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Limitless Nexus Announcement

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Limitless Nexus reserves the freedom or right to send aid to any nation regardless of war status,
In order to maximize Limitless Bank efficiency.


Limitless Nexus reserves the freedom or right to defend any alliance and provide assistance if needed.
We must protect be able to protect our members and others deemed worthy.


Limitless Nexus reserves the right for members to take no action in any situation depending on membership level.

Members who hold duel citizenship aren't required to get involved in military conflicts involving only one.


Tsar Bomba of the Nation Sword of Damocles has shown great leadership potential and initiative, thus he is promoted to Minister of Internal Affairs.


We now have 3 times the members we had last announcement and will grant free aid along with Knowledge to the next 3 who sign up to join.


Our common member area is http://limitlessnexus.com


Limitless Nexus is the Ultimate Network Alliance!


Although Not in Use Yet, http://limitlessnexus.com/alliance/viewforum.php?f=20, is a forum setup for alliances who wish to set up an embassy with Limitless Nexus.




Methrage, Sovereign of Limitless Nexus

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