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Manhattan Project


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If you buy the Manhattan Project is the nuke purchase limit 3000 infra and 300 tech or 1000 infra and 75 tech? I suspect it is the latter, but the description of the Manhattan Project made me a litte unsure and if I'm going to spend a 100 mil on something then I want to be sure what it is I'm buying. :awesome:

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Is your question, based on, that if you later on fall below the 3k infra and 300 tech limit, you can't produce nukes?

Well based on the descrip. of the MP,

The wonder requires 3,000 infrastructure, 300 technology, and a uranium resource.

The "uranium resource" part, means to me that you'll need it for nuke production, and not necessarily the purchase of the wonder

That leads me to conclude that you will need to pass those requirements ^^, in order for you to buy nukes.

Actually, it is vague. I might be completely wrong. You'll need admin to confirm this.

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