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The collapse of the Chinese states had allowed the Imperium to begin focusing on rebuilding and resumption of the intent to further diplomatic relations with all Pacific nations.



To: Union of the Southern Cross; Foreign Affairs Ministry


From: Foreign Affairs Department, Imperium of Japan


Topic: Pacific Diplomatic Relations


To whom it may concern,


The collapse of the Two Chinas has allowed the Imperium to resume our goal of achieving formal relations with all who inhabit the Pacific Ocean, We have noticed and greatly respect the steps you have taken to assist our Filipino friends and request for a meeting between our nations to discuss matters of Pacific trade and stability.


With great regards

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Osamu Saito

Imperium of Japan



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[b]Secure Dispatch[/b]


[b]To:[/b] Foreign Affairs Department, Imperium of Japan

[b]From:[/b] Office of the Foreign Minister of the Southern Cross


Subj: RE:Pacific Diplomatic Relations


Osamu Saito,


We thank your nation for the hails of respect that you give us for our efforts in the Philippines thus far, and acknowledge that the work we are invested in, in the region is far from complete. There is much to be done to ensure the return to peace and stability in the Pacific, and the Union of the Southern Cross is committed to that in every form.


We will gladly host a delegation, should you choose to want to meet on our soil, to discuss trade and stability within the Pacific region.




[I]Valerie Pomerleau[/I]

[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs

Member of the Constellation Council[/b]

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A reply would be sent and 24 hours later Osamu Saito would board a Mitsubishi [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulfstream_G650]MU-650 Diamond[/url], flying to Brisbane.



(OOC:Assuming this is your Capital based upon your RP, and you can skip straight to a meeting if you'd like.)

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Osamu Saito would be met at Brisbane's International Airport by aides and mid-level officials of the Southern Cross Foreign Service, and would be given a chance to recuperate from the flight in for a few hours, with the possibility of a stop at a local restaurant, which he could select from a list available. Once the Japanese Foreign Minister was fed and watered, a small convoy would bear the Japanese delegate and his entourage along the Coral Sea south to the suburb of Gold Coast. Many members of the government, including higher level officials lived in this suburb of Brisbane, and it was quite well guarded, with a noticeably larger police force and what appeared to be checkpoints into certain neighborhoods of the city.


Their destination would be a relatively small Mediterranean villa-style residence on the southern end of the Gold Coast, overlooking the Coral Sea, which served as a function house for the Southern Cross Government, specifically for small bilateral talks like this. Amicably nicknamed the Global House, it both hosted talks, and could host small delegations, with a small staff of individuals to serve them should they spend the night there.


As the convoy pulled up, and an aide would open the door, Saito would find himself face-to-face with the Lord Protector of the Southern Cross, Solomon Winder, a relatively younger-looking man waiting for him, with a hand outstretched.


"Mr. Saito, welcome to the Union, I trust your travels have been comfortable?"

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Osamu enjoyed a steak before continuing onto the Global House. Shaking Mr Winders hand he smiled warmly "My travels were comfortable and the food was excellent, thank you. I have enjoyed the reception you have afforded me, such a beautiful country you have."

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