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Tikal had over the last few years remained quite a mystery to Athenian intelligence, despite the best of efforts and plenty of projects being undertaken by them they somehow had evaded really appearing on the radar despite their significant military capability. With things as they were in the world however and a honest interest in pursuing some form of relation and quite simply curiosity the decision was made to reach. A message would be sent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to its equivalent in Tikal suggesting a diplomatic meeting between the sovereigns of both states in either the Athenian Federation or Tikal.

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The message was received by Tikal's currently somewhat understaffed Directorate of Diplomacy - though with what little traffic came through, quality didn't suffer for it. After some deliberation, the request was sent to higher echelons of the government, eventually reaching the Prince and the Princess.


"How curious that Athens all of a sudden gained an interest in our nation." The Princess was holding an electronic notepad, going over it another time while she slowly walked through the room. The Prince, meanwhile, sat on an Ottoman while leaning against the wall behind him.


"Really, it was just a matter of time until they or someone else got curious enough. I'm not surprised, especially with the climate in Europe right now."

"I know, I know. It's just so sudden. And so to the point! I'd have thought that they'd send a more elaborate message than barely half a page of text suggesting a meeting." She sighed, then put the paper down and sat on a chair.


"You know, if you want, I could have one of our councillors meet them. That'd save us both the trouble," he suggested with a shrug.


Her head snapped up towards him. "Oh, no, no. That would be a major diplomatic faux pas. It'd be us dismissing their sovereign and putting us on a higher, better level than them. That's not an option. Still, I am most certainly not in the mood for extended travel, especially not with the MS project going so well."

"Alright, I see where this is going. I'll go visit Athens and have a chat with their Empress or whoever really rules there. We'll see what happens during the meeting, hm." He stood slowly, stretching his legs a little. "Do you want me to show them some of our experimental stuff? Like the scout dogs?"

"That might be good, yes. Keep them in the dark about the MS and the Harmony projects though, at least for now."

"Will do. I'll have Clemente try and keep the reply short, as well."





To: Athenian Federation; Ministry of Foreign Affairs

From: Principality of Tikal; Directorate of Diplomacy


Topic: Re: Diplomatic meeting




Ladies and Gentlemen,


In a previous missive delivered by your diplomatic envoys, your nation expressed interest in realizing a meeting between your nation's sovereign ruler and our most exalted leaders.

After careful deliberation, the Ajaw and the Ix'ajaw, Prince and Princess of the Principality of Tikal, have decided to grace your request with their agreement.

His Eternal Highness Chak Tok Ich'aak, Ajaw ichil Tikal, Embodiment of Kinich Ahau, shall visit Athens in 4 days' time, arriving by means of a specially-built Concorde, the only means of long-distant air travel fit for His Grand Highness. With him shall come six fully armed and armoured members of the Royal Guard, as well as 52 of Ajaw Chak Tok Ich'aak's most trusted servants.


By the authority vested in me by Their Sublime Highnesses

Director of Diplomacy,

Clemente Marroquín Rojas

Principality of Tikal


[Message End]




As annouced, 4 days a heavily modified Concorde would travel from Guatemala City to Athens' capital, carrying with it the Prince and his entourage, many curious to see the world outside of Tikal properly for the first time. Even the Prince himself was a little curious, only having seen images of nations all over the world - though few cities had been truly impressive this way.

Perhaps Athens would be different.

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It had been known to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Tikal did not often send delegations abroad, as such it had been decided that their guests would receive the full ceremonial welcome. Upon entering Athenian airspace the Concorde would receive a full F-5 escort to Athens proper. Once there it would be guided to land at Athens AFB. At the landing strip a purple carpet had been rolled out to cover the entire path from the plane to the limousines waiting at the end. Along the carpet High Guard could be found in full dress. At the end of the line the Prince and his delegation would encounter the Megale Autokrateira herself who had opted to welcome her guests in person this time.

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Before the Prince himself exited the airplane, his honour guard, the Ba'ate'xiib stepped out, taking formation with one each positioned at the front left and right, two each at the back left and right of the point the Prince's foot would first touch the purple carpet.

When Ajaw Ich'aak stepped onto the steps towards the tarmac and carpet, he stopped for a brief moment, looking at the Athenian guardsmen and -women awaiting him as well as the other surroundings. It was only some seconds before he continued, his guard keeping him at the centre of the formation as they proceeded along to the limousines. Following behind these seven was a fraction of the Prince's court, 52 men and women clad in more or less traditional garb, conflicting (deliciously, in Ich'aak's eyes) with the high-tech armour of the Ba'ate'xiib and their sovereign's own relatively modern clothing.


He briefly wondered whether the carpet was proper Byzantine purple, but considering the nation he was visiting, it most likely was.


Finally, he stood a few feet from the Athenian Empress. Recognising her from images, he cupped his hands, placing the right in the left; he had decided to greet her properly as tradition demanded. "In lak’ech ala k’in, Megale Autokrateira ichil Athenai. It is an honour being greeted by you personally."

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The sight, and more importantly the contrast, within the group of people was quite interesting to see. From traditional to futuristic, it truly was a sight to behold. 


While Ariadne was not too familiar with the Mayan language the Ministry had managed to find a translator in time to teach her to understand some of the basic greetings and customs so she could understand them. "Thank you, the honour is all mine. I hope the flight here has been pleasant" She responded. "Please join me in this limousine, we have made sure there are enough to take your entire delegation with us to the Imperial Palace"

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"The flight has been most pleasant, thank you." He nodded with a smile, then joined the Empress. One of his guards gave his armament to his colleagues, afterwards joining the two heads of state in the limousine without more than a few gestures. Luckily, it was a large vehicle and so they all had plenty of space.


"And thank you for providing enough vehicles for my entourage. I would hate for them to be forced to wait here for me." Getting comfortable, he looked out of the window to watch the passing cityscape, until Ariadne decided more conversation was needed.

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As the car continued the foreigners would see something that had made Athens famous, the delicate balance between futurism and classicism in its architecture. Where one building closely resembled the structures of antiquity another skyscraper would seem to reach into space and yet another building was a bit of both. The people were not much different, with the city being host to significant groups from at least two hundred ethnic origins. As such both the dress and customs of the various people on the streets would seem chaotic to those not used to it.




When the car arrived at the Imperial Palace it was already getting late, however the city inside a city was a sight to behold itself. Only at the dead centre of the massive complex would the cars come to a halt as a group of High Guard opened the doors to let the Megale Autokrateira and the guests out. From there they were escorted inside, through the throne room and to a large conference room adjacent to it. The Prince would be offered a seat while Ariadne took one opposite to him.

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As the Prince sat, his entourage exploded into activity, with his guards taking up honour-positions behind and besides the young-looking ruler. At the same time, the civilians set up what looked like a small, modular computer terminal made up of a good dozen components. The high guard had examined the modules beforehand and verified that they couldn't be used as weaponry unless one bludgeoned someone with them. Further, the set-up terminal had no wireless capabilities, so it could not hack Athenian systems, nor could it be hacked by them. Finally, once everything was set up, a tablet computer was connected to it and given to the Prince, who set it down in reach of his left hand. Though he might not need the device, it was there.


"I must admit that images do not do Athens' beauty credit. The city is more impressive when seen with one's own eyes than on stills or even film, most of all your palace. Your people have managed to find the careful balance between futurism and classic architecture. A laudable achievement." He allowed a small smile to grace his expression before continuing. The dissonance between the many different garments the people on the streets wore was not unknown to him, a similar if less multicultural and more emphasizing the nation's many different periods with their appropriate clothing. "Surely a fine city to live in for anyone, regardless of origin. Regardless," he took the tablet and went through some options, "I do not believe that you invited Tikal for a spot of tea." He set the device down. Were one able to look at it, one would see a map of the Atlantic with Athens' and Tikal's holdings highlighted in blue and orange, respectively.


"So, what is it that you would like to speak about, Megale Autokrateira ichil Athenai? If I may be so direct."

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Ariadne observed the set-up, it sure was a first for her diplomatic meetings she had to admit. "Your words are too kind, I am confident you have cities at least as impressive." She said before taking a sip of water. "As you most likely know we live in a delicate world, a balance that was once there is slowly but steadily eroding and I for one would not like to see what happens after all these events are done with. I further believe that to combat this like minded states must come together in respect of the basic rights of every living, breathing being. Tikal despite having remained a mystery for so long to me seems like one of those states the Athenian Federation can work together with. The fact that we are neighbours across the Atlantic only furthers the merits behind this. As such to make a long story short, my goal for this meeting is to at least establish a mutual understanding and ideally so much more"

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"Hmm..." The Prince nodded, leaning back. "It is a sad fact that this our world has become fragile on more than a few aspects. Before I say more, however, I feel that I need to reiterate that Tikal is isolationist by choice not only of its rulers, but its people as well. I cannot promise anything more than that I will listen to what you have to say. And though I cannot say whether Tikal and Athens truly are like-minded, it nevertheless is possible that an understanding of some sort may be reached. Please, continue."

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"I understand and respect the reluctance of your state to involve yourselves in the politics of this world. However I fear we live in an age where there is no such thing as isolation, no matter what you do somehow politics will find you. The trick is to be a few steps ahead and ready to compensate for such situations. What I am going to propose is not only a treaty but a commitment to cooperate and establish a better world. A world where Tikal can still be isolationist but have the means to defend it. As such what I want to propose is a comprehensive agreement governing mutual defence, economic and technological trade and of course cooperation in the field of Intelligence"

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"Perhaps what you say is right. Maybe finding true isolation in the world as it is has become impossible. Your argument is sound, Megale Autokrateira, though I am reluctant to admit it. It may be time for Tikal to slowly open itself a little to the world in order to preserve its internal structure. And this would enable us to do so on our terms instead of suddenly being forced by an outsider invader." He sighed, pulling the tablet closer and staring down at it for some time, working something on it. He looked up at the Empress after a minute or two.


"If you would provide me with a draft of such an agreement, I will be able to tell you whether Tikal would be able to agree to it."

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Ariadne nodded "Of course"

Convention on Security, Economic and Technological relations between the Athenian Federation and the Principality of Tikal

The parties;
Recognizing the mutual friendship and trust placed in each other.
Resolving to aid each other in the fulfilment of goals.
Believing that is in the interests of both parties to enhance cooperation
Have agreed as follows:
Article 1
In line with the principles of mutual friendship and enhancing cooperation the parties agree to a policy of non-aggression in word and action. Any dispute is to be handled as discretely as possible.
Article 2
Under the principles of sincere cooperation the parties agree to share any information which may be vital to the security of the other.
Article 3
Should either nation state come under attack it is the obligation of the other to defend by any and all means available.

This convention shall provide either signatory the right to join in a war of aggression launched by the other. Should either party fall under attack as a result of a previous offensive action the attack will fall under the optional aggression section rather than mutual defence.

Article 4

The parties shall eliminate all barriers to trade with the other and facilitate the flow of trade via diplomatic means.

Furthermore in the spirit of greater cooperation and friendship the parties shall enable the sharing of technological developments in an open atmosphere while further enabling joint efforts as to benefit both.
Article 5
1. The convention shall enter into force upon the signing by both parties and the ratification through any procedure as required by relevant laws.
2. After the entry into force either nation state may withdraw from the convention provided a month of notice is given.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned Plenipotentiaries, being duly authorized thereto by the collective peoples, have signed the present convention.
Signed for the Athenian Federation,
Her Imperial Highness Ariadne Notaras of Heraclius, Megale Autokrateira of the Athenian Federation and her overseas territories, Queen of Carthage, Protector of the Old World, Supreme Commander of the Hellenic Forces, Priestess of the Cult of Athena, Speaker of Zeus, Incarnate of Athena, Heroine of the revolution.
Signed for the Principality of Tikal,

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The Prince took his time to read the treaty carefully. Only when he'd reached the end did he nod. "This is something I can indeed sign. Let this be the beginning of a strong and unshakable friendship."


Signed for the Principality of Tikal,

His Eternal Highness Chak Tok Ich'aak,

Ajaw ichil Tikal, Embodiment of Kinich Ahau, Embodied Divine ti Lu’um, Highest of all Judges, Lord and Ruler of all Maya, Protector from Xibalba, Defender of the Popol Vuh, Keeper of K’iinil

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