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Event Response

Red T Hawk

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For a new nation, what's the best response to this event.


Thanks for the help.





A neighboring nation has been hit hard by war and its citizens are deserting into your territories in droves.




1 - Allow the immigrants to enter your nation and become part of your workforce. Citizen count +1%, Citizen income -$3.00.

2 - Deport the immigrants and close all borders to immigration. Citizen count -1%, Citizen income +$3.00.




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#2 (the extra income) would most likely be a better choice. :)


If the newly founded City of Ember had a population of 2500, a 1% increase would net an extra 25 citizens. To find the profit, you'd multiply 25 by your average individual income tax per day listed on your nation page. 


In contrast, that $3 is an extra $3 for all of your working citizens. At 28% taxes, that's an extra $0.84 paid to you per citizen. So to find the profit, multiply .84 by your working citizens listed on your nation page.

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