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SOCSOV NEWS: Unrest in the Pacific

The Zigur

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(OOC: Please post general updates on casualty counts, cities nuked, war actions etc in this thread. NO ARGUMENTS. Roleplay response to article or news contributions only).



SOCSOV Partisans mobilize at rally points to deliver free iodine pills to protect against possible radiation exposure from Asia






Iodine tablets have been released to the general republic by pharmacists and SOCSOV volunteers as news arrives that nuclear war has erupted in the Far East. The Royal Hawaiian Flag and the Party Flag have been lowered to half mast in tribute to the fallen, while locals with family abroad, especially in the Philippines and Japan, scramble to determine the status of relatives.


"We haven't been able to contact our extended family in Manila," says Waipahu resident Joseph Dela-Cruz. "We really fear for the worst." President Ezekiel Kukahiko stated recently that refugees from affected countries with proven family in the islands would be allowed to come here on a limited basis. "We care deeply for our Ohana abroad and hope to integrate as many as we can into our advanced society."


There are still questions about long term planning from many within SOCSOV, however. As Hawaii has established the worlds first socialist paradise, resources are carefully cultivated and maintained to support our people... and allowing too many people in without Hawaiian blood and the experience of the revolution could be dangerous.


"Assisting refugees must be done carefully, on a case by case basis. We do not want fraudsters and imposters to worm their way into our society. Thus the Party will have on it's hands the biggest task yet: Vetting the backgrounds, histories and political compliance of up to 200,000 refugees. In the meantime, Hawaii produces abundant amounts of taro, sweet potato, fish and other healthy non-GMO foods. We plan to help the countries affected by war as much as we can and call upon the international community to do the same."


"As to the war, like with all imperialist wars, Hawaii remains independent and hopes for peace. We have limited information other than that nuclear missiles were launched by submarine, triggering the conflict. How this remained undetected until launch is unknown, but likely speaks to the complacency of the bourgeoisie nations. We assure our own people that Hawaii is always on guard against submarine activity near our homeland, with layered ASW assets constantly on the lookout for unusual activity."


Hawaii as an advanced Nation is in a position to distribute information between the Americas and Asia. We hope that information and updates about the situation are efficiently collected and distributed from Honolulu to the world.

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