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Procinctia’s Legislative Elections   

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Procintia’s legal head-of-state Interim Procinctian administrator Catalina Martinez has remained comatose in a surprise attack on our county by unknown raiders has somewhat delayed her intentions of a less transitional government. Procintia’s temporary transitional triumvirate is initiating legislative elections to assemble a new government. Procintia’s soon-to-be ruling legislature will be a democratically elected national legislature with seats based on percentage of the vote receive, additional details will be decided after legislative elections because of the failures from a previous election to select between a Parliament or Congress.

[u]Political Parties Registered for the Election[/u]
Aluetian Anti-Congressional Army
Aluetian Anti-Parliamentary Army
Aluetian Congressional Assembly
Aleutian Real Time Association
Procinctia Apathy Party
Procinctia Neo-Nationalists
Procinctia Parliamentary Party
Procinctia Tintagylist Front
Procintia Trans-Faith Alliance
Procinctian Worker's Party
Robber-Baron Organization of the Bering
Technocratic Progress Party
Tagalak Logical Aleutian Pragmatists

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Relevant founding statements from Procinctia’s political parties[quote name='Generalissimo' timestamp='1259773478' post='2005134']Procinctia Apathy Party formation announcement:

Not that we care, but today marks the beginning of Procinctia’s Apathy Party, we [i]might[/i] run a candidate if we can bring ourselves to feel like it.[/quote][quote name='Generalissimo' timestamp='1259773227' post='2005126'] Nicola Ramirez, Procinctian Worker's Party rally

Your Procinctian Worker's Party is back, the people’s will stronger than ever.
We’re the first party to emerge since the war, right now Procinctia’s only party.
Where are the capitalists? Not in Procinctia.
Capitalism can only be sustained by capital, by investment – and the capitalists have abandoned Procinctia long ago.
Without investment and industry capitalism isn’t sustainable in Procinctia.
Continue to scavenge scraps and remnants of Procinctia past, or build a new Procinctia with the Procinctian Worker's Party!

Nicola Ramirez, Chairwoman of Procinctian Worker's Party (reformed)[/center][/quote]
[quote name='Generalissimo' timestamp='1259790099' post='2005506']Dr. Hugo, Procinctia’s Technocratic Progress Party rally

With Generalissimo’s and Liska's contributions to the study of time have been Procinctia’s first real foray into an international scientific community, while a notable step it isn’t nearly enough. Procinctia still lacks a proper scientific community of our own, hindering our ability to be anything more than a stagnant insignificant backwater.
Science is innovation and innovation is progress.

Procinctia’s Technocratic Progress Party believes science is Procinctia’s destiny.
Whoever has technological superiority live healthier and wealthier than anyone else, wins wars, shapes culture, and maintains influence internationally.

Ideology, however, means little without tangible results.
In the next four real-time years Procinctia’s Technocratic Progress Party aims to construct four new schools, two universities, a great university, a national research lab, a scientific development center, a space program, with the additional development of at least nine thousand technological units.

A vote for Procinctia’s Technocratic Progress Party is a vote for the future.
[b]! ! ! - Vote for Science - ! ! ![/b]

Dr. Hugo, speaker for Procinctia’s Technocratic Progress Party [/center]
[/quote][quote name='Generalissimo' timestamp='1259857865' post='2007034']
Ai Yorishiro, Procinctia, Tintagylist Front rally

“There was once a voice of reason in an unreasonable world, a single candle of light in a sea of darkness, an advocate of hope in the face of constant despair - Sarah Tintagyl.

It was Sarah’s vision and strength, together brought Procinctia out of darkness towards redemption and reconstruction. Without Sarah Tintagyl we would all be hiding in fear, waiting to die forgotten by an uncaring world, living without hope of a future. We at the Procinctia Tintagylist Front believe in Lady Tintagyl, who’s principles are Procinctia’s best prospect for a better tomorrow.

We believe in internationalism more than anything else, through international efforts and organizations.
We propose an aggressive diplomatic outreach to all the world’s nations, with increased international participation. Procinctia should advocate a more proactive role for international organizations in world affairs. Those same international institutions should also play a greater role in Procinctia itself.

Internationally Procinctia’s interest should lay to the southeast with Queendom of Australia, Sarah’s legacy, a sane nation in an increasingly insane world.

The communists unintentionally seek to turn us away from internationalism, because communism can only really work internationally when all other countries are communist, otherwise international exchange stagnates when faced with incompatible ideologies.

The technocrats believe in advancement without ideology, ideology is more than tangible results, but without believe it isn’t progress at all.
If we must have a material objective the reconstruction a foreign ministry is essential to our country’s redevelopment.

Sarah believed one girl could change the world, from sharing classes with our acting generalissimo I know it to be true, even I’m a high school student with a political party, with Procinctia’s unique voting age at fifteen our youth have an unparalleled opportunity to control this country’s fate.

Sarah’s Will Be Done.”

[crowd] [size=2]! Sarah’s Will Be Done ![/size] [/crowd]
[crowd] [b][size=2]! ! Sarah’s Will Be Done ! ![/size][/b] [/crowd]
[crowd] [b][size=3]! ! ! Sarah’s Will Be Done ! ! ![/size][/b] [/crowd]
[crowd] [size=4][b]! ! ! ! Sarah’s Will Be Done ! ! ! ![/b][/size] [/crowd]

Ai Yorishiro, director of Procinctia Tintagylist Front, Savoonga Municipal School Sarah Tintagyl Fanclub president[/center][/quote][quote name='Generalissimo' timestamp='1259906856' post='2008682']Diego Estifanos, Procinctia Neo-Nationalists rally

What is democracy?
Rabble politics by a popularity contest.
Infighting and instability fueled by media polls.

Procinctia Neo-Nationalists continue where the old Procinctia Nationalists left off. . . our aim is to restore military rule and bring back the old junta through democratic processes we seek to dismantle.

If Neo-Nationalists gain the ninety percent representation according to Procinctia’s charter necessary to dissolve the legislature, we will vote to permanently end elected representation in this country, restoring the junta. In more likely circumstances where Neo-Nationalists maintain less than absolute representation in the national legislature the party will place our support completely behind the generalissimo, and against all those who oppose our rightful ruler.

For a long time Procinctia’s only government has been one or two people, and it’s never been better. With one generalissimo accompanied by a single assistant there has been no corruption, no partisanship, no overhead – the perfect administration. Liska’s regime, despite her complete lack experience, has been more than satisfactory. Generalissimo gave into the siren’s call of democratization ending his own military rule; the results were catastrophic and nearly destroyed us all.

Procinctia only needs one leader – a generalissimo.

Diego Estifanos, Procinctia Neo-Nationalists spokesman[/center][/quote] [quote name='Generalissimo' timestamp='1260978859' post='2033836']Procintia Trans-Faith Alliance Statement, Procintia Trans-Faith Alliance Inter-Faith Council, Saint Innocent of Alaska Russian Orthodox Christian Cathedral, Bering Island

“Today the religions of this country band together under the banner of a reformed Procintia Trans-Faith Alliance. The Procintia Trans-Faith Alliance represents the interests of traditional Bering Baha'i, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Indigenous Religions, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Norse, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, and Voodoo in addition to the relative newcomers of Haruhiism.

Procintia should be a nation of faith, it doesn’t matter what you believe in, as long as you believe in something.
Organized religion in Procintia stands united against a single enemy – atheism.
Procintia Trans-Faith Alliance seeks to remove atheist iinfluences while advocating solidarity between religions. An awakening of faith can be the cleansing fire which forever burns away reckless atheist ideologies of cynicism, disbelief, and immorality from Procintia.”

Saint Innocent of Alaska Russian Orthodox Christian Cathedral, Procinctia-Slavorussia Joint-Administration Area[/center][/quote] [quote name='Generalissimo' timestamp='1260996208' post='2034207']
Loot’en Von’Plunder, Chief Executive Officer of Robber-Baron Organization of the Bering (ROB), radio address

"Procinctia’s economy isn’t failing because of capitalism, it’s failing because there isn’t enough capitalism.
Pesky labor, environmental, and environmental are standing between this country and true wealth and prosperity.
Heavy industry supported by cheap temporary foreign workers is a fail-proof formula for economic success.
That's where the Robber-Baron Organization of the Bering comes in.

Unfiltered coal power plants will be built on all the westernmost islands to support heavy industry on those same islands. Environmental laws will be unnecessary; to save money all industrial waste will be dumped into the Bering Sea, and the air filled with deadly smog. . . which won’t really matter because those air and sea current all flow towards Tahoe’s Alaska anyway.
No one except foreign workers and Alaskans will have to worry about any health concerns, so it won’t really be Procinctia’s problem.

Procinctia’s economic future can be secured with help from the word’s desperate refugees. . . tired, poor, huddled masses, wretched refuse, homeless, and tempest tossed; when working in extremely hazardous industrial conditions on temporary work visas with barely sustainable wages enforced by contracts favoring industry. With economic exploitation of foreign labor, Procinctia will be nation of fabulously wealthy nation of Plutocrats and Robber Barons, enriching ourselves off the labour of others.
Each Procinctian citizen receives direct dividends from heavy industry’s profits, it's almost like we're buying your votes."

Loot’en Von’Plunder, Robber-Baron Organization of the Bering chief executive officer[/center]

[size=3]Robber-Baron Organization of the Bering - it’s all capitalism at it’s finest.[/size][/quote] [quote name='Generalissimo' timestamp='1317231402' post='2810317']Aleutian Real Time Association rally

"All men and nations are quantifiably separated by time, thus men are NOT created equal!

Those peoples who reside in Real Time boundaries will usually outlive their counterparts in areas of different progressions – why? We who live in real time have been divinely blessed whilst those people populating these territories of faster progression are cursed by the gods themselves to live worthlessly short half-lives.

A Procinctian dog may outlive three generations of Germans, therefore the life of a Procinctian dog is worth more than the life of a German!

Real Time nations are inherently superior to other states therefore Procinctia should only associate with other real-time nations like Arctica, we don’t have time to deal with the other useless rabble."[/quote]

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Aluetian Anti-Congressional Army rally

“Congress is the definition of failure!
Senators sit and squabble but nothing gets done.
Parliamentary systems are inherently superior.
Any attempt to install a congress in our great country will be considered an attack on Procinctia and we will respond accordingly.”

[crowd] [size=2]! Parliament or Death![/size] [/crowd]
[crowd] [b][size=2]! ! Parliament or Death! ![/size][/b] [/crowd]
[crowd] [b][size=3]! ! ! Parliament or Death! ! ![/size][/b] [/crowd]
[crowd] [size=4][b]! ! ! ! Parliament or Death! ! ! ![/b][/size] [/crowd]

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Aluetian Anti-Parliamentary Army rally

“Parliament is the definition of failure!
Pointless tradition dictates proceedings and nothing gets done.
Congressional systems are inherently superior.
Any attempt to install a parliament in our great country will be considered an attack on Procinctia and we will respond accordingly.”

[crowd] [size=2]! Death to Parliament![/size] [/crowd]
[crowd] [b][size=2]! ! Death to Parliament! ![/size][/b] [/crowd]
[crowd] [b][size=3]! ! ! Death to Parliament! ! ![/size][/b] [/crowd]
[crowd] [size=4][b]! ! ! ! Death to Parliament! ! ! ![/b][/size] [/crowd]

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Kissinger Valdez, Tagalak Logical Aleutian Pragmatists statement

“Procinctia is at the continued mercy of other countries.
Our miniscule state is completely hapless against outsiders with superior alliances, economies, militaries, populations, and technologies.
We are undisputedly the smallest and weakest of this world’s nations.
All foreign entities are a treat to our continued existence, should any of them turn against us.
Any perceived offense, overplayed hand, or wrong move could destroy our fragile order.
Friendships, ideologies, even morality are unnecessary often hazardous baggage.
Procinctia can only navigate through minefields of international relations utilizing ruthless pragmatism and calculated realpolitik.”

Kissinger Valdez, Senior Secretariat of Tagalak Logical Aleutian Pragmatists[/center]

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[quote name='Justinian the Mighty' timestamp='1319779799' post='2833444']the Aleutian Real Time Association is clearly the superior party.[/quote]The Aleutian Real Time Association basks in splendid Slavorussian support.
Support from a single real-time state like Slavorussia is significantly superior to recognition from any number of inferior non-real-time nations.

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Anfesia Haakanson, !Procinctia!First rally

"With increasing globalization it is increasingly easier to become more involved in international affairs.
!Procinctia!First believes Procinctia always comes first.
The world’s problems are someone else’s problem.
Why should we be involved in anything that isn’t our business?
If this nation looks out for ourselves first, we’ll be fine."

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Neither the Aleutian Congressional Assembly nor Procinctia Parliamentary Party has released official statements.

The Aleutian Congressional Assembly advocates implementing a congressional legislature modeled after the original United States of America.

The Procinctia Parliamentary Party advocates implimenting a parliamentary legislature styled after old England’s parliament.

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Continuing until the end of (Real-Time) November Procintia’s legislative elections are still underway.

-Legislative representation by party as of November 14, 2011-
Aluetian Anti-Congressional Army; Two Representatives
Aleutian Real Time Association; One Representative
Procinctia Apathy Party; Three Representatives
!Procinctia!First; One Representative
Procinctia Neo-Nationalists; One Representative
Procinctia Tintagylist Front; One Representative
Robber-Baron Organization of the Bering; Two Representatives
Technocratic Progress Party; Four Representatives

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Procinctia’s transitional government will employ [b]all possible measures[/b] to ensure accessible, accountable, and accurate elections.
To ensure an absolutely accurate tally every ballot will employ quadruple redundancy, every vote will be recounted five times, and every voter will cross examined three times to ensure intent. Efforts to deter possible electoral fraud at polling stations will utilize attack dogs, cctv cameras, election monitors, and paramilitary security.

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Meanwhile, a young and upcoming voice tries to speak out for the Techocratic Party, considering posing as one of them is the only thing keeping her from being deported. One Annan Rusby, roughly sixteen or seventeen (she's lost count at this point, having been stuck in an underground bunker with nothing but borderline dieselpunk tech), finally gets a radio working from her HQ. The connection is grainy, littered with static, but she's managed to get through with a broadcast.


"Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? Oh, good, it is -- ahem.

"Coming to you live from the Operation BBoT (Big Book of Tech) HQ, this is Professor Ranna Aunsby, Head Researcher and supporter of the Technocratic Progress Party."

(Due to the shoddy state of Procinctian records, Annan had managed to fake her own death, create an imaginary twin she never knew existed as a replacement, and have that twin inherit the entire project. It was laughably easy, yet she was still paranoid of being found out.)

"Why should you support the Technocrats? Because it is SCIENCE that shall rebuild us. It was SCIENCE that helped countless Procinctians survive the nukes. It was SCIENCE that cleaned up the radiation left behind. It was SCIENCE who jerry-rigged a number of steampunk-ish vehicles and weapons for us to use in defence of glorious Procinctia while she rebuilds. It was SCIENCE that drove Generalissimo's vision forward, that made him such a savvy survivalist. Generalissimo himself knew much of SCIENCE, and he used it to create survival methods to benefit us all!

"So do the country a favour: vote Technocratic Progress for your leader. Do it for the take of [b]SCIENCE[/b]!"

There was promptly a yowl over the radio, and it cut out. Annan had crossed wires at the last minute, the albino girl accidentally zapping herself.

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Radio still reigns supreme in a country without television. . .
A distorted, low quality, static-ridden, broadcast was picked up by radio hobbyist throughout the greater Bering with little attention or fanfare. A recreational radio club forwarded a copy to the Procinctia Broadcasting Corporation who promptly shoved it into an overstuffed filing cabinet crammed with other amateur recordings. The same message was accidentally rebroadcast by PBC 103.9 later that night, when an intern Disk Jockey mistakenly grabbed the wrong cassette tape, during a programming lull when Procinctia’s [i]*entire*[/i] was coincidently listening. . . [i]‘Ranna Aunsby’[/i] immediately became an overnight sensation.
Ranna’s broadcast was lauded, even by her political opponents, as particularly Generalissimo-eque.
With Procinctia’s low voting age of 15 [i]‘Ranna Aunsby’[/i] promptly gained incredible support amongst the voting population under eighteen, nearly a third of voters.

The Technocratic Progress Party unilaterally declared Ranna Aunsby, without her foreknowledge, as their first representative.
At age 16 Ranna Aunsby, without her consent, was promptly confirmed as the first legislator of Procinctia’s new legislature.

Core members of the Technocratic Progress Party knew Ranna as the plucky pale girl who lived by herself in one of the old underground bunkers; by next day’s end, through reliably unreliable of rumored gossip, the general consensus of Procinctia’s population was split between two opposing narratives. . .
Many believed she was reclusive mad scientist of unparalleled beauty broadcasting from an underground fortress complex. . .
. . . Others had the impression she was a small child prodigy calling out from her secret laboratory.

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Being stuck in that bunker made "Ranna" quite isolated from current events. After the radio shorted, she spent five hours rewiring it, and even then, it only picked up a few channels. With the weather report the only thing to break the heavy bunker silence, Annan puttered away with repairing technological scraps. The Big Book of Tech's rough draft was attacked and scribbled on, addenda made and previous changes scratched out, and the heater decided it would need some changing to. It was only when Annan was running her finger under water, burnt from a hot element, that she heard her name announced....

[i]"...Our new representative and legislator, Ranna Aunsby!"[/i]

Annan stood up stiffly from the basin that caught the mostly-standard water. Staring at her wreck of a radio, her mouth hung open a little for a moment. Then, deadpan, she asked herself, "[i]...What[/i]?"

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Procinctia’s election is finally after every vote was recounted five times after every voter will triple cross-examined to ensure absolute intent.

-Legislative election results by party as of December, 02 2011-
Aluetian Anti-Congressional Army; Two Representatives
Aleutian Real Time Association; One Representative
Procinctia Apathy Party; Three Representatives
!Procinctia!First; One Representative
Procinctia Neo-Nationalists; One Representative
Procinctia Tintagylist Front; Two Representatives
Robber-Baron Organization of the Bering; Two Representatives
Technocratic Progress Party; Five Representatives

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Together the following parties (combined) received less than 1% percentage of the total votes; Aluetian Anti-Parliamentary Army, Aluetian Congressional Assembly, Procinctia Parliamentary Party, Procintia Trans-Faith Alliance, and Tagalak Logical Aleutian Pragmatists.

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Procinctia’s Technocratic Progress Party, in addition to Ranna Aunsby, has announced Doctor Hugo and Professor Rei Meekitjuk-Ugyuk as legislative representatives.
Doctor Hugo is the founder of Procinctia’s Technocratic Progress Party and a leading researcher of unusual phenomenon.
Professor Rei Meekitjuk-Ugyuk is an original member of Procinctia’s Technocratic Progress Party; an archeologist, historian, researcher, and teacher specializing in the lost technology of truly sentient artificial intelligence.
Rumors are circulating that because of the surprise (yet overwhelming success) of the Technocratic Progress Party in these elections Procinctia is running out of actual scientists to fill seats - Technocratic Progress Party unavailable for comment.

Dr. Hugo, speaker for Procinctia’s Technocratic Progress Party, Procinctia’s leading Omni Disciplinary Scientist[/center]

Professor Rei Meekitjuk-Ugyuk, Procinctia’s Technocratic Progress Party legislative representative[/center]

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