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WW - At a Top Secret angevin bio research lab..

Maelstrom Vortex

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The development of a special gene marker was under intense study. The marker's design would make different types of grains and starch plants immune to a very specific parasitic fungus. On the other side of the same research team.. a specific strain of fungus was being custom grown to be highly toxic and contagious to many forms of food resource plants mainly grains and starches. It was a bio weapon, based on the function of the natural environment. It was being designed in such a way as to defeat most man-made pesticides, extremely resistant.

In yet another room, scientists and weapons theorist studied plants of the world used for food and other important uses, such as the rubber trees of malaysia, sugar cane, hemp, even opium. They were researching pests that could be hardened against extermination to use on these plants.

The Angevins had decided, if ever their nation were at risk for total annihilation they would keep these lock and key in a safe house in top secret.. and their spies, at the end.. would take the specimens abroad to the nation that was killing them and release it into the wild. The resources of their own people would be protected using gene modification and marking that would prevent the pest from being able to effect the crop, but by the time other nations discovered these markers.. it could be well too late for their own food stock. Hopefully, the world would never know of this program.

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