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Joseph Black

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[center][font=courier new,courier,monospace][b][size=8]Oblivion[/size][/b][/font][/center]
[center][font=courier new,courier,monospace][size=6][b]Feed The Void[/b][/size][/font][/center]

[center][b]The Contract[/b][/center]

[center]The collective body of nations known as Oblivion submit the following as our oath of loyalty to each other, ourselves, and the collective. The members of Oblivion consider The Contract a blood oath taken by the membership and government and eternally binding.[/center]

[center][b]Rite 1- Membership[/b][/center]

[center]Nations wising to join Oblivion must do so by reciting The Contract in a thread on Oblivion's home forum.[/center]

[center]Nations wishing to leave Oblivion must announce their intent to leave and be granted permission to exit The Contract by The Shadow.[/center]

[center][b]Rite 2- Government[/b][/center]

[center]The Shadow is King of Oblivion. The head executive in matters both foreign and domesticity.[/center]

[center]The Darkness is the Regent of Oblivion. Serving to assist in any and all ways The Shadow. In the event of the Shadow stepping down or removal The Darkness shall take his/her place.[/center]

[center]The Emotions- Sorrow, Fear, and Pain serve to facilitate the operations of Oblivion in IA, FA, MA respectively. They are the guardians of Oblivion, serving for life or removal. Appointing their own successors when they step down or are removed.[/center]

[center]The Counsel of XIII- Thirteen members of Oblivion elected by the collective to serve as the decision making body of the membership. No member of the Inner Sanctum (previously listed positions) may serve in the Counsel of XIII at any point during their time in another position. If Thirteen members are not present, the most senior member of the Counsel will appoint members until elections conclude in the next election cycle.[/center]

[center]Elections and removal from office- Elections are held once a year for the Counsel of XIII. If a member steps down or is removed during that time they will be replaced by their chosen successor if one is not stated in cases of the Inner Sanctum the Counsel of XIII will select from among them someone to fill the vacancy. The chosen member will appoint their successor.[/center]

[center][b]Rite 3[/b]- Decisions of the Collective[/center]

[center]All maters of state must be presented to the Counsel of XIII before any action may be taken, a vote of 10/13 is needed for any measure to pass. The decision is then passed to the emotions who must vote 2/3, it must also be accepted by The Shadow to become a rite of the Contract.[/center]

[center]Treaties and Declarations of war follow the same manner listed above, and will be added to The Contract. To be removed they must follow the same process outlined above.[/center]

[center][b]Rite 4[/b]- Termination of The Contract[/center]

[center]The Contract may only be terminated if The Shadow, Darkness, Emotions, and Counsel of XIII unanimously vote to do so.[/center]

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[center][font=comic sans ms,cursive]I'm starting an alliance from scratch. It's something that isn't done often in CN and hasn't been done successfully for years.

I'm gonna be upfront with you, there is a good chance Oblivion will be no different.

I've got free time right now and I'm looking for others who have some free time and are willing to put themselves into this project.

I've been in CN for years now and I've the experience and the know how to make this work and for someone with no experience I'll invest the time to teach them if they will invest the time to use what I teach them for the betterment of the alliance.

I'm looking for other individuals who are willing to work, aren't looking for a free ride, and what to have fun in a way that isn't the norm for most alliances.

If that's you, let's talk, if not I can recommend a great alliance for you based on what your looking for.[/font][/center]

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[center][font="comic sans ms, cursive"]Oblivion moving right along, we are at 6 members in one day and are well on our way to a signed protectorate.[/font][/center]
[center][font="comic sans ms, cursive"]Things are really getting done here, I invite you to come be part of something new and exciting.[/font][/center]

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It is i, Winner12345, Head Capitalitz of Greater Grand Capitalists. If you are interested in a potential merger, we would be greatly interested in that. We can discuss terms if you are interested.

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At this time I must decline, our focus is on internal growth. If you wish to join, you may do so by applying on our forum, located here, http://z7.invisionfree.com/Organization_13_/index.php?act=idx. When we open our doors to foreign relations, you may bring the idea of a merger before the Counsel of 13.

We now have 7 members, 50k nation strength, and our internal policies almost set. We are moving quickly, but are still looking for motivated individual.

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