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New Cambodian Diplomacy

Captain Enema

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[b]To: Jia, UFE
From: Prime Minister Suvah, New Cambodia[/b]

"Honorable Sir,

First allow me to inform you that the New Cambodian Parliament and the people of New Cambodia extends our gratitude for the work your government and your nation invested into the lands of the Khmer. Our appreciation goes beyond mere words, the New Cambodian government extends to the UFE the status of Most Favored Nation.

Specifically, this entails preferential trading rights with New Cambodia. With Most Favored Nation Status taxes and duties will be dismissed entirely. The New Cambodian Parliament hopes that will encourage a long and profitable future between our two nations.

Further, it is hoped that sometime soon our nations might meet to discuss matters of mutual interest to us.

-With Regards,
Prime Minister Suvah

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To: Prime Minister, Suvah, New Cambodia
From: Office of Princess Yuan Xuehua, Regent of the Southern Federation
Subject: Meeting


Prime Minister,

My brother is occupied with the war against the Indian Aggressors and with several previously scheduled diplomatic engagements. Tragically neither he nor Grand Vizier Wei Hai will be able to make a meeting with you for some time. He extends his deepest apologies. I however, would be honored to meet with you in Phnom Penh or Saigon, whichever is more convenient for you.

I enjoyed meeting your people during their time in the Federation and look forward to developing fruitful relations between us as you embark on a path of independence.


Yuan Xuehua

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[quote]10:09 savuh dials the number to Xueha's office.
10:09 Xuehua Hello?
10:09 savuh Yes this is Prime Minister Suvah of New Cambodia speaking, am I talking with Xuehua?
10:10 Xuehua Yes, how are you?
10:11 savuh I'm quite good. Thank you for replying to my message so promptly. I decided that given the state of affairs between yourself and the Kingdom a diplomatic visit would be imprudent at this time. None the less I felt it important to make contact with your office.
10:11 Xuehua Ah very well. That sounds good, what would you like to discuss?
10:12 savuh Items of mutual interest to our nations. Trade, education, and security to be specific.
10:13 Xuehua Yes, I can speak less about security, though from what I've been told from my brother he is open to such an arrangement. As far as trade and eduction, I would very much like to open relations in these areas. What did you have in mind?
10:14 savuh Well our offer of Most Favored Trade status for your nation is assured. It is our way of thank you for your excellent stewardship of the Khmer people. Specifically though we are looking to create ties with your medical industry for the purpose of upgrading our own technologies for export.
10:17 Xuehua We are open to doing this. I have spoken to Grand Vizier Wei, he says that he agrees to MFN status. What did you have in mind for this medical trade?
10:19 savuh Perhaps a center for joint development? My nation wishes to enter into the international scene in such a way that we are providing medical care to nations and peoples in need of it. With your technological expertise and our manpower that seems a likely way to put practical solutions onto the market for those who can't afford the upkeep of modern medical tech.
10:19 Xuehua We would be happy to do this. Where would you like it located, on the border?
10:21 savuh This brings us to our second item, education. Perhaps this center could serve to fill two needs? Our government being a socialist one by design wishes to provide medical to our population, but a shortage of trained medical staff is causing all sorts of problems in implementation. If we were to create a jointly funded center at a large Federation University...
10:23 Xuehua We could do this at Saigon University, which is the largest Class 1 University closest to your border. They have a fairly large medical school?
10:23 savuh I do believe we have several graduates in New Cambodia from Saigon University. This sounds entirely reasonable to me.
10:23 *** SarahTintagyl quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
10:24 Xuehua Excellent
10:25 Xuehua I shall instruct the First Minister of Vietnam to make the arrangements immediately
10:25 Xuehua Do you need anything else today?
10:25 savuh I do know there is the matter of security. I would like to touch upon a few general points if you have time for them.
10:26 Xuehua Absolutely
10:27 savuh You are aware that New Cambodia considers itself to be a neutral nation and a nation of pacifists?
10:27 savuh Pacifist right up until the point we are attacked that is.
10:28 Xuehua Yes
10:29 savuh Whether we are neutral or not we do wish the Federation to know that matters of criminal nature are considered to be very important to us. In this sense we will respect any calls for extradition by the Federation to support law enforcement efforts as internal Federation matters.
10:29 savuh Further...
10:30 savuh Maritime security is also quite important. Having the New Cambodian coast unsecured can't be healthy for your overall regional security. Should the Federation Navy need to pursue criminal vessels inside of our waters, do so and tell us later.
10:31 savuh Though, we'd prefer you try to avoid fighting full scale naval battles inside our waters.
10:34 Xuehua I think these terms are agreeable. We wonder also about air transit though, in the event that we are defending Vietnam and Southern Thailand simultanously.
10:35 savuh Perhaps the arrangement can be made that regional security best be served if in the event of a defensive war overflight permission be given after it is requested?
10:35 savuh A quick notification in advance to prevent any major heart-attacks on the part of our radar operators.
10:36 Xuehua That sounds acceptable to us
10:36 Xuehua we can agree to these security terms
10:37 savuh Excellent, I thank you for your time and look forward to working closely with your government in the future. Please, do not ever hesitate to call upon me if you have questions or believe I can be of assistance to yourself or your brother.
10:40 Xuehua Thank you, I will be certain to pass it along to him, have a good day.[/quote]

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[quote]PRIVATE Conversation

10:56 Suvah dials the number to the UFE central government and requests to speak with Jia on a matter of importance.
10:57 Khagan_Jia answers the phone
10:57 Khagan_Jia This is Supreme Khagan Jia, Khan of Khans, Smiter of the Korean Menace, Destroyer of the false Empress of Japan speaking.
10:57 Khagan_Jia How can I help you?
10:58 Suvah "Excellent, I'm calling today about a problem that puts myself and my government in a peculiar problem and has their ever been a real Emperor of Japan?"
10:58 Khagan_Jia Well I'm Emperor of Japan.
10:58 Suvah ooc..sheesh.. problem-position
10:58 Theresia_von_Hapsburg (yes, she was a white Finn)
10:58 Khagan_Jia (lol Sarah)
10:58 Suvah "Better than the Finnish lass they had before I suppose."
10:59 Theresia_von_Hapsburg (oooh harsh TBM </3)
10:59 Suvah (lol)
10:59 Khagan_Jia What is the problem that you have?
11:01 Suvah New Cambodia is a neutral nation. Our military is restricted to that of what amounts to as an over-sized police force. Despite our move for a peaceful existence there are those in my nation who yearn for a life of order and service. They've headed north and taken up name of the Spartans of all things and have swept Northern Cambodia free of all criminals and
11:01 Suvah other anti-social influences. Not that this angers me, I'm more than pleased with the results. However, these Spartans still remains and they still wish to serve."
11:02 Khagan_Jia I'm not understanding the problem... are they violating laws?
11:04 Suvah "Yes, but.. can I convict them a crime when their crime was to bring order to a part of my nation that badly needed it? It would seem rather ungrateful of me to do so considering more than a few of these Spartans spent their lives to clean up the mess the upper Mekong was in. I think though the solution might be in the fact they desire to serve and I have it
11:04 Suvah on good word they aren't all that particular about who they serve."
11:06 Khagan_Jia Are you proposing what I think? Something similar to the old Legion?
11:10 Suvah "In a sense yes. These are adventurous men and serving in your ranks would give them a sense of order and a chance at adventure. I do request the majority of them be retained in a defensive role for the Southeast Asian area, but my Minster of Internal Affairs tells me that nearly 325,000 men have put in a request to serve in the CDF. We currently only have
11:10 Suvah 100,000 positions open. Seems the 325,000 are excess to our current needs."
11:10 Khagan_Jia So 225, 000 would be about the size of these forces?
11:11 Suvah "No sir. 325,000, our ranks in the CDF stand at 100,000. These are applications we could not accept."
11:12 Khagan_Jia Ah I see, well then. This is a very substantial force. I'd be foolish to deny it, how well trained and disciplined are they? Do you know what they are willing and are not willing to do?
11:14 Suvah "These are questions that will take time to fully answer. I do know they are young men. So they'll probably be foolish enough to do just about anything you ask of them. They will require extensive training in your systems but I do believe the Spartan Commander Sovann can take their basic training into his hands while you prepare for an influx of recruits for
11:14 Suvah your more advanced systems."
11:16 Khagan_Jia Very well... when they are through their basic training, we can discuss their positioning throughout our forces.
11:17 Suvah "What of my request that the majority serve in the South East Asia area as a defensive force?"
11:19 Khagan_Jia Ah yes, of course, we can accommodate this request of course for the majority. Though, we would also request some assistance in areas close to South East Asia.
11:20 Suvah "We've heard rumors of strange happenings. I suspect Sovann will be delighted with assisting."
11:20 Khagan_Jia Excellent. Is there anything else?
11:22 Suvah "Not at this time no. I do wish to thank your government for the assistance you've given us with the University of Saigon project. We've had several items of interest come out of that project that we are incorporating into our Mercy Fleet. We thank you for this."
11:26 Khagan_Jia Thank you, have a good day.[/quote]

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