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Hawaii Political Structure and News Updates

The Zigur

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King Kamehameha, the Napoleon of the Pacific, unites the Hawaiian Islands. Note the large size of Hawaiian Warriors, far larger (and better fed) than Europeans at the time.



Said to be the spiritual descendant of Kamehameha, the Name of the King is not well known, and he has rarely been seen in public. There are many rumors that the King has the powers of ancient Dark Kahuna, skilled in what westerners would call "Black Magic." He is never seen at official government meetings, and former dissidents once claimed he was a myth concocted by SOCSOV. Because of his hidden nature, his location is never known, but often hypothesized. It is said he is over 150 years old and was once a United States Citizen, before the country fell, and the world descended into chaos.






President Kukahiko, the "Stalin of the Pacific," Founder of the Social Sovereignty Party, began by building the ideology of SOCSOV while the islands were still occupied by imperialists 30 years ago. Over the course of the next few years he founded several political movements before finally establishing SOCSOV. The Party grew very slowly until the Imperialists left 15 years ago, and the next few years resulted in anarchy and mass starvation. During this time SOCSOV rapidly grew to replace the unfunded government services, and elected several representatives to the hollow, poorly funded legislature. 10 years ago, Ezekiel Kukahiko was finally elected Governor and promised to rebuild Hawaii in a decade. A year ago, SOCSOV had the strength to march on Honolulu and formally change the government to adopt Sovereign Socialism and formal independence.



Jonah Kanahele is a simple man who speaks from the heart and is more of a warrior leader than diplomat. Although of Hawaiian ancestry, he left during the hard times 15 years ago and rose to a foreign nation's best special forces unit. Over the course of ten years he took part in several dozen covert operations against imperialists around the world, building key relationships and skillsets along the way. Five years ago he left service honorably after receiving commendation for his services and returned to serve Hawaii. With his unique skills, mastery of multiple languages, and connections with foreign military services, he rose rapidly in SOCSOV and this year became Secretary of State after the restoration of the Social Kingdom. Although largely retired from special operations, he still maintains his fitness and combat skills, which have proven handy more than once abroad.



Makanui Krammler is of mixed Hawaiian, Chinese and German descent; on his paternal side, one of his ancestors was responsible for the German V-2 Program, and fled to Hawaii in the late 1940s following the fall of Nazi Germany. Makanui Krammler is extremely intelligent and ruthless, trained at officer schools in two foreign countries before returning to Hawaii to lead HIPACOM. He is largely responsible for the success of Hawaii's revitalized military program and the acquisition and restoration of ancient US military technologies. He has also extensively integrated USPACOM policies into the HIPACOM military structure, and has helped Hawaii's military become the direct descendant of US Pacific Command and the larger US military. Through his strategic leadership and knowledge of insurgent warfare, the effective reinforcement of several islands throughout Pasifika with few troops was possible.

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