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Announcement from the Kingdom of Pakalolo

The Zigur

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On Behalf of the Hawaiian Kingdom of Pakalolo


The Hawaiian Social Sovereignty party (SocSov)




The Bourgeoisie Regime has been defeated!


Hawaii and the Northwest Hawaiian Islands have been integrated into a new third-positionist regime, with the banning of Monsanto Corporation and seizure of the assets of the International Bankers and their collaborators. The USPACOM has declared support for the Hawaiian Social Sovereignty Party. SocSov soldiers have armed the people and begun organizing them into paramilitary elements to maintain our independence. Recently we have accomplished our First World Wonder, our own Pentagon which will integrate PACOM into a new pacific military.




The New Legislature raises a Salute to Hawaiian Social Sovereignty.


We are currently in the process of seizing our homeland from the haute bourgeoisie and are planning to create new Workers Barracks for Hawaiians and other born and raised locals. We are also beginning the process of deporting former COFA immigrants and other immigrants of no productive use to Hawaii. We are currently seeking friendships with independent-minded Nations around the world but emphasize that our sovereignty is our own.

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