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Dublin Unitarian Universalist Pro-Respect Campaign

Captain Enema

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[quote]In a stunning rejection of the traditional Irish held beliefs, the Dublin Unitarian Universalist Church launched a major city wide Pro-Respect Campaign that calls for the supporting of women of all ages when dealing with the issues of abortion and contraception. The campaign manager, Reverend David O'Connor, stated, "As people, we often face major decisions and find ourselves heaped with the righteous scorn of the churches we attend. The Dublin Unitarian Universalist congregation will be launching a campaign to make contraceptives widely available to women of all ages. Women considering an abortion will have access to counseling and support through members of our congregation Numerous mental health practioners have volunteered their services as well to give a comforting source of support during what is a difficult time. Pro-Respect means we respect the women as individuals, we respect they are dealing with a troubling issue, we respect the fact that they need our support no matter what decision they make. They do not need our scorn, our pity, they need help and hope. We offer this help and hope, we do this as we are called to do it by god."

Prime Minister George Best commented, "I'll certainly be writing our a large cheque to support this campaign, it sounds quite worthy, I encourage all to help out where they can."

The Archbishop of Dublin Leary stated, "We must counsel in defiance of the devil and choose life!"

Protesters from various mainstream Christian organizations have been gathering to protest the Dublin Unitarian Universalist Church since it's founding. The announcement for the Pro-Respect campaign drew out a huge crowd of Catholics from various organizations, primarily retirement homes and Catholic schools in and around Dublin. The protesters were met by a nearly a dozen Unitarian Clergy members who handed out bottles of water and escorted individuals in and out of the Unitarian Church so that they might use the toilet. A mass prayer session was orchestrated by the Unitarian Clergy in which the crowd was reminded, "God is far bigger than all of this."

Thus far there have been no signs of violence, however, the City of Dublin Police Force are keeping a careful eye on the situation. This is another step in the national shift away from traditional Irish Catholic beliefs and towards a more liberal faith that preaches for human rights and love for all humankind. Clearly, this recent move will not endear the Unitarian Universalist movement any deeper into the heart of conservatives.[/quote]

[b]Dublin Unitarian Church..[/b]

An explosion rocks the church as a bomb planted by an extremist Catholic destroys the bathrooms that were so recently opened up to the public. The resulting fire consumes the church leaving it a burnt pile of rubble and cinders.

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