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Military Dispatch from the Sovereign Initiative


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[quote]From: The Combined Forces of the Sovereign Initiative and our Allies
To: Those who would march on our member stats

Subject: Back the $%&@ up


Tragically member states Rebel Army has collapsed into inactivity. This is a tragedy, however, Rebel Army shall not go to the vultures. Marches into Rebel Army territory shall be resisted by the full global might of our armed forces. Consider these territories under our protectorate. Rather than making land grabs, nations on Rebel Army's borders would be well advised to have a seat and work out this issue.[/quote]

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"Dictated by our alliance with the United Federation of the East, the Kingdom of Sweden would advise that nations involved in these clearly opportunistic and ill-advised imperialistic moves reconsider their actions in this matter. Given the gravity of this issue, and the scope of this tragic turn of events, we echo the UFE's Statement and urge any nations involved in military or other operations involved with the annexing of Rebel Army land to cease and desist, and engage in diplomacy with regional partners."

[i]Christian Nyquist
Minister of International Affairs and Trade[/i]

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[quote name='Kankou' timestamp='1321985240' post='2849120']
We do hope this is restricted to the lands of Rebel Army Proper and not the various free protectorates.

It is not, should the Rebel Army actually go inactive protectorates will continue to be protected pending negotiations on a formal hand-over.

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