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Velikaya Rossiya: Ochen Krasivaya

Justinian the Mighty

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Moscow was still abuzz with news of that Parliament had recently ratified the treaty with Vaule that would set both countries on the course toward unification. Now phase two was ready to commence as Vostokslav and Vaulan delegates converged on the Siberian town of Omsk. The governor there offered to open his home for the second summit between the two Slavic states.

Vaulan delegates had already arrived at the Omsk governor’s mansion near the Vostok-Vaule border. Foreign Minister Dmitry Medvedev greeted the foreign guests, but turned the handling of the summit over to the Igor Zaytsev the Minister of Inter-Slavic Affairs. After a hearty lunch on the veranda the delegates retired to a nearby sitting room to chat.

“So, we think it is time to take our relationship to the next step. There is still a lot of work to do to achieve our collective goals. We had hoped to suggest closer economic relations and the virtual elimination of the Ural-Siberian border for starters. What do you think?”

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A Vaulian delegation headed by Minister of Slavic Unification Gen. Vladimir Kharkov arrived at the Governor’s mansion in Omsk. General Kharkov was accompanied by three other officials from the Slavic Unification Ministry. After the customary greetings and welcomes were exchanged, General Kharkov pulled out a copy of the pre-approved Slavic Unification roadmap.

[i]“We wholeheartedly agree with taking the next steps towards Slavic Unification. According to the current road map, the next stages involve joint military excercises, the establishment of a free trade zone, and the standardization of entry permits and border controls.

We are prepared to sign agreements to implement the next five steps to unification. We are willing to approve all necessary legislation to create the Slavic FTZ, create the Slavic Schengen Zone (SSZ) and to create the common currency (tentatively referred to as the New Russian Ruble (Currency code: NRR$). The introduction of the common currency would also require the creation of a supranational Central Bank.

If we are on the same page on these issues, then let us draft the necessary agreement.”[/i]-V. Kharkov

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[i]"May I present the following draft document, for your consideration."[/i]

[quote][b][u]Second stage proposals for Unification[/b][/u]

[u]Article 1: Free Trade Zone[/u]

Effective immediately the Serene Republic of Vaule and the Empire of Vostokslavia shall abolish all tariffs on goods originating from the other country. Goods from a third country that are moved through the territory of one of the signatory countries shall be subject to the same tariffs as if the goods were moved directly from the country of origin to the country of destination. This Free Trade Zone shall not supersede the laws of the signatory countries regarding economic policy or external trade, except in relation to tariffs.

[u]Article 2: Joint Military Exercises/Counter-terrorism[/u]

The Serene Republic of Vaule and the Empire of Vostokslavia shall agree to hold bi-annual joint military exercises with a special focus on counterterrorism and inter-force cooperation and coordination.

[u]Article 3: Slavic Omsk Zone[/u]

-The Serene Republic of Vaule and the Empire of Vostokslavia shall immediately implement a Freedom of movement system hereafter referred to as the Omsk Zone. Individuals who are citizens of either nation shall be able to freely move into and out of the territory of the other signatory nation so long as the individual is in possession of a state approved ID card and/or passport. Citizens of the signatory nation will not be subject to customs or border controls while travelling within the Omsk Zone, however said citizens may be subject to security checks at the discretion of the appropriate government organization.

-In times of crisis, or where there is a threat against either signatory, areas (i.e. Autonomous Regions, Provinces, Oblasts, Special Territories) may restore their border controls with the approval of both signatories.

-The Omsk Zone shall include all mainland territories of both signatories and any other such territory as both signatories define.

-The Omsk Zone shall include a common visa regime whereby citizens of third party countries who gain lawful entry into either signatory country may (unless their nation is listed as being hostile) be granted a single visa which allows them to travel across the full extent of the Omsk Zone

-The Omsk Zone shall not include closed military areas or any region to which access by the general public would constitute a breach of national security, or any region in which either signatory has not implemented the common entry regime.

[u]Article 4: Common Currency[/u]

The Serene Republic of Vaule and the Empire of Vostokslavia shall implement a common currency within a 60 day period as follows:

-The new currency shall be named the New Russian Ruble (Currency Code NRR$ or RR$)

-The issuance and control of this new currency shall be vested in the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) who shall have full authority regarding inflation and devaluation.

-The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) shall be run by a Director-General and Deputy-Director General appointed by the signatory nations to serve for 4 years (OOC: three months) or until resignation. The Director-General shall be appointed by alternating countries every term, and the Deputy Director-General must be appointed by the other signatory (i.e. the nation which during that 4 year cycled did not appoint the Director-General)

-The New Russian Ruble (NRR$) shall replace the Vauleyo-Buryatian Ruble (B$) at an exchange rate of NRR$1.00 to B$1.50 and shall replace the Vostokslavian Ruble at an exchange rate of NRR$1.00 to R$1.00

[u]Article 5: Supranational Assembly[/u]

The Serene Republic of Vaule and the Empire of Vostokslavia shall immediately convene a Russian Constitutional Assembly of 1,000 delegates (500 from each nation) which shall be tasked with drafting a new Constitution, selecting Federal state symbols, and approving a timeline for the completion of Unification.

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[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Gen. Vladimir Kharkov, Minister for Slavic Unification[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]"We have taken the next key steps here. At this stage, we would like to appoint the members of the Constituent Assembly tasked with drafting the new Constitution. If possible we would like to have these officials in place in the next thirty days. Once I have consulted with the Vaulian Parliament and the Imperator, we will appoint our representatives to the Central Bank and will begin removing the border posts."[/font][/color]

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