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Long shall be your suffering. Joyous be your pain.

Kevin Kingswell

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In the center of the old American state of Illinois lay the city of Springfield, this construction of mankind had survived through the great war that was known as World War Eight, it had survived the fall of governments and the depredations of a people left to fend for themselves. What it could not survive was the coming of chaos itself.


The first sign of the apocalypse was when dark black clouds began to gather above the city of Springfield at mid day. The people were shocked for it had been a bright and sunny American day and not a single cloud had been seen and yet now the sky was covered by them and a great shadow fell across the city as all sunlight was blocked out. The people left their homes, their cars and their centers of work to look up at this unusual weather phenomenon and then with a great rolling burst of thunder the clouds opened and downed poured a torrent of blood rain.


The people, men and women, old and young shrieked and screamed and ran for what ever cover was nearest to them. Many of them would be drenched from head to toe in rich irony blood that ran from their bodies to the ground where it would begin to pool. However, not all of Springfield's citizens fled some of them stood out in the open and ripped the clothes from their bodies to reveal horrifying tattoos that had been cut into their flesh. These tattoos when looked upon seemed to coil and shift across the bodies of these crazy men and women and from their mouths they chanted in a strange unknown language.


A great howl would be heard and at the very center of Springfield a great gust of wind would begin to swirl and form and would continue to grow in strength with every passing moment. Lightening would flash down from the clouds above to strike at the very center of this strange wind formation to be followed by a ground shattering earthquake. In a great upheaval the land split and tore itself apart and a massive gateway ripped itself up out of the ground and rose almost sixty feet tall. The gateway was mode from hundreds of human skulls all tightly backed on top of one another with crushed human flesh solidified in between to hold them in place.


The gateway would be struck once, twice and then a third time by horrid red lightening and with an ear piercing shrill a portal would erupt at the center of the structure. The force of its creation pulled in everything that was not bolted down nearby, rubble, vehicles and people were picked up and sucked into the gaping maw of the portal and lost forever the souls of those people now belonging to the chaos gods as their personal play things.  


From this gateway a number of horrific demons poured forth to wreck havoc upon the living. Creatures of blood red skin and muscle with twisted horns and wielding blades of bronze ran out and leap at the horrified on lookers cutting them down. Half naked she demons with pincers for hands and hoofs instead of feet danced out and sliced through the citizens. Disgusting roundish creatures with large mouths and in bright shades came forth breathing flame upon those in their way. Finally revolting bloated two legged demons covered in filth and with a single eye at the center of their forehead walked forward their reach causing decay upon anything they touched.


As the fell creatures of chaos turned against the people the stuff of chaos itself lashed out at the very land corrupting and warping it. Trees grew black and rotten, branches became sharp twisted limbs that speared any unfortunate human standing too close. Bodies of water became thick pools of blood or filth and the land began to twist and split, jagged rocks spearing up and chasms and craters forming ever outwards as the reach of the chaos gods grew longer and longer.


A pair of talons thrust out through the portal and grasped the outer edges of the skull gateway the nails shattering a handful of the human bone. Pulling himself with all his strength the great demon Kargos Skullsplitter furiously fought the energies of the warp and the unholy muscles in his body bulged as first his snout and fangs pierced the warp's sheen swiftly followed by his demonic body and great black bat like wings. Clear of the gateway Kargos stomped forward seeking to place himself away from the portal. A loyal follower of the warp cried out in joy at the sight of him as he stepped past. A swift crack of his whip and the man's tiny frame was wrapped up tight and pulled into the greater demon's grasp. Kargos lifted the man up to his own eye level and as the crazed cultist continued to chant and shout praise the greater demon studied him before opening his maw and biting his head off.


Casting the now headless body aside into a nearby deep pool of blood where it sank out of sight the greater demon strode on wards his barbed whip and great axe cutting down anyone who came with in reach. He was free of the realm of the warp and he intended to savour these first few moments for a long time yet.       

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The immediate area surrounding the warp portal had been thoroughly corrupted since the gateway had arose and the land had long passed the point of being recognizable. The buildings had crumbled into heaps of rubble and dust, pools of blood and filth and raw warp essence had formed all around the vicinity and any human, whether a supporter or not of the chaos gods had been warped into disgusting spawns of chaos their bodies reduced to heaps of wriggling and biting flesh mounds. The land around the warp portal belonged to the chaos gods and their demonic servants now. Hordes of demons had spilled out of the portal and as they continued to spread out into more areas of Springfield they brought the corrupting power of the warp with them.


Not far from the chaos warp portal the greater demon Kargos Skullsplitter had assembled a host of slaves and cultists and commanded a creation of a great bone throne from upon which he could sit and rule. Initially only the skeletons of those who had been killed in the initial wave of the demon invasion had been used, their flesh stripped away and fed to the lesser demonic beings that swarmed around like carrion. When this proved to slow for the great Skullsplitter he started to have the slaves sacrificed one after the other until he eventually had enough skeletons to form a bone throne that supported his weight. Satisfied for now with the progress of his personal throne he ordered the slaves to be lead to what was a ruined hall across from his throne with the orders to turn it into a holding pen for them and any future slaves.


Back at the portal a massive bird like demon creature stepped out from it's depths, clad in a white robe from neck to feet upon which chaos incantations and test was written and in one claw it held an elegant staff upon which many signs and portents were written that constantly crawled and twisted about the staff. Spreading it's bird like wings wide open the newest greater demon to have graced the planet with it's presence looked around. Toth'gol'hanz looked upon this new world with disgust and annoyance, the pools of blood that lay scattered about the land showed that his rival Kargos Skullsplitter was already on the planet and so his plans had already started to change and be undone. His god would not be pleased with him. Putting this development behind him Toth'gol'hanz strode away from the portal in the direction of a number of lesser demons in the worship of his god.


There was much to do and little time to waste.       

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The city of Springfield was now well torn apart and warped, foul demonic beasts roamed its streets whilst bands of differently aligned lesser demons fought one another for their master's favour. In various sections of the city the buildings had changed and molded depending on what god had cast their gaze upon the structure. Some areas had become giant brass buildings with plenty of spikes and screaming skull figures from whose maws dripped never ending streams of blood, in others the buildings had decayed and began to fall apart whilst vast clouds of flies danced about the filth that caked the buildings and streets. Slaanesh had turned the concrete and metal of the buildings it most liked into walls and roofs of flesh that constantly moaned and shrieked the dark god's name aloud. Tzeentch had marked its buildings with strange and foul magics that drove any mortal that looked upon them mad as the buildings always seemed to shift and change as they looked driving them to the point of wanting to tear out their own eyes.  


With Springfield firmly under the sway of the chaos gods they ordered their servants to carry their dark commands further afield into the surrounding areas. Those who swore undying fealty to the chaos gods were rewarded whilst those that failed or fought back were slain or turned into slaves. At this time four great chaos champions had been sent through the chaos portal and their arrival was soon to be destined. These four champions of the dark gods would form a human army in addition to the lesser demons so that the words and power of the chaos gods could be brought to all corners of the world.   

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