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Guerrilla Camps


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I hear all kinds of claims about the Guerrilla Camp improvement, and I would like a definitive answer on this. I have been told by multiple people that Guerrilla Camps are excellent when defending; however, they should *always* be destroyed before attacking. The logic is that somehow the Guerrilla Camps kick in some sort of underdog or other modifier which benefits the defender. Im told that while this is not something in the description, it is a tried and tested strategy built into the game mechanics somehow.

If you look at the description, it says the following:

Guerrilla Camp - $20,000.00 - Increases soldier efficiency +35%, reduces soldier upkeep cost -10%, reduces citizen income -8%.

So with respect to warfare, do Guerrilla Camps have ANY effect at all whatsoever other than soldier efficiency +35%? The folks who told me about this strategy are quite adamant about it, and seem to do it themselves. Overall I trust them however with this it just dosent add up to me at all.

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the admin himself confirmed that there IS NO SUCH THING LIKE AN UNDERDOG BONUS. that is total myth and results claiming to be an "underdog win" are pure luck.

You just need to see that even if the battle chances are 95:5 - the defender still HAS that 5% chance, and in 5 of 100 attacks he wins. Then the report is posted and everyone screams "UNDERDOG BONUS!!!" - but the 95 other reports other people have gotten at the same day are never shown because they are just "normal".

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