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Diplomatic Dispatch to Norway, Kurland, and Pomerania.


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[quote]To: Norway, Kurland, Pomerania
From: Greater Germany

Esteemed Neighbors,

As leader of Greater Germany and as a man who believes in friendship and solidarity between Nordic nations, I, Michael Visari, am inviting you to Berlin to discuss future relations between all our states. I do hope a suitable agreement can be reached, in order to forward relations between our nordic speaking countries.

Reichskanzler of Greater Germany
Michael Visari[/quote]

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[quote]To: Reichskanzler Michael Visari
From: Kaiser Franz von Pommern

Esteemed Leader of Germany,
I accept you're invitation for a diplomatic meeting in Berlin between Greater Germany and other Nordic nations. I see this is a great opportunity to improve diplomatic relations between all attending nations, and so I shall be attending the meeting myself.

Kaiser Franz of Pomeranian

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[quote]To: Michael Visari, Reichskanzler of Greater Germany
From: Haakon VIII Magnusson, King of Norway and Denmark

Reichskanzler Visari,
We would be honoured to attend a meeting in Berlin, to further relations between Northern European nations. Myslef, Statsminister Ovesen along with several members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will attend. We look forward to meeting you.

Haakon VIII Magnusson,
King of Norway and Denmark[/quote]

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After arriving in Berlin, Franz and his motorcade continued to move onward's towards the building where the meeting between the various Nordic nations would take place. Arriving at one o'clock, Franz took his seat among one of the many chairs surrounding the main conference table. He waited for his fellow heads of state to arrive.

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