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A massive military parade made it's way through Kiev in honor of the new premier, Svetlana. She waved to her soldiers as tons of mechanized tanks and military weaponry paraded down the streets of Kiev to shown off the FSSR's military might. The most notable event was a large nuclear ICBM being driven down the street following the Premier as she waved to the crowd. Followed by a large banner reading "Ukraine: We love our people here!"? The Premier saluted the troops after she arrived back in her palace in Kiev. The crowd would be heard roaring throughout the parade.

The articles put on the state controlled media would glorify the new premier as well as comment on her integrity and beauty. One news man cried simply because he got to stand near the Premier and she waved at him as her motorcade pass by. Several large posters filled the streets and were visible on the news broadcast. Most notably were of the Premier in several acts of complete divinity helping the common citizens. Other notable posters were of the glorified Ukraine Army.

The crowd in the footage showed many on lookers on their hands and knees and in extreme excitement just to see the Premier in person.
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USNA Report: May 28


Svetlana Kondratyuk abolishes Ukraine Elections, Appoints Cabinet, and names herself Grand Premier



"It is on this day we realize the elections which have failed the Ukraine masses for decades. We have had low voter turn out and our intelligence agency has concluded that many of the votes casted in this last election have been fradulant in one way of another." 


The new FSSR Grand Premier stated after naming herself Grand Premier after the Military Parade yesterday. Svetlana also took a moment to name her new cabinet which would be governing Ukraine. The list read as follows across the screen as a live crowd could be heard cheering each time a new name popped up. 


Grand Premier: Svetlana Kondratyuk


Regent: Hryhoriy Pasternak


Minister of Foreign Affairs: Klim Shwetz

Minister of Financial Affairs: Luba Zelenko

Minister of Defense: Yuri Kozel 

Minister of Offense: Anatoliy Wolanski

Minister of Sea Defenses: Natalka Budny

Minister of Intelligence: Valentyn Kaminski

Minister of General Welfare: Valerian Wasylyshyn

Minister of Flying Forces:  Larysa Stasiuk


At the conclusion of these names held a message, "GOD BLESS THE MOTHERLAND!"




Ukraine has began construction of 4 new forced labor camps in the nation for war and political criminals.

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USNA Report: May 28


Svetlana Kondratyuk announces drilling in Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabian Regions


Grand Premier Svetlana Kondratyuk announced today protection over Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, and some regions of Saudi Arabian Regions as the Ukraine State Oil Agency has began buying Oil fields in the area. 


The following map was displayed of Ukraine protected regions, as well as several peace keeping protection bases. The blue dots currently represent these bases. Two military air bases have been set up for security purposes in the region, as well as 2 airports and 2 Harbors for Cargo transport of Oil and other resources owned by The FSSR. The FSSR has paid a healthy sum of money to all of those who did not wish to sell their resources, and were still allowed to refuse the offer shall they not wish to sell. Any foreign presence in these regions will need to have proper identification with Ukraine and Regional Government.




The FSSR Government and the USOA (Ukraine State Oil Agency) is willing to discuss contracts with those nations/corporations who wish to purchase oil.



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USNA Report: May 28


Radical Islamic Soldiers threaten Ukraine


After purchasing a large amount of resource fields in the Middle East, Radical Islamic Soldiers began to threaten a Ukrainian Ships and have taken the Suez Canal Hostage. Grand Premier Svetlana plans to discuss this with this radical group in order to feed the hungry people of The Middle East as well as provide cheaper prices for Citizens of the Ukraine. Our great leader has made many sacrifices including cancelling her personal meeting with children charities to increase funding for them simply to help this cargo ship get through to feed the people of the Middle East. 


We will have more on this developing story shortly.

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USNA Report: May 29


Rally Over Gulf Incident


Approximately ~2000 protesters gather outside the Ministry of Warfare in Ukraine to protests the lack of involvement of Ukraine's government to gather resources purchased in The Middle East. "Do not negotiate with Terrorists" were one of the mottos that filled many of the signs. As well as historic Ukraine SSR flags being waved. Grand Premier Svetlana released a statement saying that The Ukraine was looking to handle this peacefully as well as secure the economic interests of the Ukraine. Thousands of jobs were in jeopardy from this Radical Islamic group labeling itself as "The Red Sea Republic" threatening unarmed civilian cargo aircraft and unarmed civilian cargo and transport ships.

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USNA Report: June 04


Protests over French Visit


Thousands of protesters met an un-named foreign representative of the French Government on Tuesday. Protesters sited they did not want The French government in the Ukraine and would prefer staying away from France diplomatically citing the aggressive actions and stance France took towards The Red Sea Republic a few days ago. Several protesters shouted obscenities when the representative exited his aircraft. Security Guards aiding The Ukrainian Government came rushing in to push back the protesters. When the representative entered the car, the crowd in Unison shouted "Diplomacy over Tyranny!". The crowd appears to have a large portion of Islamic Ukrainians as well as other protesters who see France as a threat to Islam and the Freedom of Religion. While being the main issue, The Ukraine populace remains divided on the reasoning behind why they believe France harassed The Red Sea Republic and their ships in the Mediterranean. 

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USNA Report: June 18


Referendum in Crimea


Due to a large amount of Crimeans currently wishing for independence, Ukraine will be holding a referendum with voting ending soon on the future of Crimea. The ballot holds three options: 1) To remain part of the Ukraine, 2) To branch off of Ukraine, as the Crimean SSR, and 3) To become fully independent of Ukraine. Premier Svetlana gave her address in which she said she "will support Crimea in any option it chooses". She remarked it being "The people's choice" and said she wishes the Crimeans "get what they wish for". She also remarked that if the Crimea decides to become independent that Ukraine wishes to keep close ties and watch over it with protection for awhile. The Premier also guaranteed that Ukraine forces will work hard to provide fair elections before and after the referendum is passed. 


Polish Protectorate


With growing tensions in Poland, the government of Ukraine hereby recognizes itself as a protector of the land as well due to hostility issues posing a threat in the region. 



100 Ukraine soldiers enter the region of Podkarpackie, Poland and attempt to establish a temporary military base. 


EDIT: For clarity I added the reason why since it would have been said I did it in OOC protection for Tywin.

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