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It's that time of the year again


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OOC: This will be a closed thread in the fact that anyone will be able to respond to this ICly, but not intervene or anything like this until I give the okay to do so. This is related to the events in the ‘Delta Squad of Noveria’ thread. Also, this affects Noveria only, so neighboring nations (and their protectorates) will not be affected unless they want to join in.

With that said, enjoy.


It was that time of the year again.

Or as some people thought.

It hit so suddenly, and with such ferocity and intensity that these who had witnessed it firsthand still don’t know how to describe it – except these who had witnessed this very same event that had transpired decades before, in the times where Noveria was once the Republic of Canuckistan.

The general description would be something akin to a bright flashing light that nearly burnt off the corneas of these looking at the bright, blue sky by the time it hit. Not a few thought that the country had come under nuclear attack, that it was the pre-emptive strike against an increasingly isolated and decadent Corporate Republic of Noveria by outside forces.

Such sentiments would soon prove to be premature in their assumption, but instead of a huge nuclear crater similar to the one that had so nearly tore Vancouver’s city center apart, citizens encountered only darkness. All buildings in the affected areas – which seemed to encompass the vast stretches of Columbina (British Columbia), all of Alta Vancavite (Vancouver Island), part of Nova Alasca (Alaska Panhandle), large parts of Nova Coimbra (Alberta) and parts of Rio Grande do Leste (Saskatchewan) – suddenly shut down. Government officials in the newly incorporated Province of Manitoba reported that they were experiencing terrible power fluctuations.

Due to the EMP-like solar flare – increasingly being referred by the Catholic Church as God’s punishment of the corporations and the nation for its corrupt excesses – the nation experienced something of a vast national black-out, except for most of Manitoba, as hundreds of power stations and plants were knocked out of operations, and vast amount of electric equipment fried. The once glittering cities (Calgari, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Juneau, others) were now largely shrouded in darkness. The Bolsa di Valoris di Calgari (Noveria’s largest and sole stock market) underwent a steep decline as it lost hundreds of points overnight.

This ‘shutdown’ of power and electricity effectively meant that, due to NovCorp’s monopoly on all venues of media and communication, the Corporate Republic was cut off from the rest of the world. Foreigners in communication with these in Noveria would see their transmission lines suddenly cut off, and Noverian Embassies and Consulates in foreign nations around the world would report that their communications with Nadrink had been severed.

Only a few institutions were unaffected by this solar flare blackout, and this was the Noverian Defense Forces, which had over the years hardened most of their equipment, communication lines, and networks (something that the corporations largely failed to do in their dealings in government affairs). And this does not take into account that the nuclear missile silos had miraculously been unaffected. This would be yet another strike against the corporations (well, most of them anyways) for their incompetence. Unlike the military, and the ever-mindful Tulio & Armando military corporation, the corporations had failed to take account their nation’s defense and security interests due to their obsession with profits and monopoly over resources.

Despite the severing of communications coming into and from Noveria, rumors would abound in steadily increasing amounts that rioting and anarchy had broken out in many parts of the country – particularly the major cities – and that the government was paralyzed to do anything about the situation. Much of Manitoba and northern Nova Alasca showed any coherent government activity.

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[b]About a minute after the blackout started.[/b]

[b]Jesse: [/b]Oh this could not get any better or have happened at a better time. The bad news is you probably will not see the conference until sometime after this blackout is over but the really good news is that the Mafia will not see us until we are right on top of them.

[b]Brian: [/b]If there was ever a good time to strike now would probably be it.

[b]Jesse: [/b]If those dam corporations have been more focused on their security and anti-emp projects this probably would not have happened. I don't know if that was an EMP bomb or not but we should use it to our advantage. Come on people lets move.

[b]Nathan: [/b]Dang, I did not get to talk to her as much as I wanted to.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Oh well. You two can chat as much as you want after this is over. Lets move. Daniele tell all the other units to begin their attacks. It is time to finish this thing.

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The abrupt shutdown of much of the nation’s power and electric systems caught the federal government, local governments, and especially the corporations completely off-guard. With much of their communication systems and networks off-line, the corporations were completely in the dark (pun intended). Disoriented, the corporate-controlled police forces and paramilitary forces were able to do little to contain the growing rioting and uprisings that were breaking out in the major cities – most particularly Calgari and Vancouver. Chaos and disorder took place on the streets as the panicked rioters began to loot on an extensive scale; hundreds of stores were broken in and ransacked, their shards of shattered glasses coating the streets outside. Releasing their anger, discontent, and sense of injustice at the hands of their corporate bosses, the rioters began to storm corporate headquarters buildings and offices, leading to more than few bloody incidents. The dark streets of Noveria’s cities would be illuminated by burning cars, houses, or buildings of which flames were ablaze all over the nation, even parts of Manitoba. Isolated incidents where frightened Elanus Risk Control Services forces – and Mafioso – machine-gunned rioting citizens did nothing but fuel popular anger.

The growing scope and intensity of rioting did little to disprove the rumors that were beginning to emanate from the country, but new rumors were added to the increasingly chaotic mix: certain parts of several Provinces decided to take matters in their own hands by forming ‘separate communities’, most especially the city of Sipatau, which had apparently proclaimed the ‘Anarchist Commune of Canuckistan’, and Prince George, which had seceded to form a ‘People’s Republic’, or so as the rumors went. There were rumors of mass breakouts from at least two prisons in western Nova Coimbra and southern Columbina, which did little to alleviate the sense of panic.

The Military High Command of the Noverian Defense Forces, with its EMP-proofed communication lines and relevant infrastructure, watched this shocking development with mounting alarm. Well-aware of the situation taking place across the country, and given the lack of visible reaction from the National Assembly and the Noveria Development Corporation (which both were actually frantically trying to ascertain of what had happened), the military knew that it had to do something.

But firstly, it had to try one more to contact the President.


The Headquarters was a scene of chaos and disorder as hard-pressed government and military personnel and their aides rushed about, trying to re-establish links with civilian governments across the nation. They were generally successful in maintaining communication links with government officials in Manitoba – even although the central part of the new province, including parts of Winnipeg, had gone into the dark – and parts of Nova Alasca, in Juneau and Sitka, but not much else.

In the center of it all was Supreme Executor Julius Thrawn, who as usual had a calm and collected expression on his face, as he analyzed the large HDTV screen in front of him. On it, an elaborate military communication networks across the nation were displayed, even though some parts of it (specifically near Edmonton and at Medicine Hat) were off-line. When the solar flare hit, Thrawn had immediately attempted to contact the President through his personal line and the Directorate of Defense, and received no response. Repeated attempts yielded no results, which fueled his growing sense of concern and contempt for the corporations for their incompetence.

Vice Executor Pallaeon appeared by Thrawn’s side.

“Sir, I did what you ordered. No response this time.”

There was a silence as Thrawn surveyed the screen in front of him, his red eyes scanning over it.

“Directorate of Defense?”

“No result, either.”

“Did you try the emergency back-up line?”

Pallaeon nodded. “Yes, sir. Tried that, and inputted the emergency codes. No response.”

“Did you try it again?”

“The same, sir.”

Thrawn turned his head, his glowing red eyes setting themselves upon the Vice Executor. Pallaeon, despite knowing Thrawn well, could not help but feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as Thrawn’s intimidating eyes seemed to penetrate through him.

“Then we’ll have to take matters on our hands, then.” Thrawn said quietly. “We are in contact with military bases all over the nation, correctly?”

Pallaeon nodded. “Yes…for the most part. At least a few bases near Edmonton and Port Hanshan have been off-line, and so has these inside and near Prince George and Sipatau. Both Thrawn and Pallaeon knew perfectly why: there were secessionists at Sipatau and Prince George. They had to be crushed.

“[b]Emergency Proposition 66[/b] is activated. [b]Operation INTEGRITY[/b] is in effect. Transmit orders to all military bases to implement this operation; all military commanders are to begin operations, immediately.”

“Yes sir.”


All over the nation, Army units were placed on a state of high alert as the Military High Command elevated readiness levels to DEFCON 1. Over 700,000 Army troopers organized in various Divisions – save for a few that did not receive orders from Nadrink – received orders from their respective commanding generals that Operation INTEGRITY was to be launched.

Armed with tanks, specialized vehicles, and supported by aircraft, elements of the Second Army and Sixth Army (totaling 200,000 troops total) stationed in Columbina promptly moved into action. Setting out from their bases and installations, the troopers began to enter and occupy Port Hanshan, Vancouver, Abbotsford, and other cities. Nadrink, the capital, was garrisoned by the 15th through 19th Divisions. A series of assaults were launched against the secessionist communes at Sipatau and Prince George, and after several hours of fierce and bloody fighting, both cities were in NDF hands. Martial law was declared as all corporate militias were ordered to stand down, being decimated by the Army if they refused.

The First Army, stationed in Alta Vancavite, did the same, occupying Victoria, Nanaimo. Saanich, and Tofino. Shortly, the entire province came in military hands without a single shot fired (probably an exaggeration). The Fourth and Fifth Armies secured Manitoba and Nova Alasca in relatively short amount of time, followed up with parts of Third Army in Rio Grande do Leste and Nova Alasca.

Nova Coimbra, however, would prove to be quite a challenge. As the divisions of the Seventh Army moved out throughout the province, toward Calgari and Edmonton, they encountered heavy resistance, mainly from many corporate militias and Mafioso. Series of fierce and bloody battles ensued before heavy artillery guns, missile launchers, and bombers from the Air Force obliterated the opposition away. Calgari, Edmonton, Cervo, and other cities promptly came under military occupation. Gradually, the border checkpoints alongside the entirety of the long Noverian border were occupied by Army troops and personnel, and sealed off.

As the Army began moving into cities, the [i]Forzaespecial[/i] and Delta Squad would promptly begin operations against the Mafia in Nadrink and other cities. Daniele would duly do her part, and after finally getting in touch with a miffed Thrawn, would order the operation to begin. Throughout the darkened capital, [i]Forzaspecial[/i] forces began moving into positions…

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[b]Jesse: [/b]Daniele, you and your forces will provide a distraction while the rest of us go in and take out the leader. He killed my father so now I am going to kill him.

[b]Nathan: [/b]After the mission is over Delta will be leaving the country. We have been here for a long time but there are other parts of the world that are in need of freedom fighters like us. Andorra is a beutiful country and it is perfectly safe there if you wish to come with me. Crime is basically unheard of there and especially in the area on the coast that Jesse's Uncle has been governing for some time now.

[b]Jesse: [/b]OK guys, this is it. We are going to drop off Daniele with her forces and then head around to the other side of the compund. This is it. With what is happening all over the country with other military and special forces units we are going to finally give Noveria back to the people. We will end the corruption here with this last strike.

[b]Brian: [/b]Has anyone noticed that strange supernatural things seem to always happen around us, specifically Jesse.

[b]Jesse: [/b]I don't care, as long as this stuff does not kill us we will continue to use it to our advantage. I don't have an explanation for everything that happens to me but soon I will find the answers I am looking for and hopefully it will clear up some things.

[b]They drop of Daniele with her special forces.

Jesse: [/b]Just keep the guards distracted while we take out their leaders. Once they are dead we will come help you clean up the rest unless you get done here first in which case you will come help us.

[b]Brian: [/b]OK, lets get to the other side of this complex and finish this thing.

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[b]Delta arrived at the other side of the building and put on their night vision.

Brian: [/b]There are 3 guards at the entrence. They have not seen us.

[b]Delta takes out their silenced pistols and fire 3 shots. All of them hit and the guards go down without making any sounds except for the thud of them hitting the ground.

Jesse: [/b]3 down, many more to go.

[b]They head inside and take out any the guards in the entrance room with their silenced SMG’s and pistols.

Nathan: [/b]Hallway clear.

[b]Brian: [/b]There should be an elevator at the other end of the hallway and to the right. It should go straight to the top floor where their leader is.

[b]Jesse: [/b]All the other guards that were supposed to be down here are probably facing Daniele’s team right now. Let’s get to that elevator.

[b]They head to the elevator and take out any guards they find in the hallways. Once inside the elevator they start heading up to the top floor.

Jesse: [/b]Nathan, contact Daniele to see how her team is doing. Tell her we are heading up right now.

[b]Nathan: [/b]Yes sir.

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As gunfire along with frenzied shouts were heard somewhere in the distance, heavily-armed Forzaespecial units moved into positions, as per orders transmitted through highly secure channels. As soon the code word ('Vito') was given, the [i]Forzaespecial[/i] units in predetermined positions throughout the capital would proceed to launch their offensive.

From the safety of the Military High Command Headquarters, Daniele would keep in contact with Jesse. She had acknowledged the plans and her role in the upcoming operation, and would maintain constant communications with commanding generals of the individual Forzaespecial units, both in Nadrink and the other cities. It was a matter of time before regular Army units (the 15th through 19th Divisions from Second Army) entered Nadrink, and Daniele counted upon their support.

Finally, the operation began. Utilizing flash bangs and smoke grenades, the [i]Forzaespecial[/i] troops launched coordinated assaults against the compound from different directions, utilizing flanking maneuvers whenever possible. Utilizing Multiple Grenade Launchers as well highly-powered assault rifles, the [i]Forzaespecial[/i] largely caught the Mafioso off-guard, moving several of them down as they advanced. At first, things went swimmingly as the [i]Forzaespecial[/i] blew the opposition away, mainly because of their technological advantage, but then as they advanced deeper into the compound, they began to face heavier resistance. Three Forzaespecial soldiers were wounded and had to be evacuated from the rear, often under heavy covering fire.

What was happening in Nadrink occurred nearly at the same time in Calgari, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon, and Regina, and other cities.


By the time the [i]Forzaespecial[/i] launched its planned offensive against the Nadrink Mafia in conjunction with Delta Squad, the Noverian Army had largely secured control of most of the country, and were in the process of consolidating control. While Alta Vancavite, Nova Alasca, Rio Grande do Leste, and Manitoba had been secured without much bloodshed, the same could not be said for central Columbina and parts of Nova Coimbra. Calgari and Edmonton became 'mini battlefields' due to the chaotic battles against Elanus Risk Control Services forces and other corporate militia forces that refused to surrender their arms. The sheer number of citizens on the streets compounded the problem, and it took the Army considerable time, resources, sweat, blood, and tears to get the two cities under control. The same occurred in Prince George and Sipatau, as well scattered locations throughout the country.

Even after the cities were secured, the Army's tasks were far from over, for the stubborn refusal of several local governors and mayors to cooperate complicated things further. More than a few times, Army generals and commanders had to resort to drastic measures to get things done. For instance, the Governor of Nova Coimbra was arrested and eventually executed by the military for "impeding the progress of reconstruction", as the charges went. Beginning in Calgari and Edmonton, the Army began setting up special tribunals to try anyone, military and civilian, guilty of "obstruction of justice" and "actively attempting to prevent the military from exercising its proper and just authority to restore law and order."

As all of these were going on, units from the Army Corps of Engineers were dispatched to hundreds of power stations and plants to try to put them back into operation. They were tasked with evaluating and repairing electric equipment and the rest of the nation's relevant infrastructure.


[b]Military High Command Headquarters[/b]

"What is the progress of Emergency Proposition 66?"

Lieutenant Adrian Wood cleared his throat as he began to read out the status report.

"Sir, much progress have been made in the implementation of Emergency Proposition 66. Alta Vancavite, Nova Alasca, and much of Columbina have been secured, in partly due to the diligent efforts of the First, Second, and Sixth Army. Manitoba is under our control as well, and so is Rio Grande do Leste. However, Nova Coimbra is proving to be quite a challenge, particularly in Calgari and Edmonton."

Thrawn frowned, but remained silent for a while, his mind whirring around this report.

"What about the secessionists?"

"All accounted for." This was euphemism for the brutal and bloody suppression of the 'communes' at Sipatau and Prince George, and Thrawn knew this perfectly well.

"So, the necessary measures have been instituted in according to the Emergency Proposition." Thrawn stated more than asked. "Is there any reason why the Army is facing continuing resistance in specific parts of this country, by their own people?"

It was a rhetorical question, and Wood hesitated a bit, not sure of what to say.

"The reason, Wood, lies in the corporations and their refusal to accept the authority of the Armed Forces in regards to this emergency situation. Noveria is facing a critical crisis as of right now, and instead of striving to resolve it, the corporations and their paramilitary forces instead worsen the situation further." Thrawn spoke as he swiveled toward Wood.

"This, my friend, is simply unacceptable, and in fact shows the blatant disregard for the well-being of the people and nation as a whole by the corporations. This cannot be allowed to continue any longer."

Before Wood could make a reply, Vice Executor Pallaeon appeared at Thrawn's side. "Sir, reports have been coming in that a special operation had already been launched against the Mafia in Nadrink."

"Wonderful. We know that at least one of them is on our side." Thrawn remarked, lightly alluding to the fact that Daniele Favalaro was a CEO of a corporation. Is this all?"

Pallaeon looked as if he was unsure of what he was going to say next...or more like how he would put that this way. "Um..."

Thrawn and Wood looked at him intently as Pallaeon's facial expression turned grave.

"There are rumors, verified by reports from our units in Nova Coimbra, that several oil and gas facilities have been set ablaze. It seems that they had either been put out of commission because of the solar flare...or sabotaged by the corporations."

Silence prevailed for a moment as Thrawn and Wood considered these words.

"Thank you, sir." Thrawn said in a grave tone, though his face was set in a cool expression. He got up from his seat and walked toward the large screen, placing his hands behind him back.

"I did not want to have to do this." Thrawn spoke quietly, as if to himself, although Pallaeon and Wood was able to hear him. "But unforeseen circumstances have forced my hand in this."

Turning to them, Thrawn's red eyes seemed to glow as he was illuminated against the glowing screen.

"Initiate [b]Emergency Proposition 67[/b]. The Constitution is hereby suspended, the National Assembly dissolved, and the Corporate Republic disbanded - all in the name of national security." He said in an authoritative tone. "Arrest of CEOs and their relevant officials are to commence, and seizure of all their assets enforced, by military force if necessary. Expropriation of strategic property are to be conducted without question, to be enforced by military force if necessary."

There was a stunned silence. Pallaeon broke the silence by saying, "I-Is this necessary.."

"Yes." Thrawn's concise answer indicated that he was entirely serious about this, and heralded no argument.

"What about the President?" Wood inquired.

"This is done on his will." Thrawn answered in a smooth tone. "I am merely executing his will. Transmit this order to all military commanders for enforcement."

"Yes sir." Pallaeon and Wood chorused together.


In the cities, Army commanders, once they received new orders through secure channels, began implementing Emergency Proposition 67. Corporation headquarter buildings were stormed by Army troopers, and closed down after their seizure. This applied to NovCorp, which its paralyzed officers were taken over by Army troopers - sometimes after hours of fierce fighting against NovCorp military forces - and closed down. The Noverian Law Enforcement was declared dissolved as the Army forcibly wrestled control of the police from Elanus Risk Control Services. Arrests of corporate personnel and CEOs, wherever found, ensued, and would soon become rampant in the cities. Courts were occupied by Army troopers and converted into special tribunals for their own purposes. A night-time curfew was introduced, with drastic consequences for those who defied it.

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[b]Nathan: [/b]I’m getting some chatter about what is happening elsewhere. Does the term Emergency Proposition 66 or 67 mean anything to you?

[b]Jesse: [/b]Yes, the fall of the corporations. The military is currently arresting the corporate CEO’s and their officers. Our dream of a free Noveria is finally being realized. Once this operation is done you can say that there will be no more corruption in Noveria.

[b]Brian: [/b]Wait a sec, how long ago has this been planned?

[b]Jesse: [/b]A long time ago Julius, Daniele, and I had a meeting about what we thought was going on here in Noveria and what could improve. We saw all the corruption and knew that this was not right and that we had to do something about it. So we came up with a plan of a temporary military takeover that would also be the downfall of the Corporations and their leaders. Emergency Propositions 66 and 67 was our plan. If the corporations ever got out of hand and started turning against the government itself or the military like their militias did tonight during this crisis the propositions would go into effect and all the Corporate leaders would be arrested, this includes Novcorp.

[b]Nathan: [/b]What about Daniele?

[b]Jesse: [/b]She helped us come up with this thing so she knows what is going on and what she has to do. Once the blackout is lifted and the corporate militias plus the Mafia surrender Noveria will enter a new era of freedom and prosperity just like we dreamed of. This is it guys; this is everything we have been fighting for. Let’s not mess this up. When we get up there we will kill any guards and then take out their leader. And in case I do not make it out alive I want to say that it has been an honor to fight with you guys.

[b]Brian: [/b]Don’t say that Jesse. No one is going to die here.

[b]Nathan: [/b]No one except for the guys on the top floor. Lets finish this.

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Under Emergency Proposition 67, hundreds of corporate personnel, including CEOs, directors, and associates, from various corporations had been arrested, detained, brought front of a military tribunal, given summary justice, and imprisoned. Not only that, but several members of the People's Republican Party had been arrested by the Army on allegations that they were behind the traitorous events in Prince George (and the same happened to the Canuckistan National Party in Sipatau, which was forcibly disbanded). Hundreds of heavily-armed soldiers, accompanied by tanks and Humvees, patrolled the streets of the cities, particularly at night, keeping a vigilant eye out for anything out of the ordinary (and nothing was ordinary in the now-former Noveria).

Rioting and looting, once so rampant immediately following the solar flare crisis, had been largely brought under control - although the Army continued to struggle to assert control over the population in some areas. Acts of rebellions and uprisings were usually put down with extreme force after several hours of strenous effort. To maintain order, the Army considered establishing 'temporary' checkpoints around the major cities as a means of controlling population movement.

While all of these were happening, Supreme Executor Thrawn and his subordinates in the overall Military High Command, had been busy setting up the frameworks of a new government that would govern the country following the abolishment of the National Assembly. The nation would be led by a national council comprising of military officers tasked with temporarily leading the country through the current crisis and the expected transition to democracy. This would be named the [b]National Emergency Council of the Provisional Military Government[/b] ([i]Conselho de Emergência Nacional do Governo Militar Provisório[/i]), which would consist of the following:

[quote]Supreme Executor
Vice Executor
Chief of Staff of the Defense Forces
Commander of the Army
Commander of the Air Force
Commander of the Navy
Chief of Staff of the Army
Chief of Staff of the Air Force
Chief of Staff of the Navy[/quote]
The tasks immediately facing the National Emergency Council ([i]Conselho de Emergência Nacional[/i], CEN) was the restoration of the nation's electric and power infrastructure. The Army Corps of Engineers had reported some progress on restoring several power stations back in partial operation, but not much else. The suppression of the corporations withstanding, the CEN, known also as the NEC, was also responsible for maintaining law and order, something that it was currently working on, with mixed results.

On the foreign affairs sphere, the Provisional Military Government ([i]Governo Militar Provisório[/i], GMP) would take the place of the Corporate Republic of Noveria in its dealings with the international community; the CEN would assume the responsibilities of the now-abolished Directorate of Foreign Affairs. The GMP, also known as the PMG in English, would serve as a provisional name for the nation until a new, more permanent name would be found. The military would use its secure communication lines to contact foreign Embassies in Nadrink - and PMG Embassies in other countries - to update them on the events taking place inside the country.

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[b]They get to the top floor and take out any guards that greet them at the top, Nathan gets grazed in the shoulder.

Nathan: [/b]Ah crap. You guys need to go on without me, even though it will in no way kill me it hurts like hell. I will guard the elevator while the rest of you take this !@#$%^& out.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Let’s go.

[b]They get to a large room with a desk in the center. Behind the desk looking out a large window is the Mafia leader, Raul Corleon.

Raul: [/b]Come to kill an old family friend while he is blind.

[b]Jesse: [/b]I know you are not blind, you just can’t see what is going on with the rest or your organization gets destroyed. You cause so many people a lot of pain; I guess that you can say I am now putting them out of their misery, by avenging my father’s death.

[b]Raul: [/b]There are things in this world your father did not understand. Your grandfather knew a lot of these things, too bad he did not show you any before he died.

[b]Jesse reloads his pistol.

Jesse: [/b]Yes there might have been lots of stuff he never told me but that is nothing that you will be able to tell me either.

[b]Raul: [/b]Ahh, but I can. You know that your grandfather fought the cult all his life but what he didn’t tell you is that he was fighting something much more than that. The world is changing, gone are the days of darkness, the age of science is here. There are those that wish to make humanity much more than it is right now. That virus that the late Dr. Gregory Karnell made is only the first step. Don’t give me that shocked look, I knew about him a long time before you or anyone you know ever heard of him. His son is not a cultist but he knows what the virus is and how it is made and there are many that will pay through the nose or just kill to get that info. The world is changing, humanity is changing. You may think the corporations are gone but there are still many left in the world trying to create the perfect species. They strive to create those that will inherit all which we leave behind. This is not over yet Jesse.

[b]Jesse: [/b]But it is over for you.

[b]Jesse then kills him with a pistol shot to the head.

Jesse: [/b]Betrayal repaid. Come on, let’s get out of here.

[b]They all get back on the elevator where Nathan was waiting for them.

Brian: [/b]What was that all about? You knew him before all this?

[b]Jesse: [/b]He used to be a friend of my father. Everything was going well but soon my father found out he has been doing certain illegal activities. He then betrayed and killed my parents before they could put the pieces together and try to stop him. You remember the day they died. Me and my brother were still teenagers and he then sent men to kill us after he took out our parents to tie up all loose ends but instead we killed them. My father had weapons stashed in case of an emergency and it was one so we used them. He betrayed my family but now the betrayal has been repaid.

[b]Nathan: [/b]The army units are moving into the city, what are our orders now?

[b]Jesse: [/b]We are going to head back to Military Command to meet with Daniele and Julius. Let’s get moving.

[b]Nathan: [/b]Yes sir.

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[b]Once they get back to Noverian Military Command.

Jesse: [/b]The Mafia has been defeated and it looks like army units have started their push into the city to clean up what is left of the corporations. I know you guys will want me to stay here a lot longer but I feel that it is time for me and my team to leave Noveria. We have done all that we needed to do here and there are many other places in the world that are in need of freedom fighters like us. I trained the Forzaespecial myself so I know that Noveria will stay in good hands while we are away. But remember, if you are ever in need of us all you will have to do is call.

[b]Nathan: [/b]I really want you to come with us Daniele, but I understand if you cant and if you can't than I guess this is goodbye.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Try to make it quick Nathan. Paul's plan will be at the airport to pick us up in a bit and I want to get back to Angevin to be there with Paul until the King and Queen decide what they are going to do.

[b](OOC: This technically takes place a week or two before the conference is supposed to start in the other thread so Jesse will be at the conference.)[/b]

[b]Nathan: [/b]So Daniele. [b][he gets onto his knees][/b] Will you come with us, please?

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Due to the vigilant efforts of the Army Corps of Engineers, power and electricity slowly and steadily came back across the country, beginning with Nadrink and Calgari. Dozens of power plants and stations, as well the electric grid, were put back in operation, although with limited capacity. The cities, once shrouded in darkness save for torches, flashlights, and occassional gunfire, were slowly coming back to life. However, progress was slow.

[center][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/U47Zw.jpg[/IMG][/center][i][center]Still in darkness: a street in the suburbs near Lethbridge, Nova Coimbra[/center][/i]
In conjunction, with approval of the National Emergency Council, several independent newspapers, television stations, and radio outlets began to open, beginning in Nadrink, Calgari, and Vancouver, all free from the defunct NovCorp's control. Their content, for the time being, would be subject to 'protective censorship' put in place to ensure the stability and integrity of the nation while it went through the current crisis. Communications would slowly enamate from the Provisional Military Government (the country's name), albeit haltingly and intermittently.

Summary justice had been - and continues to be - dealt, as hundreds of CEOs, their personnels, and even supporters had been arrested, detained, and at times, executed. This certainly applied to government officials at the local level, where limited purges were conducted in regions suspected of harboring corporate sympathies. Most, if not all, corporate militias had been disbanded, either peacefully or through force. With assistance from Tulio & Armando - the only corporation not targeted by Emergency Proposition 67 - the Army began enforcing law, order, and stability on the streets; criminals such as looters were pursued and persecuted with extreme vigilance.

[center][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ENaYt.jpg[/IMG][/center][i][center]Army troopers on the streets of Nanaimo, Alta Vancavite[/center][/i]
Justice and electricity aside, a mounting challenge now facing the military regime was getting the economy back on track. The shutdown caused by the solar flare, and the takeover of the corporations and most of their properties, had caused massive disruption to the country's once robust economy. With most of the country still as of now bereft of electricity and power, many businesses remained closed - although the Army did its best to distribute food, supplies, and resources around the vast country utizing its secure networks. Once again, progress was slow.

Finally, the Thrawnist regime - particularly the [i]Forzaespecial[/i] - had largely won the war against the Mafia. With the assassination of the Mafia head in Nadrink, resistance from the Mafia all but collapsed, although there were inevitably scattered resistance, and shortly after, the Army had occupied and secured nearly all of Mafia institutions. Similiar events occurred in Calgari and the other cities, all varying in their intensity and duration; the battle against the Mafia in Calgari took weeks and even months, and much blood (it is estimated that approximately 3,000 troops were killed or wounded in the city alone), before it culminated in a victory for the military regime.

The country was on the road to recovery, but it would be a long one.


When Jesse and the rest of Delta Squad arrived at the High Military Commander Headquarters, the Supreme Executor would personally congratulate them for their "honorable service", and although he voiced disappointment that Jesse and the others wanted to leave the country, he nevertheless accepted their request, wishing them well.

Daniele, after doing some thinking, decided to go with Delta Squad. She would formally turn over command of the [i]Forzaespecial[/i] to Thrawn, and leave with Delta Squad to Andorra.

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