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I recently posted looking for a new CNTE alliance to join. I had fun playing in Warriors but would like to try different alliances.


Someone from DEFCON 1 sent me a message in game trying to recruit me, but the round ended before I decided.


I would like to be a DEFCON 1 member for the coming round, assuming the offer is still open.


I will be active on day one, and if possible would like to be placed preemptively in a trade circle that will also be active on day one and willing to send/accept trades.


My nation name will be "Sociopath Paradise"


My leader name will be CharmingAlarming


please let me know what I would need to do in order to make the above happen.


PS: This assumes DEFCON 1 is not an alliance that attempts to censor its members on the forum. This has never happened to me, but I've seen a lot of alliances do this, and don't like it one bit. With the exception of common sense stuff like not posting sensitive intelligence or swearing at people or inciting wars... I can understand why an alliance wouldn't want its members doing THAT. I am talking mainly about expressing opinions about game mechanics and the like. I do not know which alliances do and which don't.


Finally posted this in the right place! Hopefully.

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