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Only sex and sleep make me conscious that I am mortal.(ish)


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Mogar finally appeared on the other side, studying his surroundings for a moment he estimated they were about 30 miles when where they needed to be, as to exactly when, he would have to take more advanced calculations and wait until night to read the stars. he waited for Antasija to pass through, wondering if she was still standing their slack jawed. Antasija walked through as he was musing to himself, a little bright in the cheeks, "I always love the past. Especially when there aren't any !@#$@#$ jungles around."


 They were surrounded by hilly terrain, just grassy rolling fields for as far as they could see, sparse trees dotting the landscape, the sky was clear, a wonderful day in southeastern Europe Mogar thought to himself. The last time he was in this area was with her, just after the plane crash. shaking those memories out of his head he smiled at Antasija, "we're a bit off target but we should have time to get there." he said holding out his hand, "We'll need to find clothing, I used period proper kits for us but the clothing I can't replicate as easily as simply grabbing some from a local."


 "True." she says, looking down at what she generally wore, slightly torn from the last time they'd time-traveled, "I don't suppose I'm going to like the local style though." Mogar looked around as they began walking, there was a road nearby and where there's a road there would eventually be people, "Nothing wrong with togas." he said with a smirk, "I don't mind them personally, very airy."


"They're not very flattering and it's hard to run around in them." she shrugs, "But I'll live." He saw smoke rising over a mountain "Let's hope they're friendly and understanding of our future clothing long enough for me to sedate them, I take it you don't speak much Greek?" he asked, knowing the answer. "Not much, no." she says, "I could swap spit with one of th- oh wait, that only works for them, !@#$." she tries to consider something else.


 "I only gave you one dose of that stuff anyway, I can speak enough to get us into their house I think, and directions to where we need to go, if we have to have a formal dinner or something we may be in a bad place." he said as they went over a hill, a small farmhouse a kilometer away. "Well, I don't think we'll have to do much talking apart from that, we're only going to have to steal the big knot right?" she asks, "How hard could that be? They can't possibly have anything really hard to break into at this point in time."
 He glanced at the farmer off in the field in the distance, they may be able to just walk in and take what they needed without notice. "We're technically going to have to steal an ox cart that is immovable, and replace it so when Alexander does show up, he can be the hero and cut the thing, be a hero, that whole thing. As to how hard it is going to be... we'll see." is all he could reply.


 "That doesn't sound terrible." she says, beginning to walk towards the farmhouse nonchalantly, "At least it won't be covered in Indiana Jones style boobie traps." He shook his head "You just had to say it, didn't you? now it IS going to be booby trapped." they had managed to reach the house unnoticed, no dogs or other pesky animals to notify their owner of the pair's arrival, finding robes for the pair of them, Mogar threw her one and began getting undressed quickly, putting his clothing back into the burlap bag he had designed for their little adventure. Antasija does likewise, "You know it occurs to me that this won't do much to disguise us, what with the general Mediterranean color of the people around here. We're still going to stick out I think, or just be incredibly pale in their considerations."



He looked at his arm for a moment, "Perhaps with me they'll think I just an a hermit, with you though, I'm not so sure what they're going to think, let's take the long way around." he said quietly, leading her around a hill to escape from the view of the person they had just stolen the outfits from. "We have about 20 kilometers to go, how do you think we roll the thing back to where we need to be though?" There was little information to go on for exactly the size of this knot. "We could steal a couple of ox." she says, shrugging, "We've already stolen a guy's clothes, and it's not like it'll change much that this guy is missing them. Speaking of what they'll think of me, I have no idea, I'm a little too... well, to be much of anything except a fine catch." Thinking about that as they walked, returning to the road once more, "Should that be our cover story? I'm a recluse who traveled far to purchase you?" he thought out loud, he didn't have chains but slavery was fairly common practice in these times, it wouldn't be much of an effort to find the proper equipment.


"I think that might work if we make sure to say I'm from up north, I'm a little too pale to be around here, even at their most pale they don't get to where I am. I don't think we'd need much else to convince them except, well, speaking Greek." she comments.  He pulled out a length of rope, binding her hands tight enough they wouldnt come loose easily, but left the knot so she would be able to free herself if need be, he looked down at her with a smirk, "First time I've ever tied you up and wasn't planning on taking your clothes off afterward." he teased, leaving a length of rope to work as a leash, cutting it and holding it in his hand. She rolled her eyes and smiles, "You can take them off later of course." she walked with him as he began moving once more.


According to the sign they were passing, the city of Kyra was to their south west, sniffing the air he smelled fire... and flesh. "Looks like we arrived on schedule then," he muttered, we have about a day, at most two, until Mr Xander shows up and puts a wrecking on Telmessos."


 "Well, that's cutting it close but we should be able to manage fairly easily." she says, still shuffling along behind him. He looked her over, the ancient clothing fit her well even though it wasn't designed for her, hanging off just enough to stir thoughts, but not enough to expose anything. "I would kiss you ya know if I wasn't afraid someone might think it was strange." he said looking at her with a smile.  "I'm your attractive slave, nobody would think it was the least bit odd." she says, smiling, "People would only think it odd if I were the one who initiated." He glanced around, there was a scout in the distance but he paid them no mind, they were far enough in the distance it would take them easily 5 minutes to reach them. He leaned in and stole a kiss from her, intentionally being as aggressive in the move as possible to ensure that if they had been watching things looked proper. he whispered in her ear "We'll have to try this when we get home." he said winking at her, tugging on the rope gently, "Let's go slave." he said loudly in greek.


Antasija blushes brightly and puts her head down, acting the part of the pampered slave well, if not too well, "Yes master." she says back, her Greek stained by a Romanian accent which didn't appear when she was speaking English. The Scouting party arrived quicker than he had estimated, Alexander must have had good horses. "Citizen." he said in Greek, "Where are you headed to in this dangerous land?" looking down upon Antasija with a sneer. Mogar coughed before replying "I am... taking my slave to the south, it is said they have been freeing slaves in this region as of late, I hope to find a business man who would rather make coin over simply being a "moral" person." he managed out in greek, "Apologies, I have been working on my Aramaic in order to begin this business venture." The Scout looked them over carefully. "Be on your way, but be sure to not trust any of these Achaemenid, We are going to eradicate them house by house if need be, Alexander shall rule this land." Mogar placed his hand on his chest "Alexander!" he shouted, the scout nodding and continuing on his route.


 A few minutes of hustled walking Mogar finally exhaled deeply. "Well that was just about all the Greek I know, let's hope nobody else wants to be inquisitive."

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 Antasija looks back at the scout with a sneer similar to the one he'd worn, "Dick." she looks back in front of her, "What do you think crawled up his ass and died?" Mogar snorted replying in english "He's probably cranky he has to wander the countryside instead of taking the city and getting all the ale and wenches he can get his hands on." he said sarcastically, "should only be a few more kilometers. I hope, once we find the thing I'll figure out how we take it."


 "I'm just glad we didn't end up inside the city." They might have gotten the wrong ideas and then we'd have to fight our way through the entire Greek army." Mogar snickered at the thought, "They'd need a few more than that to stop me from my goals." he said, the lack of a vision so far this trip returning some of the swagger he had lost lately. "You can speak Aramaic now, not that I expect anyone to speak to you." he remarked, forgetting there was actually a reason for his smooch.  "I imagine that I'd be able to take quite a few of them myself," she says, "I don't think that any of them are quite prepared to deal with one of my kind."


 "Pfft, you can be defeated by a sharp twig." pulling on her "leash" a little harder, "Lucifer himself can't keep me dead, if some teenager who overcompensates thinks he can defeat me, he is in for a surprise." bravado dripping from every word. "I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a metal plate put under my ribs." she regains her balance after nothing but a moment, "I'm pretty sure that would make me the next best thing to indestructible, though I suppose they could still chop my head off."


Mogar looked back at her, "A pretty face like that? Never." he said before he pulled her up along side him, wrapping his left arm around her waist, holding the rope in his right, opposite of her. there were houses more often now as they walked, the city should be close he thought. "I can arrange for the metal plate thing if you'd like, though I don't know how I feel about performing surgery on you, I also know I couldnt trust anyone else besides myself with such a procedure." he looked over at her painfully. distraught at the thought of losing her.  "As long as the instruments weren't wooden you'd not have to worry about any damage being terribly permanent. Temporarily disabling, terribly painful even, but without a freak accident nothing terrible would possibly happen. I'm durable like that." she says, "And would you rather have to preform surgery on me or lose me to some idiot with a pointy stick?"

He shrugged, not particularly liking the subject, "Just remember how you felt when I was unconscious, that is how I would feel the entire time I was working on you, I have grown quite attached to you, and I doubt its realistic to believe that my scientists cryogenically froze more attractive teenage vampires around the world for me to discover and bed." he said sarcastically. "I guess that's true. And I suppose my insides aren't the most flattering side of me." she says, "Though I still think you'd prefer it over the possibility of me dying permanently."


The smoke cloud that could only be from a large settlement appeared on the horizon, "Of course Angel, I just dont know if I could keep my hands steady long enough to perform such a feat." he brought her tighter against him kissing his forehead."You think Nenetl or even Katelin could pry me away from you if anything happened? They'd be forced to leave me there until the city collapsed upon itself, if I made a mistake and you died I would stay by your side until the ocean decided to relaim the land I stole to build Heaven upon the earth."


"Probably not, but still, even if you carved my heart out with a rusty spoon and ate it with tobasco, I'd recover eventually, it just takes a bit of time you know." she says, "But that's enough of that for now, if you gush any more romantically you might explode."  He snorted at her comment, "See? you wonder why I'm never nice." he said with a huff, the city appearing as they crested the hill, it was a smaller settlement than they were used to, but a large city for the time. "Gosh, I'd kiss you if I weren't your slave." she says, grinning widely at him, "You know I'm kidding with you love."


 Letting go of her waist he slips ahead of her, there was beginning to be crowds of people as they got closer to the city gate, he said quietly in English. "You know you should take the rare moments I'm being nice." they had no cart so they walked past the line of them for searching. reaching a group of 20 or so people waiting to get in, he pulled her close to him and whispered "So we find this knot, figure out how to replicate it and do a switch, and we leave, all before tomorrow morning when Mr Mediocre shows up. savvy?"


 "Yeah, I gotcha." she says, looking around for a moment, observing ancient Anatolian culture before it was too heavily altered by the invasions of other cultures, "You know I appreciate it when you say those things." she says quietly, judging that there was really no reason not to since no one was paying attention. "Well you can show your appreciation in an hour or two once we've finished this and can take a rest." he muttered in English as they reached the guard at the gate. he switched to Aramaic "Hello sir, I am traveling on business and am seeking a place to rest for the evening, may I find refuge in your city? There are Greeks patrolling the countryside and I don't feel safe camping out in the wilderness with them roaming." The guard looked down at Antasija, lifting up her chin, "A pretty slave you have, is she for sale?" he asked, Mogar shook his head, "Unfortunately not, though when I finish my business I could arrange for one like her to be sent down to you if you'd like." Mogar offered, carefully deflecting the subject. Antasija smiled at the guard shyly, glancing at Mogar silently. 


The Guard nodded, "She is like a ghost, she would fetch alot of coin if we still had a slave market. Go on in, there's many others just like you though, good luck finding a room." Mogar nodded, "I'll see you again." he said politely, tugging on Antasija's wrists, not wanting to idle near the guy thinking about raping his mistress. he whispered in English "Good Girl, you handled yourself well." when they were out of earshot. "Thanks, I tried my hand at theater at one point. I wasn't bad at it I suppose." she shrugs, "The cover is certainly working I think. Gives me an excuse to receive a lot of compliments right to my face as if I'm not even there too." He leaned in,whispering in her ear "I'm supposed to be the one with an ego in this relationship."


 "Hey, they're acting like I'm not a real person right while they do it." she says defensively, "I'm allowed to appreciate their compliments while they do it." He slapped her ass gently, "Get a move on!" he said in Aramaic, those around them giving them a look but quickly returning to whatever they were doing.  He walked just behind her, muttering, "just remember, you're going to have to fill my ego twice as much as yours gets inflated on this trip doll." he said teasingly, enjoying the appearance relationship a bit too much.


"I think I can handle that responsibility," She looks at him naughtily, tugging on the rope herself, "After all, I am incredible." she sticks her tongue out at him at the wordplay. He laughed and muttered."The adventures of Mogar the Mighty and Antasija the Amazing, Issue 3: Aimfully Aggravating Alexander the Alright."

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The Knot, if you really wanted to call it that, was actually upon a cart, as the legend stated it should be. However, it was not a traditional cart by any means, it was made of stone, holding a large ball of rope, wrapped up upon itself perfectly, too perfectly. this couldn't be something made by man Mogar thought to himself. "Well, we found it, now to make our own ball of rope..." he said in English, ducking into the nearest alley with Antasija, he pulled out the large length of rope he had brought just for this purpose, carefully wrapping it into a large ball to try to most accurately recreate the ball that was upon the altar.  "Alright, I don't suppose that they'd notice for long enough for us to get away with it." she said, looking at the ball Mogar had made, "Not many people seem to pay much attention to it anyways."


 He continued to wrap the twine around, having using a much thicker rope to form the base and then carefully wrapping a rope of similar material and size to the Gordian Knot around the ball. "I am under the assumption we're not looking for a giant ball of string anyway, the story goes he cut the thing, maybe we're going to have to do the same, maybe it's like a matryoshka doll?" getting dizzy staring at the design he was recreating. "Probably." she says, looking at the ball he was making, "It might have been a big trick question in the first place, the only way to solve it is to hack it apart by brute force. Seems like it would fit the Greek mindset of the time." He grinned up at her, "Sounds like that fits most males mindset for the past.... 150,000 years or so?" he said sarcastically, the dizziness getting worse, it was almost hypnotic to watch the rope overlay itself, every strand making a more perfect design.


 "Yeah, probably but generally you fellows don't let the whole testosterone craze overtake your reason to such a great degree as it did the Greeks." she says, leaning against the wall and looking down at him, "Are you alright?" she says, noticing that he was swaying some. He shook his head, "I'll be fine, I just need to..." trailing off he fell onto his back, holding tightly to the ball and the rope still. "I think I need to lay here a minute." she quickly kneeled next to him and puts her hands around his face, "Oh !@#$, not this again. Mogar, I don't have any hot natives available to help me right now you've got to get up." she says, extremely worried.


Mogar laid there, in a fugue state, after a few minutes a group of four men, all obviously inebriated approached from the entrance to the alley, only seeing Antasija kneeling over his unconscious body. "What's this? A slave robbing her master?" said the seeming leader of the group the tallest, muscular and olive skinned, "Doesn't she know her place?" asked the second, Antasija would estimate about 5'8 and lanky, "We should teach her a lesson, I'm sure that guy will thank us when he wakes up." said the third about 5'5 and pudgy, the fourth, around the same height as the last, but rounder, simply smiled evilly as they walked slowly towards Antasija.


"Ok, back the $%&@ up!" Antasija tells them angrily in English, not feeling like bothering with attempting in Aramaic, "I Do Not need this !@#$ right now, can't you see that he needs help?" The men paused for a moment, staring at each other, the leader asked them "Is she speaking gibberish?" the tall skinny one replied "it sounds like drunken latin.", and normal built one said, "I think she's a mad woman!", the fat one said, "She's possessed, we can't just let her run off." the leader grabbed at Antasija's wrist, "What were you doing down here?" pulling her small body closer to his."Don't touch me!" she smacked his hand away and pushes him off of her, speaking her best Aramaic now, "Can't you see my master is hurt?!"


The man looked wide eyed at her for a moment, the switch of tongues and aggression giving him a bit of a shock. "Seems she can speak just fine lads, Why don't you be a good girl and come with us..." he asked grabbing her wrists again, pushing her against the wall of one of the buildings that made the alley. The others all reached in to grab her legs or arms, their intentions were not going to be to help him, their depraved thoughts only upon Antasija.

 She grit her teeth for a moment before rolling her eyes, "Alright you little !@#$%!" she teared her arm from the grasp of one of them and ripped the throat out of the one on her other arm, "GET OFF OF ME." she screamed at them.


"W-What... are you?" The leader stammered out, punching her hard as hard as he could in the jaw. "She killed Avahu, let's kill the !@#$%*!" they pulled knives from their belts, stabbing at her wildly, they had no idea what she was, but they would try their damnest to kill her.Antasija bares her fangs as their knives meet their marks, though not to any great effect as she was overtaken. She threw herself at the one nearest to her front, tackling him down and tearing his throat out with her teeth, spitting the gob of flesh out and sweeping the third's legs out from under him and jumping on him next, competely ignoring the actions of the third for the moment. 


The ignored one decided it would be a good time to make a retreat, running as fast as he could out of the alley, he wouldn't stop until he ran into Alexander's army a few miles down the road, whom would arrest him as a potential spy. the leader, Macabee tried to push the crazy girl off off him, struggling underneath her, he managed to toss her to the side momentarily, his hand searching for his blade, finally wrapping his fingers around it he held it towards her, his hand shaking "Y-You're... a monster. stay away from me demon!"


Antasija stood, her eyes slitted and her mouth hanging open, dripping the other man's blood, "You could say that..." she says, leaping towards him with lightning speed and pressing her teeth into his throat, holding him down firmly and beginning to drain him of blood, regardless of if he was alive or not when she was doing it. He could only gargle an plea for mercy before finally losing consciousness, his blood being drained too rapidly to put up an extended fight.




Meanwhile, Mogar had returned to the pit. He stood alone in the darkness, waiting for Tera to make her appearance, the routine becoming regular by now. He saw the light growing brighter to the left of his cage, calling out to her "Ho Tera, Welcome back." he said cheerfully, this day he knew well, the second most memorable event of the eternity he had spent down here. she smiled at him as she saw his face, her walk gaining speed she quickly entered his cell. "Missed me, didn't you?" she teased. putting his arms around her waist he kissed the unnatural beauty. "Would there be any doubt?" he replied. "I... I did it," she said, "I'll need a little more time, 20 years or so your time, but we have a way out of here." she stood upon her tiptoes, kissing his chest just beneath where his collar bones met. "I can't wait to see the surface again... it's been far too long.", she said looking up at him, he fingertips tracing up his stomach.


He smiled down at her, the red skinned buxom female seemed to have fallen for him, The irony of finding his soul mate in hell was not lost upon him. On the other hand, for Tera it was too good to be true, and in the back of her mind she wondered if having such a unique human simply fall into her lap was a stroke of luck, or part of something far more sinister, she had to push those thoughts out of her mind for now though, she had no idea when another chance like this would come up so she had to take it. "I will wait 10,000 years if it means you and I can actually enjoy a dinner over candlelight." he said to her, quite an accurate statement, there was no one he could remember that he had fallen for quite like her. There was something very familiar about her, as though he had known her in a past life, if he believed in that sort of thing, but since he was in hell he rationalized anything could be possible.


She blushed, as much as she could with her skin tone anyway, "You don't have to be so romantic yet, save that until we get up to the surface. You know we can't rea-" her voice cut off, her mouth continuing to move. "Mogar, wake up" he heard as though a mile away, a scream through a tornado. He knew that voice, but from where? who was in the pit with him? his mind raced through possible answers, slowly remembering that this was a dream world.




Antasija stands slowly, blood dripping regularly from her mouth as her chest heaves and her gaze turns to Mogar, briefly consumed by a lust for his blood before she controls herself again, "Mogar, wake up." she didn't dare approach him. The commotion of the fighting, while moderately loud, didn't stir him yet, too lost in the other world now, he heard her voice calling his name, even in the dream world managing to mumble, "Where are you Ana?" darkness surrounding him."I'm right here Mogar. I'm right here." she said, staying where she was. He stirred upon the ground, groggily escaping the nightmare. "this whole two realities thing is growing old quickly...." he whispered, rising up he looked upon the three bodies laying in the alley. "Evidently you've been busy..." he said looking over at her, noticing her struggling to contain herself. "What happened?"


"There were some gentlemen..." she says, avoiding wiping her chin off as much as she could. "I'm assuming diplomacy wasn't an option? I still have no idea what our effects on the timeline even are going to be..." he stood up, shaking his head, "You know, until I went down there, I never believed in god. After that experience I've found belief in god, I'm no christian, I dont pretend that I've been a good person in this life any more than my last, but I have learned to atone for my sins at least, but I dread the thought ever meeting God." he said while finishing their false Gordian knot, it wasnt perfect, but it only needed to fool people for about tweleve hours, until Alex rolled through.


 "Are you afraid of him?" she asks, averting her eyes until she manages to control herself. Mogar glanced at at the blood spilled all over the alley, it was on the ground, the walls, and all over her. "No, but I'm afraid of you." he said quietly. he rarely ever saw the monsterous side of her, and regardless of his previous relationships, this was the first time he had ever genuine feared something he didn't create. Pulling his suit shirt out of his bag he handed it to her, "Clean yourself off, we can't go out with you covered in gore like that."  She wipes her face and down her front, trying to erase all signs of the violent struggle, though her clothes were tattered from the knives.


 He handed her a spare robe, this one nowhere near as form fitting for her, but she could wrap a length of rope around the waist to ensure it stayed on her for the time being. "all that remains is to swap out their fake for the real thing, and then make quick escape, it shouldn't be difficult." he said to her, looking with disdain upon her wounds as she changed, they had already started healing, the process always fascinated him in a dark way, but he couldnt help but feel as though he should do something about it. She approached him after putting the robe on, "I'm sorry, I just, they tried to, you know." she makes a face.


"Don't stress about it, I'm just not used to you... using your abilities, you're alright now, right?" He asked, carrying the ball of rope he had finally finished wrapping, it looked nearly identical to the one on the altar, this should all work out he thought to himself. he poked his head out of the alley, the streets were dead, it was long past dark, "Yeah, I should be fine now." she says, taking a deep breath. He walked over to the altar with her, putting the fake next to the real one, muttering "I swear to god, if this is booby trapped..." as he swapped the two, he wrapped the real one in his now bloody shirt, shoving it into his bag. "Now let's find ourselves a horse." he said, taking her hand in his to look like a couple, a better cover story now that they lacked the rope restraints. "Alrighty then." Antasija said, quite uncomfortably glutted.


Mogar walked with her back past the alley, one of the town guards was riding up the street on horse back. "perfect.." he whispered in english. "Sir, come quick!" he shouled in Aramaic, "Something happened to these guys!" pointing down the alley. The guard rode up to them, hopping off his horse, tying it to a nearby post. "What seems to be the trouble citizen?" he asked as he started to walk down the alley. Mogar looked at Antasija, gesturing his head towards the guard. Antasija looked at him for a moment, then back at the guard, then clumsily clunks the guard on the back of the head with her fist, the man dropping dead instantly, "Well !@#$."


Mogar looked down at the guy and then back at her, "I kinda just wanted you to disable him..." looking at the pooling blood. "I don't think he's gonna survive that." he commented, untying the horse, he threw himself onto its back, reaching a hand down to help Antasija up. "I thought that was how you disabled people! That's how they do it in the movies!" she says incredulously as she gets on the back of the horse.


He shook his head as they began to ride to the city gate, "We need to get you some proper training, unfortunate she chose to stay in The Cape." saying the last half of the sentence under his breath. "I can't be faulted for this." she says seriously as she hugs his back, "I blame society." He couldnt help but laugh "Sure, Sure, it's all society's fault. Why don't you start a group for racism against vampire while you're at it?" he teased her, as they got closer to the gates. "I will." she said, "Get this big support group together in Rapture, meet every sunday, call it Vampires Anonymous."


 He bit his tongue to quell his laughter, riding up to the guard, "Can you let us out? I need to head back to Thermopylae as soon as possible." the guard simply nodded at him, "Open the Gate!" he shouted, Mogar sat on the horse watching it slowly rise, "Just remember, send one of these honeys when you get the chance to." said the guard, looking up at Antasija. she smiled meekly again at the guard, looking away a bit and blushing. "Of course, I'll send one back here when I arrive home." he said with a smile, riding off into west, seemingly running away from the dawn. a mile out of the city he stopped and jumped off the horse, handing her the reigns. "Let's see what's actually in this thing." he said, taking it out of his bag he cut the rope from it. digging down into the mess of rope. finally uncovering a golden charm in the center, 3 circles intertwined, a different type of gordian knot. "I wonder what it does..." he asked aloud, holding it up to look at in the beams of sunlight peaking over the hills to the east. "Your guess is as good as mine." she says, sighing and considering the people she'd killed.


 A rumbling began in the distance, "Remember that whole time limit thing I mentioned? I think we're at about that point...." he trailed off as Alexander's army appeared walking over the hills in the distance to the northwest. "We should probably not get caught in the way of that." she said a bit nervously. He played with the gordian knot in his fingers, twirling it around and thinks for a moment, before putting it into his pocket, climbing back on the horse and pulls her up behind him, "I have a perfect idea Let's practice my greek." he rode his horse directly at the marching army, waving his free hand at them "Over here!" he shouted at them, riding as fast as he could at the advancing forces. "The heathens, they tried to steal my slave away from me!" he said as they got closer, The army split upon the road, letting him pass through their lines, he continued to ride until he saw the honor guard, and there he stood, Alexander.

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