success.

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