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Meeting with Moscow


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TO: Russian Foreign Ministry
FROM: Mexican Foreign Ministry

The Commonwealth of Mexico invites Russia to send a delegation to our country in order to further bilateral relations, form economic agreements, and discuss other topics of concern.

- Foreign Minister Roberto Mendoza

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To: Government of the Commonwealth of Mexico

Fr: Government of the Greater Russian Empire
The government of the Greater Russian Empire welcomes the opportunity to expand bilateral ties with the government of Mexico. We would like to inform the Mexican government that we accept their invitation and will dispatch a delegation led by Foreign Minister Matvei A. Denisov shortly.

OOC: If you wish, you can just skip directly to the arrival of the delegation.

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Once the Russian Foreign Minister arrived in Mexico, King Federico would greet him saying, "Welcome to Mexico Senor Denisov. I hope that this visit may produce beneficial agreements between our two countries."


The King and the Russian delegation would be taken to the Royal Palace. Upon arriving he would lead them into a medium-sized conference room equpped with the latest technological communications systems available.


"Please take a seat," announced a nearby staff member.


"So, Mexico currently sees no imminent threat to its national security or its economic prosperity. However that doesn't mean Mexico will not need improvement. Mexico views Russia as future strategic ally and would like to work closely with it in as many capacities as possible. We have a few ideas, but please I would like to see what Russia has in mind first."

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[i]“In terms of our foreign policy, the Russian government is currently focused on maintaining and expanding strategic, economic and other ties with nations both in our immediate neighborhood and further beyond with a focus on stability, equal partnership and mutual benefit. Regarding our bilateral relationship with Mexico, we feel that there are avenues of further cooperation which we may explore particularly in the realm of economic and political cooperation. However these two areas of cooperation are not the sole areas in which we are willing to consider closer ties.
As the convener of this meeting, however, I am particularly interested in hearing more about the vision that your government has regarding closer cooperation.”[/i]-Denisov
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"The Mexican government would like to see increased economic cooperation between Mexico's energy sector and Russia's. The current energy infrastructure is wearing down and outdated. Mexico is looking for new energy alternatives, including eventually becoming energy dependent.


The Mexican armed forces are also looking into the possibility of updating its equipment with Russian equipment.



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[i]“Regarding energy cooperation, I see no major obstacles to increased cooperation. Where the upgrading of the energy infrastructure is concerned, we are certain that Russian companies would be willing to undertake contracts for the repair and upgrade of said infrastructure. In order to facilitate the upgrading of Mexico’s energy infrastructure where needed, would the Mexican government be willing to grant tax wavers on energy infrastructure that needs to be imported by Russian companies fulfilling prospective upgrade contracts?
Additionally, has the Mexican government identified new energy sources that it intends to pursue as a part of energy diversification?
Regarding the purchase of military equipment by the Mexican armed forces, we would be willing to facilitate these purchases provided that the equipment requested is available for export. Has your government identified any equipment in particular that it would likely seek to purchase from Russia?”[/i]-Denisov 
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