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I Love the Sound of Wagner In the Morning


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The Empress had heard disturbing reports from the Jōhōhonbu(Defense Intelligence Headquarters), strange incidents in the Southeast Asian region since the collapse of India, attacks against villages by strange men, kidnappings were on the rise. and at the same time a strange guest was brought to the Palace... interesting times.



Mogar stood looking out the open door the side of the helicopter, music blaring down upon the surrounding jungle, their first mission in this new world to pacify and locate an artifact in this world, a goblet with quite... interesting properties. shouting into the headset he wore, "You realize this is going to be war, not our usual walks in the park, right?" he said to Antasija, looking over at her."I've been shot before." Antasija shouts back, "It's not so bad until you notice. Anyone who tries to stop us has already made a fatal mistake."


He laughed, "Bonnie and Clyde vs the world eh? the Imperium Intelligence suggested there may be as many as 500 infected so far, the chopper ain't bringing us straight there, they found an armory, and while we're getting paid for this, they aren't paying us in helicopters." he teased, "Plus, do you really want to walk back to Hong Kong from here?"


"No, that'd be tedious." she says "I'd prefer if we didn't get shot down over the jungle anyways." Antasija put on a set of aviators, nudging the frames under the headset carefully."Looking the part there babe," he said, the sun was bright, and they needed to get this done asap. "Basically they'll be under mind control, while we dont have to kill every single one, we need to get to the chalice before they'll stop being all... zombified."


 "The whole situation is $%&@ed if you ask me." she says, looking out the door, her hair being blown about despite having been tightly tied, "If there's a way to get them out of the whole mind control zombification thing I'd like to make that a side objective if you don't mind." Seeing them begin to group as the chopper descended he smiled, it was going to be an exciting day. "Just gotta get the chalice and they'll go back to normal, until they drink from the cup again at least. I am still curious to how an aztec artifact ended up in Vietnam, but my curiousities are not the priority, let's get this cup, it should prove quite useful."


"Ten bucks says Indiana Jones did it." she says, smiling at him, "And if getting the cup breaks the !@#$%^&*, then hell yes, that makes everything easy."Letting out a booming laugh, so loud she could hear it even without the headset, he grinned at her "Yeah, you know, just have to go through a batallion of heavily armed Vietnamese who have orders to kill anything that tries to enter the village, piece of cake." the sounds of 7.62mm automatic starting ringing out, tracers filling the sky. "looks like we're about as far as we're gonna get, see you on ground floor." he said, kissing her lips for a moment before jumping out of the chopper, the rope slipping through his gloved handds, he stopped himself a few inches from the ground, hopping off he brought up his Rifle, begining to shoot 3 rounds into the head of anyone else with a gun.


 Antasija grabs the rifle she'd picked and goes down the rope upside down, holding it between her legs to keep her from going too fast as she starts shooting long before she hits the ground, laying suppression for Mogar as she slides down the rope, lithely bending up to grab it in one hand to place herself on her feet as she reaches the ground."You always have to one up be, don't you?' he said over his headset walking slowly toward the worn path that they men had been coming from, most were armed simply with knifes and other blades, but he didnt expect that to last for much longer. "It's been a while since I have had to do this... since you, in fact." he commented as the river of bodies slowed to a trickle, probably realizing that sheer numbers don't work well against automatic rifles, dropped the clip and shoving another into his rifle he coked it back and looked at her. "When do you think they'll make a movie about us?" he joked.


Antasija knocks her hair back behind her shoulders absently and switches her clip around, having bound a pair of them together for ease of access, "I don't suppose they'll write much of anything about us until we start telling them." she says, looking around, "You know, I feel like a cigar would really complete the look." she comments on how she'd presented herself for this mission. He patted his breast pocket "After we finish this, it should be fairly easy once we get past all these !@#$@#$ people." the path through the jungle was rather easy, it led straight to the village, the numbers almost ceased to come at them, and the ones that did looked haggerd, as though they hadn't slept in days. Stepping over the most recent one, he looked back at her "They've got to be planning something."


 "It doesn't seem like it from where I'm standing, but I wouldn't know a plan if it bit me on the ass." she says, looking around cautiously. He stood in the opening to the clearing that the village stood in, listening carefully he pulled a grenade from his belt, tossing it against the door of the nearest building. The ensuing explosion turned the bamboo house into splinters scatters everywhere. there were at least a dozen bodies in the remains of the house, he quickly threw another one to the house across it, men clambering out already before exploding just like their peers. "the Indy reference was apt, if it could be a trap, it most likely is."


 "Everything's a trap these days." she says, walking along, "Can't hardly go five feet without someone trying to trap you." Another stream of them came out of the next set of houses, a spray of bullets into their chests and heads quickly put them down. "I'm going to make the wild guess we have to get to the church in the center of town, if I were an egotistical madman that is where I'd set up camp."


 "Obviously, biggest building in town, you think any respectable madman would set up anywhere else?" she continues to walk, participating in putting down any enemies they might encounter. While reloading a teenaged boy came out from between two buildings, jumping onto Mogar's back and causing him to lose balance, unable to position his gun he flexed his fingers, his right hand turning dark, a small dagger appearing he stabbed the kid in the stomach, slitting his throat after pushing the teenager off him. He stood there for a moment, the dagger having disappeared but his veins in his forearm still black, senses went on overdrive, he could hear the sound of a few hundred further to the north of the village but they sounded as though they were continuing north. Remaining in the village there sounded like there were less than 20 remaining, most of that center building. His breathing became rapid and deep, staring at the large church.


Antasija walks towards the building, "Come on, the faster we get that cup the less people we have to kill." she says, looking back at him with concern. He looked at her, a twisted grin upon his face, "A Vampire with a conscience, now I've seen everything." he said throatily, nowhere near his normal voice. "You kidding? More conscience than the average person can claim even." she says, rasing the rifle to her shoulder, "Wouldn't hurt a fly." He waved his hand to her, "Come here, I want to touchhhh you." She looks at him, an eyebrow arched high, "What? Mogar, are you alright? You sound different."


He took a staggered step forward, hands outstretched, the rifle falling to his side, hanging off his shoulder by the strap. "I'll be just fine oncccccee I get my hands on you." the veins on his right arm had not returned to normal, clearly visible, the black standing out easily against his tanned skin. Antasija lowers her rifle and takes a step towards him, "We've not got time for..." she trails off, noticing his arm and his general mannerisms. She takes two steps back away from him, her face masked in confusion, "Are you sure?" she asks slowly.


 As a lone straggler ran towards them he points his hand at the guy, a bolt of darkness shooting out of his palm, hurling the zombie into the jungle. "I will make sssssure we won't be interrupted." he wheezed out. taking another step towards her. Antasija grips her rifle a bit tighter, and takes another step back, "No closer, I swear Mogar, you're creeping the $%&@ out of me right now. Cut it out." He shook his head laughing, "Sssso sssshoot then." continuing to walk towards her.


She lifts the rifle to her shoulder and points it at him, "Mogar, this is creepy as nothing else, snap out of it." she says urgently, taking another step back. "I jusssst want a sssssnack, my little vampire bride has taken her ssssshare from me, but now you hold out from me?" his walking began getting a bit quicker, as though he finally remembered how to operate his legs properly again."Yeah, yeah I am." she starts to step back, keeping pace with him exactly, but all the grace in the world couldn't compensate for tripping over a rock and falling on her back, which was what happened next, "I swear to everything holy and otherwise if you take another step I'll shoot you!" she shouts at him, half hysterical.


He continued walking, standing over her with a sick smile. "You won't sssshoot me, even you know that." he said, putting a hand next to her head he began crouching down, looking into her eyes, the scent of her fear enthralling him, proving to be quite the distraction. She pulls the trigger. Nothing happens but the gun clicking on empty. For a split second she looks shocked at the rifle, but then with lightning quickness she turns over to try and dart off into the forest. "$%&@ me!"  He grabbed onto her ankle easily, dragging her roughly through the dirt, "You are the only meal for many miles, I can't let you sssssimply run away, I am too hungry to oblige your request though." he said tossing her back onto her back, his eyes were dark now, no longer the pale blue she recognized.


 Antasija scrambles for her sidearm, "Like hell I am!" she shouts defiantly, pulling the Beretta out of its holster and swinging it to face him as quickly as she could manage, which considering her condition, was almost quicker than the eye could follow. He grabbed her wrist, "Did you forget? I'm ssstronger than you now, fassster, you are going to make a fine dinner, consider it repayment for all those times you fed upon me." he tossed the gun away from them, leaning down to smell her neck, she was panicing now he could tell, and he thrived off it.


"Like. Hell!" she repeats, quickly uppercutting him in the diaphragm and using his grip on her wrist to her own advantage while he was stunned, swinging to land across his back, driving her elbow into the back of his head, utilizing the momentum she'd built up in the swing. Vision blurred and went dark, he fell unconscious onto the ground, a half dozen of the remaining zombies came out to investigate the noise and charged at her, noticing he was fallen.Groans and moans were briefly cut with a "Get Her!" grunted from the crowd.


 She quickly grabs Mogar's own sidearm from his holster and dispatches three of the charging zombies, caving in another's face with a heavy punch and elbowing another's to oblivion before putting a bullet in the head of the last one, standing panting over the comatose body of her lover, "!@#$@#$ hell."  He laid still, completely knocked out from the blows, but his arm gradually turned back to normal coloring while he lay there.

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"Right, I do all the awesome Amazonian stuff as soon as you're knocked out, perfect." she mutters to herself, picking Mogar up and slinging him across her rather small shoulders gently and with relative ease, "This is going to be a theme, all the cool shit only happens when you're out cold."


She takes his comatose form into a nearby building, and sets him down, "Alright, finish the mission, or abort..." she asks herself. For a minute she'd indecisive, "Fuck it." she hides him as well as possible and leaves his pistol on his lap, taking his rifle and hers with her as she exited the building again. A few more zombies make themselves known as she pokes back out of the house, but they're dispatched practically before they know she's there, and she starts towards the center of town again to go get the cup they were looking for.


 She knocks her bangs out of her face and goes around to what seemed to be a nondescript door and gently forced it open, something she found amusing to do since, while it took much force, it wasn't all that loud compared to the more destructive "Kick the door down" method.


The hallway that the door opened on was suspiciously quiet. Extremely so in fact.


 There was really nothing for it but to walk down it, being extremely careful. Her fears were verified when a loose floorboard gave just a little too much and there was a little metallic ping, quieter than ordinary hearing would have picked up. She dove back, a furious expletive being cut off by the roar of a trio of hand-grenades going off under the floor ten feet away Shrapnel bounced around the room for a second and she got some superficial cuts on her calves, one piece burying itself in the bottom of her, well bottom. She cringed and sat up, waiting to see if there was another shoe to be dropped. There wasn't, but stealth was pretty much ruined.


 She stood, but almost fell immediately. At least one of the cuts on her thigh wasn't nearly so superficial as it seemed, a piece had buried itself half a foot up her lower leg, lengthwise. She steadied herself against a wall, "Well alrighty then." she grunted, limping along with her weapon at her shoulder, being more careful. Acrobatics were thoroughly out of the question now, but that wouldn't stop her from having supernaturally good aim, strength, and all the other nice things that came with her particular brand of immortality. With one hand on a wall and the other on her weapon, held under her arm, she proceeded, being attacked no fewer than six times by anywhere from two to ten zombies. Eventually she came to the main room of the church.


An older Viet man stood facing a candlelit altar, holding a black chalice in his hand. he spoke in a language she couldnt understand, but the idols and symbols would be quite familar to her. Dark Rituals were being performed here, that much was clear. he turned as the doors to the grand hall opened, "I've been expecting you, Monster." he spat out. "Where is that lover of yours? My master told me to kill him first, did my minions succeed at doing so?" his smile contorted his face wickedly. A dozen more of the mindless men came from either side of the door she had entered. "No, that was me, I really don't appreciate that word you know?" she holds her rifle at arm's length and fires a burst at the man with no further ceremony.


The Chalice glowed instantly as she fired, a sickening green color filling the room as the bullets bounced off a sphere surrounding the dark priest. "You really believe that my Master would let me die to mere human weapons? Your boyfriend would have known that though, considering...." he trailed off, laughing before saying "Go! Kill this wretched beast stinking up my unholy temple!"


 "Oh fuck you!" she starts to open fire on the zombies who had come from either side, dispatching them with expert precision, and in comparatively short order.


 Shaking his head, disappointed at his slaves performance. "So hard to find good help these days." he said darkly. "You have any other tricks besides that lead thrower? It won't save you for long." Dozens more came out of every door into the room, he had called as many as he could to defend him, the chalice could not fall into Mogar and Antasija's hands. "I can't wait to capture you, my master has such plans for you, now Mogar, on the other hand... I would not expect to see him ever again if I were you, He is going to end up in the deepest, darkest, coldest corner of the pit, used for the most creative tortures the twisted minds of hell can come up with. If you surrender I will make sure they go easy on you."


 She grabs the other gun off her back and holds them out to either side of her, "I don't think I'll give you the pleasure, if it's up to me." she says, though she was hopelessly outnumbered, "Let me tell ya what, you give me the cup, and you get out of this alive."


 "HAHAHA!" he got carried away in laughter, before quickly calming himself down. "You got moxie girl, I'll give you that. The only way you're going to get this cup is by prying it from my cold dead fingers, You two have been very busy making enemies below, and even if you kill me, I'll return and so will many more, He can't succeed at what he is attempting, you know that don't you? He is on a suicide run, no point of a pretty little thing like you being torn to shreds over it. You can join us you know, even keep your earthly body depending on how loyal you prove." More of the zombies flooded into the room, their movements slow of course, the creatures not well known for speed.


 She starts to blast away with both guns, quickly running out of ammunition before she switches to her sidearm and begins to fire away with it, it itself clicking empty after a few seconds. Running out of options rapidly she picks the rifles back up and starts hammering the heads off of any of the zombies who got between her and the man, limping her way towards him furiously. The flood of zombies gradually waned as they had to come from farther and farther to try to help their leader, They began to part as she moved her way through them, while mindless they wereunable to do much about getting hit in the head with the butt of a rifle. The man began backing up as she waded through the walking corpses "Stay back! Don't touch me!" he squealed, the hardcore attitude being dropped as he realized victory was not ensured.


She continued towards him until she stood close enough to drop a rifle and lunge for his throat, "Prying it from your cold dead fingers eh?" she says viciously. He looked up at her sputtering out "You know he won't come back if he goes down there, only you can stop him." his face gradually turning red from the lack of oxygen."And why should I believe you, huh?" she continues tauntingly, giving him just enough space to get just enough air to be entirely insufficient. Coughing he manages to say "Why do you think she contacted him? She wants him to come down there, this isnt about her escaping, it's about her getting the throne."


Antasija crushes his trachea with a swift move and swipes the cup, "Bull."


Tera sat leaning over him, running her hand over his forehead, "What's wrong Mogar?, My poor baby.. Did you hit your head? she said sickly sweet to him. "What the fuck happened to me? It was like I was just watching someone else control my body." She smiled down at him, "Of course, you owed me a debt, I took part of it in exchange for returning those powers back to you." He tried to get up but he couldn't move at all "So you were the one who tried to kill her?" Tera shook her head, "Not me silly, you, I simply looked at what the dark side of you wanted...Mogar"


She looked around at the confused former-zombies, the spell broken, "Blow!" she yells at them, starting to limp her way out of the church, using one of the rifles as a sort of crutch. Limping out of the church, she went immediately to where she'd stashed Mogar, hoping that no one else had found him before she'd gotten back, "Mogar, are you awake?" she asks loudly, the danger having past.  He laid there unmoving, though the sound of her voice calling his name breaking the hold of the dream world her was in.


 "I swear if you're being weird again I'll hit you harder this time." she says, entering the building and seeing him laying where she'd left him. Satisfied that he was not, in fact, being weird, she rushes forward to him and shakes him, "Wake up Mogar, come on." He stirred awake, his eyes fluttering open he looked up at her with a grimace "This whole me passing out and you waking me up covered in blood is getting old."


 "You're telling me, some of it's even mine this time." she says, "Anyways, we've got to go, and I'd appreciate it if you helped me with the gaping holes in my lower half."


 He snorted as he pulled himself up to a sitting position, pulling the medical kit out of his bag, along with a green flare. his fingers gesturing quickly to call for extraction on his location. "I dunno about filling your holes in the middle of a war zone, but I can wrap up your wounds while we wait for extraction." he said sticking out his tongue at her, "Take that flare and toss it outside, the chopper will land as close as it can."


She does as she's told almost instantly, "Oh get your mind out of the gutter, these are actually really serious, just wait till you get a look at them." She unzips her pants and removes them, the backs of them soaked with her blood by now, and revealing the numerous deep and shallow cuts, as well as the two places where shrapnel had gotten into her."Oh Gods, why do I keep missing the fun parts?" he asked rethorically. Pulling out a pair of tweezers he cleaned the wounds of foreign materials as best as he could, pulling out a roll of gauze he began tightly wrapping it around the shrapnel holes. "I thought I was supposed to be the hero and you were the sidekick, is this opposite day?"


"Yeah, I guess it is." He would be unable to get to the one in her calf, it was too deeply lodged, but the rest of it would be comparatively easy, "Are you just wrapping it around my entire legs or what?" she asks, trying to keep the mood light. "Well, I'm a fucking Inventor, not a Doctor. I am trying babe." He snapped at her, regretting it instantly, but he was filled with genuine guilt and anxiety about her injuries but worst case he would carry her home if need be. The sound of the blades whirlling through the air crept closer as they sat there.


"I mean, from what I'm feeling back there it's probably best to just wrap them up the whole way anyways, I didn't get out of that booby trap with nothing on me, I'm just glad it doesn't look like an exploded can of Beef Stroganoff back there." Hearing the chopper descend to hover just over the exploded remains of the buildings that began the village he slid his hands under her, pulling both of their packs onto his back, he let out a sigh, "I had hoped the first time I gave you the wedding carry would be under more favorable conditions." he teased walking through the village."Could have been worse," she replies, "At least I got that goddamned cup."


There were now confused villagers beginning to gather the dead and help the injured, this whole event would take alot of cleanup but that would be the Imperium's problem, not his. He took a backwards step onto the helicopter's landing gear, using it to position himself to slide her onto the chopper, he gave a thumbs up to the pilot as he jumped up himself, picking her up and placing her into a seat where she could put her leg on a seat across from her. She sat painfully, cringing as the helicopter takes off.


"Speaking of which, what happened while I was out anyway, all I remember is someone got me from behind and then you woke me up." he asked, genuinely having no memories of the previous events. "You have no idea." she replies, laying her head back.

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