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GM Elections

Evangeline Anovilis

GM Team January/February  

21 members have voted

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TheShammySocialist -12

KaiserMelech Mikhail - 10

MostGloriousLeader - 9


Evangeline Anovilis - 7

Justinian the Mighty - 5

Lynneth - 5


And with this my tenure ends. Thanks to everyone who trusted in my GM ship in the last three months. The new GM court is Shammy, MGL and Melech.

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You just had to make it pink didn't you? XD


Thank you for your service Eva, much appreciated.

The colour officially is called plum. That's what it says when you hoover over it.


I regularly use plum and light blue to mark things on boards for emphasis, as I find the colours nice. I also use lavender at times, but it often is near indistinguishable from white. Red I only use in case of warnings and threats, dark green or dark slate grey I use for alliance work and golden rod is my new preferred colour for Nippon.


For reference, the last two GM election results which were posted by me:




I like having certain conventions.

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Huh, I'm surprised and honored at the same time that I've actually managed to win a GM election.  I promise to be an an effective and forceful GM with only a tad bit of corruption once in a while :P   That being said I'm ready to process your spyroll requests whenever.

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