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Foreign Aid Statistics File


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I think the statistics file is lagging a day behind in switching aid from "approved" to "expired". For example as of this post it switches here:


505792|Caladin|Kaitain|Pax Corvus|10087|Green|539198|Gaserlake|Aralia|Green Protection Agency|10041|Green|Approved|6000000|0|0|12/6/2013 12:05:16 AM|6(60)/200(0)|3544206|
294723|waycool|Thraxland|Siberian Tiger Alliance|10011|White|438717|Lammoth|Condatis|Siberian Tiger Alliance|10011|White|Expired|6000000|0|0|12/5/2013 11:52:22 PM|6/100|3544203|


Meaning the 12/6 foreign aid is not expired, but the 12/5 is.

However in-game the foreign aid of 12/6 is already expired.

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