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Why are spy odds so strange/bad?

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Are spy odds legitimately only done in percentages of 10, 30, 50, 70 and 90? Because if so, that sounds horribly ineffective (both having to round odds up/down and having nations that are significantly more powerful than others only at 50 or 70 percent)


Or are the percentages not actually rounded to those numbers, and we only get rough estimates of what our actual odds are? If so, that would sort of make sense but it also sounds a bit strange to do.

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The odds you see are an approximation. Guess you could do the math if you wanted. from the game index -


Spy operation odds are determined by the following formulas:


    Attacking spies chances of success are determined by (Number of Spies) + (Technology Level / 20)
    The defending nation's counter intelligence systems are determined by (Number of Spies) + (Technology Level / 20) + (Total Land / 70). Threat level modifiers are also taken into account for the defender.


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