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Multicolored Cross-X Alliance


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The Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

Hi there, and greetings from the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance - one of the strongest and fastest growing alliances in Cybernations. Thank you for taking the time to visit our recruitment thread, and we hope that you'll choose to join our alliance.

If you're interested in joining the alliance right now, please register on our forums and then submit an application form. If you're still interested in learning more, please feel free to read on.

The Multicolored Cross-X Alliance (or MCXA for short) is a multicolored alliance based primarily on the blue team. We have a government consisting of a High Council, which consists entirely of 9 elected members. This is made up of our three Chancellors, four Ministers (responsible for Defense, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, and Finance) and two Members-At-Large. Since this government is entirely elected, it remains responsive to your concerns, and doesn't simply ignore you like some other alliances do. Our Charter also contains protections for our members, with an independent justice system and a Bill of Rights.

We here in the MCXA are extremely proud of the work we've put into this alliance and the potential we've shown since our founding nearly two years ago. In fact, we've done so well that we were named the most successful alliance of 2007 in recognition what we've accomplished in that time. And because of our great success, we're happy to offer a special bonus on tech deals for any nation who sells tech within our alliance.

Part of our success comes from the fact that we're truly a multicolored alliance - we don't discriminate on applications due to what team color you've chosen and we don't make you change your color when you join like a lot of other alliances do. What this has meant for so many of our members is that you can keep the trades you've worked so hard to get, but if you need some replacement trades then there's more than enough alliance members on your colour to help you out. If you're on green, red, black, or especially blue we have tons of members on your team for you to trade with. If you're on one of the other team colors, don't despair, because we're well-represented almost everywhere and our members on some of the smaller team colors are always more than willing to help out their brothers if it's needed.

We're also willing to directly help your nation grow by giving your nation access to special rates on tech deals - something that gives your nation millions in income while helping grow the alliance at the same time. Our forums have recently-created expert guides to teach you the best ways to run your nation through both war and peace, and our training program will give you both theoretical and practical knowledge about how to grow your nation's economy and how to best use it during war.

If you're interested in joining a strong vibrant alliance that gives you plenty of room to grow, along with world-class protection and awesome people to hang around with, please, join the MCXA today. If you're interested in more information, or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of our High Council members.

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I have a friendly question,

Is this Alliance friendly to United States players?

But of course we are, or we wouldn't be getting very far in this game. :D

Also, forums are back up and running. There was a problem with the server at the host's end.

Also also, OP edited to reflect our 4th strongest alliance status.

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