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To: United States of America; Ministry of Foreign Affairs

From: Principality of Tikal; Directorate of Diplomacy


Topic: Diplomatic meeting




Ladies and Gentlemen,


we are most delighted at the resurrection of such a prestigious nation as yours.


The Prince and the Princess of Tikal, Ajaw and Ix'ajaw ichil Tikal, would like to cordially invite a diplomat from the United States to a diplomatic meeting in Tikal's capital of Dawn and Dusk to discuss amongst other things our nations' futures and diplomatic options to facilitate peace and prosperity throughout the Americas.



We look forward to your answer.


By the authority vested in me by Their Sublime Highnesses

Director of Diplomacy,

Clemente Marroquín Rojas

Principality of Tikal

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To: Principality of Tikal; Directorate of Diplomacy

From: US State Department


Clemente Marroquín Rojas,


President George Heller will honor your gracious invitation with his presence. The President will arrive in three days time at the airport of your choosing. Along with him will be diplomatic staff, secret service agents, and other members of the US government.


- Secretary of State Alisha Taitt


President George Heller, along with his entourage, would board Air Force One and head for Tikal.



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The flight itself was eventless, other than Air Force One being escorted by a pair of Typhoons upon entering Tikalian airspace. The landing was at the capital's international airport, with a clear sky, free of clouds. Ideal weather. If one looked down at the city from the plane, they'd see the apparently ancient buildings, though with roads and monorails and other modern transport snaking all throughout the city. The exterior of many building was obviously deliberately kept looking like this for some reason.

After landing, the President and his entourage would be greeted by a small delegation, mostly honour guards of the Ba'ate'xib. They were led by an augmented though well-dressed woman, wearing the emblem of the intertwined Sun and Moon on both shoulders, which showed her importance to those around her.


She bowed deeply. "Welcome to the Principality of Tikal, President Heller. It is an honour to receive you here. I am T'aan Xochitl Necalli, Messenger of Sun and Moon. I hope very much that your flight was pleasant. For the duration of your visit, I and these Ba'ate'xib shall accompany you during the short journey to the meeting. Please, follow me."

She had returned to an upright position by then, making a sweeping hand gesture to behind her where a convoy of vehicles was waiting. Soon enough, the convoy was moving with all its passengers spread over the vehicles.

"If you have any questions during the short journey, please do not hesitate to ask. I have been instructed to answer any and all questions to the best of my ability, Mister President."

OOC: Meeting happens in the post after yours. I like describing the arrival and some banter beforehand.

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Once President Heller arrived in the Principality of Tikal, he observed the astonishing architecture of the capital. The American delegation would follow T'aan Xochitl Necalli to their destination. President Heller would respond, "Thank you for your most wonderful hospitality. I hope that Tikal and America may once again be close allies in this ever changing world."

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Necalli nodded and smiled at the President. "You're most welcome. As for whether Tikal and the United States become allies, I cannot say. But then again, that's the intent of this meeting, isn't it? To see whether it's possible."


The windows of the vehicles they were in were not made of glass, but rather were holographic displays. Through them, the Americans could see the city of Dawn and Dusk, or at least parts of it. Obelisks, pyramids and highrises all stood proudly, displaying the nation's architectural prowess.






Today was a rare day, for the fog that covered much of the valley the city had been built within was absent. The view to the sky was clear, showing only few clouds far above. This made the ancient roots of the young city all the clearer, with many buildings looking like they had been built a millennium ago, like they could have come straight from the 7th or 8th century, the height of the Maya Empire. Despite this, plenty of signs of modern life were visible as well, old and young creating a sort of harmony.


The convoy soon approached the tallest of the pyramids. It was a gigantic construction, more so when seen from the ground: steeper and reaching higher than even the Great Pyramid of Giza, the very peak sometimes touched the uppermost layer of fog. From here, the Prince and the Princess steered a nation. All this had been built for them.


Their short journey led the vehicles beneath this largest pyramid, into a spacious garage beneath it. They stopped close to a number of elevators, which Necalli led the President and his entourage into, a guard going into each of the five elevators to press the right button. Zooming upwards into the building was quick and barely felt. Once on the right level, the Messenger ushered the President into the conference room.


On the way there, the US-Americans could see that the exterior was only a façade, the hallways within sporting modern and highly advanced technology. Still, the extravagant art style persisted in everything.

The conference room itself was large enough to accommodate the delegation. On one side, swarms of fish appeared to be swimming in a quite sizeable aquarium, while the other side of the room showed a view from the peak of the pyramid. Both were of course holographic windows.






At the table, right hand on the backrest of his chair, stood the Prince of Tikal, smiling at the visitors from the northern continent.


"I welcome you to the Principality of Tikal, President George Heller. I am the Prince of Tikal, Chak Tok Ich'aak." He figured that the President wouldn't want to bother with the many other names he had, such as 'Unconquered Sun' or 'Embodied Divine ti Lu’um', amongst many others.


"Please sit, and let us begin." He gestured to the chairs at the table, offering the President and any aides he had brought to sit on any they chose. Once they were seated, the Prince sat on the chair he had been standing at for the previous few moments.


Necalli and the guards silently moved to the far side of the room, guarding from there.

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"Your Imperial Highness, it is my honor to join you here today in this beautiful city. I hope that the United States and Tikal may establish formal diplomatic relations, exchange diplomatic representatives, discuss North American protection, and other areas of concern. In recent events it has become clear that foreign powers have expressed in interest in North America as a military opportunity or imperialistic one. The United States has already shown its willingness to protect North America for those native to it. Foreign nations must not be allowed to militarily take land for their own gain. Before my government was able to conduct such actions, Tikal bore most of those responsibilities. It is my hope that the US and Tikal may work in union to protect the Western Hemisphere and sustain is stability."

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The Prince smiled, listening to the President. As Heller spoke, the table's surface slowly shifted, beginning to display a map of the American Continents with the major nations shown, Tikal and the USA highlighted and gently glowing in orange and blue, respectively.


"Mr. President, let me first thank you for being here and honouring me with your presence.


"Now, with more and more major nations rising from the ashes of past mistakes, defending the Americas on one's own is becoming a heavy burden indeed. I and all of Tikal would gladly work more closely with the United States to protect our homes and our neighbours' homes from foreign and imperialist aggression. We share views in this regard. But cooperation such as this cannot easily start from scratch. so I ask you, what would you propose be done for our nations to defend the Americas as they should be defended? I have further questions, but I believe this is close to being one of the most important ones."

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"On a bilateral level I believe the establishment of embassies and an exchange of ambassadors would be an excellent first step. Perhaps military cooperation in terms of joint exercises and officer exchange programs to help our militaries understand the operational protocols of each other. On a multilateral level I believe that the Organization for American States be resurrected. This would allow all members of the Americas to have an equal and fair opportunity to collectively defend the Western Hemisphere from foreign nations."

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"Much of what you have mentioned is sound, though I would think that we should invite key nations in the Americas if a decision to re-create the OAS is indeed made. I can certainly agree to an exchange of ambassadors - a first for Tikal, for the record - and military cooperation in the terms you've mentioned.


"Now, I have another question. Though it might seem a little rude, it needs to be asked. What is the USA's policy on the so-called 'Manifest Destiny' that was instituted during the 19th century? Do you, the people of the United States or the Parties hold the belief that the US should expand throughout the continent? This is likely the most important thing I have to ask, and one that will have a great importance in shaping relations for the future."

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"In concern to the OAS, I agree that a summit would need to be held with the various countries of the Americas represented. It is the hope of the US government that the original 50 states may be united once again. However this will not be achieved through exclusive military power, nor deliberately taken from any existing government in North America. It will only be done through general referendum and political negotiations."

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The Prince nodded, appearing thoughtful for a few moments.


"I would very much hope that no military action is taken by your government against any sovereign state in North America. In such a case, Tikal would find itself obliged to defend the attacked state's sovereignty. But I'm sure it'll never come to that." He smiled jovially, as if he'd made a great joke that only he got.


"Now, regardless of that, let's proceed with the things at hand. What sort of treaty would the USA be looking for? Tikal can offer, at the very least, a treaty of non-aggression. You mentioned military cooperation - would that extend only to joint-exercises, or are you thinking of more than that?"

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"We would be willing to offer an ODP for the time being. The USA of today is young and unproven as of yet, though if our relationship continues to be a good one, upgrading the treaty to, say, an MDP would be possible in the future."

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"Just a moment."
He worked through the table, assembling a standard treaty including an OD-clause,

Convention on Security and Economic relations between the United States of America and the Principality of Tikal

The parties;
Recognizing the mutual friendship and trust placed in each other.
Resolving to aid each other in the fulfilment of goals.
Believing that is in the interests of both parties to enhance cooperation
Have agreed as follows:

Article 1
In line with the principles of mutual friendship and enhancing cooperation the parties agree to a policy of non-aggression in word and action. Any dispute is to be handled as discretely as possible.

Article 2
Security and Intelligence
Under the principles of sincere cooperation the parties agree to share any information which may be vital to the security of the other.

Article 3
Optional Defence
Should either nation state come under attack, the other has the right to intervene and defend their friend by any and all means available

Article 4
Free Trade

The parties shall eliminate all barriers to trade with the other and facilitate the flow of trade via diplomatic means.

Article 5
Activation and Cancellation
1. The convention shall enter into force upon the signing by both parties and the ratification through any procedure as required by relevant laws.
2. After the entry into force either nation state may withdraw from the convention provided 72 hours of notice are given.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned Plenipotentiaries, being duly authorized thereto by the collective peoples, have signed the present convention.

Signed for the united States of America,
Signed for the Principality of Tikal,

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"I have appointed Ambassador Vanessa Goodwin, a career diplomat as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Tikal."


After the successful completion of President Heller's first official state visit, he boarded Air Force One and fly back to Andrews Air Force Base.

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