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The Sundering

Captain Enema

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[b]Flash Traffic: To All Legion Outposts[/b]



[b]Ghana Joint Project, Africa[/b]

Lt. General Deltrane and Major General Bari Mustapha quietly remove their Legion Uniforms and tuck them away into their cases. They take a few moments to bid farewell to the rest of the Legionnaires who are undergoing their own out-processing.

Once they've completed the removal of all Legionnaire staff from the Ghana Project they are the last to board the planes and they promptly return to Port Sudan leaving the Project a deserted ghost-land of Legion equipment and supplies.

Once they've landed the two Generals make their way to a tent at the Legion National Cemetary outside of Port Sudan where they sit down with the other 11 survivors of the Battle of Dengali.


"You'll continue on in your trip."

"Yes father."

"Good, take the satellite phone, take my credit card, and remember what I taught you about being a man."

"Yes father, " Jeb says.

"Take care of your mother," Denard says as he boards a flight that returns him to Port Sudan where he takes his place at the table near the battlefield as well.

[b]Legion Co-op Siberia[/b]

"The last of the shares have reverted to local control, all Legion staff are paid off. Any further orders Mr. Duval?" Chellani, one of the slaves freed by Legion forces during the Kickapoo uprising.

Suwi Duval, one of the infamous 13, says nothing as he watches the last of the Legionnaires board their return flights to home. Siberia had been good for him, but he knows his duty. With it finished he motions Chellani to leave as he boards his own private flight to Port Sudan.

Soon, he too is sitting with his 13 other surviving members of the 13 Dengali survivors.


The last Legionnaires quietly boards the waiting plane that brings him back to Africa. Fort Maria Theresia is a ghostly landscape of deserted equipment and buildings.

[b]Legion France[/b]

Gentleman Johnny Germaine signs over the last of the Legion France holdings to native control. With this finished he boards his flight to Port Sudan and quietly returns to his home to take up other pursuits.

[b]Dengali National Battlefield Memorial Site[/b]

The infamous 13 of the Legion quietly sit around the table. Nothing needs to be said between them. They've been waiting for this day for quite sometime. They all knew they were living on borrowed time.

That time has run out.

Without a single regret between the 13 of them they each slam down a mixture of heavy sedatives and fast acting poison. Denard, Dellion, and the other 11 spend the last few remaining moments of their lives quietly talking of old times.

As one by one they die and before long it is only Denard. He takes one last look around and as he too passes away he says, "God damn it Dellion, I'm gonna rape your dick off for dying first when I get to hell," as he keels over dead.

[b]Private Message to Aeon[/b]

To Whom It May Concern:

Legion as a state level entity and PMC ceases to exist with the receipt of this transmission. We only request that the Dengali National Battlefield Memorial Site be kept in honor of those Legionnaires who fell in battle in Austria, the Kickapoo Revolt, and the Battle of Dengali.

Beyond that we place the future of our people in your capable hands.


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