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Red Guard

Markus Wilding

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[i]The People's Republic of Finland is hereby placing the land known as "Kurland" under Finnish protection. After no activity from the government, it has been confirmed by intelligence that riots have broken out in the state of Kurland. Therefore, the punainen kaarti and valkoinen demonit will be deploying to Kurland until such time a new, stable government can arise.[/i][/center]

True to word, the 1st punainen kaarti and 1st valkoinen demonit deployed to Kurland. Gotland and the "colony" in Sweden would be left untouched for the Swedish to claim, if they felt the need.

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The Swedish II Corps had slowly moved towards the border with Kurlandic Kalmar, as recent traffic with the government of Kurland had been sparse, and the Swedes were intent on ensuring that Gotland and Kalmar did not go into chaos, as well as finally sealing the reunification of Sweden, Swedish National Police forces stood by as well to assist in this endeavor. The early declaration by the Finns had laughably exposed their plot from the beginning; the securing of influence over the other side of the Baltic, in other words, they had jumped the gun.

The Swedish Baltic Squadron, although hamstrung by a number of its surface ships being called out to duty for the conflict with the Kingdom of Cochin, still remained a potent threat to anything the Finns could bring to the table. Diesel subs of the Swedish Baltic Squadron began deploying into international waters across the middle Baltic, while patrol boats continued their wartime patrols, taking them a little farther towards the middle of the Baltic. While the Swedish Navy began redeploying its ships, the Swedish Air Force began flying stringent patrols in international airspace closer to Kurland. The fighters of the 4th Fighter Group, with six strategic bombers with missile truck configurations would mainly patrol this region, while Swedish early warning facilities focused radar on the Gulf of Finland. Patrol aircraft from Sweden's Navy would also fly from the Aaland archipelago, watching the region closely, with close fighter escorts standing by.

A secure transmission was sent to the Kurland Foreign Ministry, as Swedish forces waited, not issuing any statements, nor making any movements that seemed out of the ordinary, especially given the wartime stance Sweden was already in.

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An abnormal amount of Viking and Hethnamark vessels seem to be lurking and operating in the area, many making different stops throughout Kurland. Apparently when the country had collapsed, a business opportunity was seized - it suddenly became profitable to sell services and items related such as health and food respectively, and buying or receiving other items as payment also seemed to be in order.

There seemed to be very few incidents of raiding and violence, compared to the usual Viking Raid System.

Apparently some of Kurland's military equipment was being dragged into the larger Viking Ships - when the Army stopped getting paid, they decided that they might as well draw profit from some other source.

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