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The Kingdom of Meihua

As the Provisional Government of Meihua settled in at the North of Borneo, Prime Minsiter Chao Qiang announced their intentions of transitioning to an autonomous state, under the Imperial Commonwealth. He, under Prince Ne Zha, would Govern the nation's day-to-day affairs until a deterministic constitution could be ratified, and members of the state appointed/elected.

"In these times, we believe that we would best be Governed with laws decided by those of our nation, specifically for our own area and circumstance. In the coming weeks, we will be running elections for the Prime Minister and his associated Cabinet. Until then, my faction will be ensuring that the day-to-day affairs are settled and that there is smooth sailing in the coming weeks.", he said, in one of his announcements.

Prince Ne Zhe affirmed that the nation was a "member of the Imperial Commonwealth", and that it "is headed by the Head of State; Yuan Jia".

- 美日報 (Meihuan Daily)
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"The nation of Japan congratulates the Kingdom of Meihua to its establishment and welcomes it to the rank of the Realms of the Tianxian Imperial Commonwealth. As a fellow member of the family in the House of Tianxia, we would hope for good relations in the future."

-Nakamichi Minoru, Prime Minister of Japan

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"The Javanese Federation will maintain a cautious vigil regarding this new development in its neighbouring island of Borneo."

We must question why there is such antagonistic language and lack of welcoming for a nation that's done absolutely nothing to the Javanese Federation.

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