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Fifth Russian Duma Elections

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VNN News: Duma elections to begin
“Once again Russian citizens across the nation will head to the polls to elect their 701 representatives to the Federal Duma of the Greater Russian Empire.
As the polls rapidly approach, seasoned pollsters are reporting that it could very well be an open field this election cycle. Some analysts are predicting a narrow victory for United Russia, while others are reporting that the result is too close to predict with significant accuracy. A few left-wing newspapers have predicted a victory for the Communist Party of Russia, while most centrist newspapers have insisted that the experienced party machinery of United Russia should not be underestimated.
United Russia leader Antonin Boskovic has pledged to run on United Russia’s strong domestic and foreign policy record, while the Communist Party’s Radislav Berdymuhamedov will focus primarily on the state of the Russian economy. Will United Russia manage to win an outright majority, or is another coalition on the cards?”
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Election Results: United Russia will be largest party, but short of outright majority



"The voters have spoken and the election results are in. The dedicated party machinery of United Russia has demonstrated it's capabilities once again as the party wins 319 seats in the next Duma. This result makes United Russia the largest party in the next Duma, despite the fact that it is 32 seats short of an outright majority. On the other side of the political spectrum, despite fierce campaigning by the Communist Party, the party managed to win only 192 seats (and approximately 27% of the overall vote). The poor showing by the Communists almost guarantees that they will not be able to attempt to form a governing coalition. The Meritocratic Socialists surpassed initial expectations to win 63 seats in the new Duma, and the Russian Fatherland Party won 127 seats in the Duma.


With no party having a clear majority, coalition talks will shortly get underway between United Russia and other parties. Given the configuration of the new Duma, it is widely expected that United Russia will either seek a coalition with the Meritocratic Socialists or with the Russian Fatherland Party. According to experts, a coalition with the Fatherland Party is most likely since that coalition will be relatively stable and have a huge majority of 446 of the 701 seats in the Duma."

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