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Speed Round

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How about a speed TE round where the turns last minutes instead of a day? For example, have 1 turn every 15-30 minutes, and have the whole round last, say, 12-16 hours. The exact timing could be adjusted according to everyone's preferences.

The game mechanics would be like a normal TE round.

If server speed is an issue, the round could use an AWS instance rented for those few hours. It shouldn't cost too much - a donations or two from the round should easily cover the server costs.

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Never would work, people could literally be sleeping for half of the round. That would be hell to fight anyone who could coordinate all day together too, rofl stomped every 30 minutes to an hour. 


6-12 hour interval days might be interesting for people that can't make regular updates.

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CN only takes a half hour or less around update. Often 10 minutes or less. Thus, it is not a "facebook game", it is a game for intelligent people with full social lives outside of the internet, and real world responsibilities. Please do not change this.


In addition, I don't believe the systems in place could process this type of speed. There is often an hour before statistics change, and several days before some records change.

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