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Buying tech 50/3m/50

Maelstrom Vortex

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Offering to buy tech from you, but you have to be willing to send the first 50 first. It's standard practice with my trades. There are also some other minor terms.

1. You cannot be at war.
2. If you are involved in a war during a trade I have the right to reserve payment until the war ends to prevent allegations of war aiding and then schedule you back in at the next available slot post-war unless you are under terms which dictate I cannot send you aid.
3. I prefer to be in league with active traders who are dedicated to turning around their aid slots within 24-48 hours of a send or receipt date. In other words, if you're not going to be checking on your trades and it goes beyond 48 hours the deal can be canceled unless you have a very good reason for the delay. However, I am not unreasonable. If you suddenly have trouble getting online I'll work with you, but regular incidents of this nature will not be acceptable.

If you have an interest, just send me the first 50 tech with the reason, "Accepting Trade Terms." I'll review your offer and if I accept, then we're on for trading. I am looking for long term procurers, so if you want a steady supply of $, I can get it for you. Failure to deliver the last half of the deal terminates the agreement and will blacklist you from future trading with me.

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