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[b]Cannabis: The Growing Industry[/b]

After cannabis's speedy legalization throughout all three territories, empty plots throughout the nation became warzones as citizens battled to buy the greatest locations for growing cannabis. The new industry has already boosted the real estate market, generating millions for the country. But real estate certainly isn't the only economic plus of cannabis. The industry has employed thousands who will be working throughout farms, selling the cannabis, or even the dozens of factories which will be turning the plant into paper, saving hundreds of thousands of trees imported throughout the world.

Many are still wary, though, such as the Walker county of Northwestern Georgia, one of the most conservative areas of the union. "Are we not harming our children by supporting the act of getting high? And what about those who go to work 'baked'? It's dangerous, and no less worse than the re-legalization of alcohol." Says Mary Sinclair, a mother of three.

[b]Brooks County Unrest[/b]

Brooks County has been cast into the national spotlight after becoming a haven for refugees from Florida. Lately, though, many citizens in Brooks county have expressed their annoyance or distrust in the 'foreigners' taking up camp literally outside their doors.

"We're not really sure how many of thse people are actual refugees. Some of them don't seem to be Floridan, but rather free loaders. The government is giving them money, food and health care; who wouldn't take advantage of that?"

Alex Grayson, the head of the Brooks County Refugee Camps, has a different view on the subject. "We're keeping close tabs on where these citizens are coming from. Most are picked up straight at the border, and those coming in from odd directions are questioned on their former residence. We truly can't keep leeches off the system. That's not possible. But we are helping those in need, so that always comes first."

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[b]Religion On The Rise[/b]

In one of the most surprising news announcements of the decade, an independent census corporation teamed with the East American Union government to tally the religious views of the nation. Incredibly, the nation of mostly progressive socialists seemed to be near entirely Baptist, at a whopping 92% of citizens. At a closer look, 7% indentified as Catholic, 0.58% as Muslim, and a shockingly small 0.42% as 'Other', which includes atheist-agnostics.

In some ways, though, it isn't surprising the nation is so religious. Even before the collapse of the world economy and ultimate downfall of the nations of the world, the area of the East-American Union was mostly 'red-blooded' states, conservative and holy. Wars have dragged many ethnic and culture groups out of the nation, and the years of unrest the world is currently in has resulted in the once melting-pot of national religion to be mixed into one. According to the last census, ethnic groups have stayed at relatively the same level as before, but Baptism sure is on the rise.

-[i]Annie Harth, N.N.C (National News Corporation) Reporter[/i]

[b]Brooks County Camps Vanish[/b]

In an almost overnight happening, the dozens of camps in and around Brooks County emptied and disappeared while most Brooklanders were still sleeping.

"I didn't know nothing 'bout them leaving, just woke up this morning and they were gone!" Says Garry Schlutz, a Brooks County resident who lived outside where one of the camps was located.

"We decided to clean up the near-empty hospitals during the night as to avoid confusion and get out of people's way. Most of the refugees and a few deserters were unharmed, so we transported them to a Pravus Ingruo base for them to get sent home. The seriously injured have already been placed in hospitals, and their families in hotels, so we had absolutely no one left here but ourselves. Since the war is over, we decided to clean up. Signs are in place for the next month to tell any potetial latecomers that the war is over, and to try and catch one of our buses, thank God public transit is free, to take it home or to a city near a Pravus Ingruo base. We're glad that we could help, our camp alone treated nearly 100 refugees suffering minor injuries or dehydration."

Of the sixteen refugee camps created througout Brooks County, an estimate cites that almost 1,500 war victims have been treated since their creation, averaging 94 civilians a camp. The East-American government has issued a warm thank you to all the patient families in Brooks County who donated time, money and food to help the unfortunate who were caught in this tragic skirmish.

-[i]Dean William, N.C.C (National News Corporation) Reporter[/i]

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